New Book on RAAF over Pt Moresby & Kokoda - 1942

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New Book on RAAF over Pt Moresby & Kokoda - 1942

Post by Edward »

This has been a pretty good year for new books on the air war in the SW Pacific.

How about this one? Storm over Kokoda by Peter Ewer covers the period between January 1942 - September 1942, including the first raids against Rabaul & Gasmata by RAAF Hudsons and Catalinas in January & February 1942. It appears to focus on the story of 75 Squadron, led by John F. Jackson and later his brother Les Jackson, and their defense of Port Moresby during the heroic "44 Days". Presumably, it covers the air war during the Kokoda campaign and the key role of airpower in stopping the Japanese at Milne Bay.

Has anyone seen a copy of this book? Please let us know.

Dr. Ewer's previous book was Wounded Eagle (2009) about the root causes for the lack of an Australian fighter defence during the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942. ... 1741108255


Storm Over Kokoda - Australia's epic battle for the skies of New Guinea, 1942
Peter Ewer
Murdoch Books - July 2011
Soft cover, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781742660950

Publisher's Description
"Most of us have heard of the battered and muddy troops who ‘saved’ Australia on the Kokoda Track during the darkest hours of the Pacific war. Far fewer know of the Australian pilots and aircrew of 75 Squadron who first checked the Japanese advance into the South West Pacific, in desperate air fighting that swirled over the jungles of New Guinea and the base at Port Moresby, fully six months before the land campaign began. Storm Over Kokoda tells how Australian crews, in a handful of Hudson bombers and Catalina flying boats, took the fight to the Japanese. Peter Ewer draws on eyewitness accounts and combat reports to shed new and exciting light on a neglected episode in Australian military history. This is not merely an ‘aviation’ story, but a compelling tale of men at war - on both sides - in a harsh physical environment. This was a time when every flight proved an epic, and every man a hero."

CHAPTER ONE : ‘... a continuous lessening of the probability of an attack
CHAPTER TWO : ‘... Japanese fighting morale is excellent
CHAPTER THREE : ‘... we were content to let the enemy assume the initiative ...’
CHAPTER FOUR : ‘We just got our beer ...’
CHAPTER FIVE : ‘... a beautiful aeroplane to fly
CHAPTER SIX : ‘Step on it! Can’t you drive any faster?
CHAPTER SEVEN : ‘Hey, Daddy, I want a diamond ring ...’
CHAPTER EIGHT : ‘... shot my plane to bits
CHAPTER NINE : '... I’ve never been so scared in my life
CHAPTER TEN : ‘... our grief was overwhelming’
Text credits
Index ... 660950.pdf
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Re: New Book on RAAF over Pt Moresby & Kokoda - 1942

Post by Andy in West Oz »

Hi Edward

Saw the book in several airport stores last month. Haven't bought it yet nor have I heard anything more than what you have written above (nicely done).

If it's in the airport stores, I imagine it's in the bigger department store chains too. Here's hoping anyway.

Certainly is a red letter year for NG air war titles.

Andy Wright
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