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SNJ bureau number 26458 (Palmyra, Feb. 25, 1943

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:06 pm
by Alien_Aviator
SNJ bureau number 26458

SNJ bureau number 26458 was involved in a mid air collision with a F4F-4 in the Palmyra/Line Island area on 25 February 1943. My father’s cousin, PFC George A Burlingame Jr (USMCR) was riding in the rear gunner’s seat. The pilot, Lt Bruce Ffoulkes, survived by bailing out, George was lost with the SNJ. George’s body and the aircraft were never recovered. These data and information were obtained from reports, muster roles and similar documents I have obtained from the Military Personnel Records Center (St Louis, Mo), the USMC History Division, MCB Quantico and various web sites. [As a point of reference, Lt Ffoulkes went on to fly with VMF-213 (8/43-11/43) and then on to VMF-214. He was KIA on 12/23/43 in pursuit of a Japanese Zero over Raboul (USMC History Division documentation).]

However there is one important item missing (Palmyra was a rear, not front line base at this time and I am assuming this was a training accident and not combat related). Both reports provide no information on the F4F that collided with the SNJ or the pilot of this aircraft.

I am hopeful that there is information that may exist and provide additional documented details of the accident between the SNJ and F4F-4 such as pilot and bureau number.

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 4:24 am
by Daniel Leahy
Hi there,

Thanks for the information ... I have added these details to the PRIAM database and they will appear in the next update.

Bu No 26458
C/N 88-10385
Pilot - Lt Bruce Ffoulkes, Jr, O-11443 (Survived)
Crew - PFC George A Burlingame, Jr, 354417 (MIA)

Also, here are the details for Ffoulkes' F4U lost over Rabaul:

Bu No 17443
Pilot - Capt Bruce Ffoulkes, Jr, O-11443 (MIA)

I will pass all these details on to Justin so they can be added to the PWD profiles.

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:22 am
by Alien_Aviator
Both reports provide no information on the F4F that collided with the SNJ or the pilot of this aircraft.
I have recently researched the VMF-211 Unit Recordss available through the Nation Archives, NARA-II College Park Maryland.

The pilot of the F4F-4 was Lt Ralph Robinson flying F4F-4 Bureau Number 02052. The report says the F4F-4 sustained slight damage to the right wing and tail wheel. The crash occurred at 1540.

I would be interested in any information available on Lt. Robinson.