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Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 8:46 pm
by wnh7
Memorial Day - A Day to Remember - excerpt from My Life in the Serivce, the World War II Diary of Staff Sergeant Jack E. W.N. Horton "I fear that the years since (World War II) have dimmed our memories and dulled our senses to the tragedy, horror and meaning of that conflict. This diary is one of the few precious legacies' left to us from those who fought so bravely and gave up so much. It reaches out from the past to our generation and those to come, a reminder of the sacrifices made my those who fought for their homes, families and country. My greatest desire is that in reading 'My Life in the Service' the reader will gain a greater appreciation for and remember those who with their 'blood, sweat and tears', secured for themselves and their posterity, the freedoms and liberty we so richly enjoy."