B-24 shot down over Kiska, 15 Apr 1943

Details about those listed as missing or killed in the Pacific, including current search operations.


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B-24 shot down over Kiska, 15 Apr 1943

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Hi! I am researching the crew of a B-24 that was shot down over Kiska Harbor on 15 April 1943. There were 11 men on board - ten crew and a stowaway camp cook who went along for the ride. I am looking for anybody who might have info about any one of these men, or a relative of any of them. I am really trying to research the tail gunner, Harold Swetland, and am hoping that one of these men might have sent a photo or written to their family about him. Anything about the crew is of interest!

Lt. Don J. Gilliland (Pilot)
Lt. Donald G. Walker (Co-Pilot)
Lt. Julius Keller (Bombardier)
Lt. Travis V. Hodges (Navigator)
T/Sgt. Grady W. Anglin (Radio Op.)
T/Sgt. John D. Helm
Sgt. Harold A. Swetland (Tail Gunner)
Sgt. Lonnie I. Sewell
Sgt. Jes S. McArthur (Full name: Jesse Stuart)
Corp. John V. Beulick (Camp photographer)
Corp. Stanley G. Harmon, Jr. (Camp cook)

Many thanks!

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