Radio transcripts of the Aussie Coast Watchers

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Radio transcripts of the Aussie Coast Watchers

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Does anyone know if there are any documents or logs that were kept of the Radio transcripts of the Aussie Coast Watchers? My friends' loved ones were shot down on February 1, 1943, they were on the crews of the last three B-17s of the 11 BGH.

It is believed that an Australian Coast Watcher may have witnessed some of the action that day and the families have been trying to locate anything from the Australian Coast Watchers logs on that day.


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Re: Radio transcripts of the Aussie Coast Watchers

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I would be very surprised if anything was saved of this material.
I read some time back a fascinating article in Military History Quarterly which correctly reassigned culpability for the loss of an American ship.
The blame had been assigned to some Aussie airmen who supposedly failed to report a sighting. However it was shown that delays in retransmitting
the information, plus the lack of diligence of the ship captain, caused the loss. The article was interesting in that it discussed the links the report
from coast watchers to the end user of the information; also mentioned the actual radio frequency used. If and when i find that magazine here,
i will cite the article name and date.

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