Kure 3rd SNLF

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Kure 3rd SNLF

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A question concerning the initial Japanese Organization on the Islands of Tulagi, Gavutu-Tanambogo on 9 May 1942.

http://www.pacificwrecks.com/people/vet ... index.html states " On the 9th, Lieutenant Mauryama, and his 2d Company returned to Rabaul but left one platoon behind, commanded by WO Kikuo Tanaka to support the Yoshimoto's 3d Company."

If I understand correctly, the Japanese landed 2 reinforced companies of the Kure 3rd SNLF on Tulagi and Gavutu-Tanambogo on 3 May. These were Lieutenant Mauryama 2nd company and Yoshimoto's 3rd Company.This was about 400 men. Did the Japanese really pull back the 2nd Company ( less a platoon ) back to Rabaul on the 9th of May?

It states that Lieutenant Mauryama left behind a platoon of men. When the Allies invaded Gavutu-Tanambogo Islands, one of the units encoutered was a platoon of the 84th Guard Force ( former Kure 3rd SNLF ). Was this the Platoon that was left behind by Lieutenant Mauryama's company on the 9th of May?

And of Lieutenant Mauryama's company that left on May 9th, was his company later deployed to Milne later on?

Although, there were 350 Men stationed on Tulagi during the American Invasion, was the 4th AA company attached to the 84th Guard Force ( former Kure 3rd SNLF ) defending the Island?

Thank you, I am looking forward to a reply.

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