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HMSJupiter 27/2/1942

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:49 am
by Denise280
My great uncle Augustas Micheal O'Malley MIA HMS Jupiter when she hit the mine. I have been trying so hard to research HMS Jupiter and her crew, I have been given the most priceless treasure in regards to my great Uncle Gus a amazeing man by the name of Sean Treanor from NewZealand has had uncle Gus's memorial medal for 15 years he found it in a antique shop in Auckland he recently contacted me through Auckland War Memorial and this treasure is now back with uncle Gus's family along with a copy of his personel file he was stoker 2nd class like so many others he never servived the explotion i have a photo of uncle Gus when he trained HMS Tamaki which i would like to post here as a memory to him