B-25D, 41-29701

Details about those listed as missing or killed in the Pacific, including current search operations.

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B-25D, 41-29701

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I would like to find out if 1st Lt. Terrance J. Carey was on B-25D, 41-29701 that was lost on 10/5/42 over Buna, Papua New Guinea. The plane was assigned to 71st Bomb Squadron, 38th Bomb Group.

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John Hennessy

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Please see the following

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It looks like 1st Lt. Terrance J. Carey could have been on the B-25D. He is listed in the DPMO's missing persons database.

Link: http://www.dtic.mil/dpmo/WWII_MIA/AAF_M_C.HTM

The date listed differes from that you provided and is most likely that when 1st Lt. Terrance J. Carey was offically declared KIA, not the date that the aircraft went down.

Are you researching 1st Lt. Terrance J. Carey? T

A good place to start is the Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis MO. The link contains his Military ID so yo uhave valuable information to help inyou search.

Military Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132

I recently completed researching my father's cousin who met his demise in the Pacific campaign and received a complete listing of his military career and that of the pilot of his aircraft from the records center. If you are not immediate family (wife, son daughter...) some information may be deleted (but not much) do to FOIA.

Link: http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/

Requests work best the old fashion way, written and mailed. Also if you include his social security number or military ID, will eliminate any problems for the records center search.

National Archives and Records Administration–II (NARA-II) is also a good place to look. They may have your grand father’s unit records. They seem to honor specific requests but detailed research or general Unit information requires a personal visit, I had the specific date and location of when my father’s cousin’s plane went down and requested (received) information from Unit Records for this specific date.

Link:: http://www.archives.gov/dc-metro/college-park/

Here’s a good reference on how to get started at NARA.

Link: http://www.archives.gov/research/ww2/ww ... pation.pdf

I also had good luck with requests the USMC History Division at Quantico and the Marine Corps Museum. I received very specific VMF-211 information, muster rolls, etc from the USMC. I’m sure the Army and Air Force has similar support centers.

Good luck. I found the experience very rewarding.

Daniel Leahy
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According to what I have, the crew of B-25 41-29701 was as follows:

Pilot - 1/Lt Terrence J. Carey, O-433651
Co-Pilot - 2/Lt Lauren S Meader, O-725629
Navigator - 2/Lt Philip E Germain, O-437349
Bombardier - 2/Lt Kenneth M Caisse, O-659517
Radio Op - Sgt Paul D McElroy, 14036314
Gunner - PFC Richard J Conlon, 37081314
Photographer - S/Sgt John A Pagliuso, 6976910 (405th BS)

I hope this helps...
Daniel Leahy
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