David Vincent's "The RAAF Hudson Story Book Two"

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David Vincent's "The RAAF Hudson Story Book Two"

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The well known WWII aviation historian David Vincent has completed the second volume of his series on the Lockheed Hudson bomber in RAAF service and the men who flew them.

David Vincent
$70.00 AUD

Vincent is also the author of two other books on RAAF aircraft & crews, Catalina Chronicle: A History of RAAF operations (1978) and The RAAF Hudson Story: Book One (1999). It has taken him several years to research and write this account of the Hudson crews who flew reconnaissance and bombing missions over New Guinea, New Britain and the Indian Ocean. I know that in order to tell the story of operations during the first six months of the war Vincent had to piece together accounts using diaries, flight logs, Japanese records and interviews with veterans in the absence of any complete squadron records

David Vincent wrote:
"Book Two concentrates on the history of the Hudson’s important role in air operations in the north west and north east of Australia during the war against Japan. The book is hardback of 424 pages, as was Book One, but there the similarities stop. Unlike Book One, Book Two has been designed quite independently to the printing process, and features a much more modern layout to accommodate the wealth of images – almost 400 – which are included."

This will be an essential reference for all students of the air war over the SW Pacific in WWII. It details the missions flown by renowned Hudson pilots Wing Commander John Lerew, Sq/ Ldr William "Pedro" Pedrina, Sq/ Ldr Deryck Kingwell and Plt/ Off William Cowan.

Ch 1 – Operations North Western Area -- pages 11-152
Ch 2 – Operations North Eastern Area -- pages 153-244
Ch 3 – Transports and Air Ambulances -- pages 245-300
Ch 4 – Post-war Sales and Civil Usage -- pages 301-342
eight appendices
bibliography - 7 pages
index of personnel - 6 pages

The author has a very well designed website "Vincent Aviation Publications" where you can view completed pages and photographs. You can order this publication through this web page as well as the author's first book on RAAF Hudson's, THE RAAF HUDSON STORY: BOOK ONE (1999)
"Book One explains why the RAAF purchased Hudsons to begin with and details RAAF Hudson operations in the Far East, Middle East and in the convoy escort/anti-submarine role."

http://www.vincentaviationpublications. ... 2ch1a.html
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