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WSJ review 11-29-2013: "Vanished: 60 Yr Search"

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:02 am
by Hue Miller
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 29, 2013, book review of "Vanished: The Sixty
Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II". PDF at ... 131129.pdf

I do not know how long the article is accessible to nonsubscribers.

Pat Scannon, founder of a biomed company, on a trip to Palau, seeing wreckage of
an American bomber, became obsessed with learning more about the missing
planes and their crews. Armed with a variety of clues, he returned to Palau and
eventually located the missing planes of the Palau raids and resolved the fates
of at least some of the crews.
Sounds like a very interesting read.