Need Name Of Gunner (B-25 41-30370)

Details about those listed as missing or killed in the Pacific, including current search operations.

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Need Name Of Gunner (B-25 41-30370)

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B-25, serial number 41-30370, nickname "Pissonit". was lost on a raid at Kavieng, New Irland, Papua New Guinea on 2/15/44. The plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire over the target, set on fire, and ditched about a mile offshore 2-3 miles off North Cape near Kavieng. The gunner was observed to parachute out of the plane after it was hit and caught fire, but the plane was too low and he was killed. I have two names for the gunner which are:


Harold J. Gross Sgt 39244301
Albert J. Gross Sgt 39244301

As you can see both serial numbers are the same. I would like if someone could give me the right name of the gunner on this plane. The plane belonged to the 71st Bomb Squadron, 38th Bomb Group.

Thank You:

John Hennessy

Daniel Leahy
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According to the ABMC website, Sgt Harold J Gross, 39244301 went MIA on February 15, 1944 while serving with the 71st BS, 38th BG.

Unfortunately I don't have any further information at hand.
Daniel Leahy
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