2nd Lt. Alva Guy Hawkins

Details about those listed as missing or killed in the Pacific, including current search operations.

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2nd Lt. Alva Guy Hawkins

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2nd Lt. Alva Guy Hawkins went overseas with the 49th pursuit group in January 1942. After arriving in Australia in 1942, he was assigned to the 8th pursuit squadron of the 49th pursuit group. In March of 1942, he was transferred to the 80th pursuit squadron, 8th pursuit group, which was at Archer Field. In May 1942, he went with a group of pilots led by Lt. Col. William H. Wise, to Port Moresby. Where he was transferred to the 35th pursuit squadron, 8th pursuit group. On May 12, 1942, he was forced to crash land on Vari Vari Island, at Caution Bay. flying a P-39F serial number 41-7188. He returned to duty on May 14, 2009. On May 27, 1942, he was part of 7 P-39's from his squadron, along with the 36th pursuit squadron. They intercepted 15 enemy fighters. He was flying right wing to Lt. Hervey Carpenter. Hawkins was last seen 10 miles south of Rigo, he was last seen with the coordinates listed as 147°30'E-9°40'S. Mr. Carpenter saw Hawkins fly into a cloud bank and assumed he was flying after a Japanese fighter. He may have crashed on land or sea. He was flying a P-39F serial number 41-7153. I am looking for anyone that may have known or heard of Alva Guy Hawkins, or anyone who knows of the missions on May 11, 1942 and May 27, 1942. Any information no matter how small, would be greatly be appreciated. Thank you, Scott B. Thomas.

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Re: 2nd Lt. Alva Guy Hawkins

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Good Afternoon Mr. Thomas,

I am a researcher of the 32nd and 41st Divisions in New Guinea WWII. I live in Falmouth Mass. and I am scanning the Air Corp documents of Arthur Andres. I noticed your letter to Mr. Andres inquiring knowledge about Mr. Hawkins. Did Mr. Andres respond to your request? I have not finished going through the Andres documents which span 1941-1945, but I have not as of yet noticed the name Hawkins on any list from flight school graduation or otherwise. If I do, I can send a scanned copy to you at an email address. I will see what I can find from other sources in the mean time.

Janet Burris-Wessling
Hunter Hollins Research

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