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Upcoming Book on New Georgia Campaign

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:11 am
by Edward
Dr. Ronnie Day's final work, New Georgia: The Second Battle for the Solomons will be published by Indiana University Press in March 2016.

He passed away on December 22, 2014 in his hometown of Johnson City, Tennessee. He was 75. He had been on the faculty of the History Department of East Tennessee State University where he specialized in "World War II in the Pacific" and "History and culture of the South Pacific area".

Among his published works was the article "The Air War for Rabaul" in After the Battle magazine no. 133 (2004) "Professor Ronnie Day tells the story of the relentless air battle to subdue the base."

Day also annotated & edited the personal diary of U.S. Army correspondent Mack Morris (Yank, The Army Weekly) for its publication by the University of Kentucky Press in 1996 as South Pacific Diary, 1942–1943.

New Georgia: The Second Battle for the Solomons
(Indiana University Press - 1 March 2016)
by Ronnie Day
368 pages, 27 b&w illus. & 28 maps - hardback
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From the publisher: New Georgia: The Second Battle for the Solomons tells the story of the land, sea, and air battles fought there from March through October 1943. Making careful and copious use of both Japanese and Allied sources, Ronnie Day masterfully weaves the intricate threads of these battles into a well-crafted narrative of this pivotal period in the war. As Day makes clear, combat in the Solomons exemplified the war in the Pacific, especially the importance of air power, something the Japanese failed to understand until it was too late, and the strategy of island hopping, bypassing Japanese strongholds (including Rabaul) in favor of weaker or more strategically advantageous targets. This multifaceted account gives the fighting for New Georgia its proper place in the history of the drive to break the Japanese defensive perimeter and bring the homeland within range of Allied bombers.

A Note from the Publisher
List of Maps
List of American and Japanese Aircraft
Japanese Air Force Organizations
Frequently Used Acronyms
Chapter 1. The Japanese Occupation
Chapter 2. SOPAC: Bases and Logistics
Chapter 3. SOPAC’s Air and Naval Offensive
Chapter 4. The Japanese Air Counter-Offensives
Chapter 5. Plans and Preparations
Chapter 6. The Landings
Chapter 7. The First Battle for Munda
Chapter 8. Battles in the Dragons Peninsula
Chapter 9. Battles with the Tokyo Express
Chapter 10. The Second Battle of Munda
Chapter 11. The Vella Lavella Occupation
Chapter 12. The “Clean Up” in New Georgia
Chapter 13. The Japanese Evacuation
Chapter 14. The Bomber Offensive against Buin
Epilogue. TOENAILS Concluded
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