US Units Completely Updated on PRIAM

Details about those listed as missing or killed in the Pacific, including current search operations.

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US Units Completely Updated on PRIAM

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Hi All,

This is to keep track of which US Units (Army and USAAF) I have completed adding/updating personnel profiles for on the Project PRIAM database ... As per ABMC records.

UPDATED : 12-MAR-2012

US Army
11-SEP-2011 : 1st Cavalry Division
27-SEP-2011 : 6th Infantry Division
25-SEP-2011 : 11th Airborne Division
25-SEP-2011 : 27th Infantry Division
25-SEP-2011 : 31st Infantry Division
11-SEP-2011 : 32nd Infantry Division
25-SEP-2011 : 38th Infantry Division
11-SEP-2011 : 41st Infantry Division
26-SEP-2011 : 77th Infantry Division
25-SEP-2011 : 81st Infantry Division
25-SEP-2011 : 93rd Infantry Division
25-SEP-2011 : 96th Infantry Division
19-SEP-2011 : Americal Division

26-SEP-2011 : 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment
19-JAN-2012 : Office of Strategic Services

US Army Air Force
29-SEP-2011 : 1st, 2nd and 3rd Air Commando Groups
29-SEP-2011 : 2nd Combat Cargo Group
02-OCT-2011 : 3rd Bomb Group / 3rd Attack Group
10-MAR-2012 : 3rd Fighter Group
10-MAR-2012 : 5th Fighter Group
23-OCT-2011 : 8th Air Service Group
01-OCT-2011 : 8th Fighter Group
12-MAR-2012 : 9th Bomb Group
14-SEP-2011 : 19th Bomb Group
18-SEP-2011 : 22nd Bomb Group
27-FEB-2012 : 23rd Fighter Group
23-FEB-2012 : 27th Bomb Group
18-OCT-2011 : 35th Fighter Group
23-OCT-2011 : 38th Bomb Group
31-DEC-2011 : 40th Bomb Group
04-OCT-2011 : 43rd Bomb Group
29-SEP-2011 : 49th Fighter Group
25-SEP-2011 : 58th Fighter Group
23-OCT-2011 : 71st Reconnaissance Group / 71st Tactical Reconnaissance Group
10-MAR-2012 : 80th Fighter Group
03-OCT-2011 : 90th Bomb Group
01-MAR-2012 : 311th Fighter Group / 311th Fighter Bomber Group
18-SEP-2011 : 312th Bomb Group
02-OCT-2011 : 317th Troop Carrier Group
27-FEB-2012 : 318th Fighter Group
11-DEC-2011 : 341st Bomb Group
17-OCT-2011 : 345th Bomb Group
12-MAR-2012 : 347th Fighter Group
29-SEP-2011 : 348th Fighter Group
22-OCT-2011 : 374th Troop Carrier Group
29-SEP-2011 : 375th Troop Carrier Group
30-SEP-2011 : 380th Bomb Group
29-SEP-2011 : 417th Bomb Group
30-SEP-2011 : 433rd Troop Carrier Group
29-SEP-2011 : 475th Fighter Group
30-OCT-2011 : 500th Bomb Group
25-SEP-2011 : 506th Fighter Group
30-OCT-2011 : 507th Fighter Group
12-MAR-2012 : 508th Fighter Group

22-OCT-2011 : 22nd Transport Squadron
01-OCT-2011 : 418th, 421st and 547th Night Fighter Squadrons

03-OCT-2011 : V Air Service Command / V Bomber Command / V Fighter Command / V Interceptor Command
23-OCT-2011 : XX Bomber Command
23-OCT-2011 : XXI Bomber Command

The following units are either in progress or on our 'to do' list:

US Army Air Force
6th Reconnaissance Group
7th Bomb Group
24th Pursuit Group
42nd Bomb Group

The following vessels have been completed based on crew lists found online:

US Navy
30-OCT-2011 : USS Amberjack (SS-219)
12-FEB-2012 : USS Peary (DD-226)

If anyone spots any mistakes, anything missing or would like to request a unit, please let me know.


Daniel Leahy
Canberra, Australia


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