COl (Ret) Ed SHook 8th Sq 3rd Attack Group

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COl (Ret) Ed SHook 8th Sq 3rd Attack Group

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Another WW2 friend has made his final flight west.. Col (Ret) Ed Shook was one of my first contacts with members of the 8th Sqdn. Ed went out of his way to supply me with so much info its impossible to list here. His kindness and generosity allowed me to meet and make friends with most of the surviving 8th members.
Ed started out as a flying sergeant, flew well over 150 Combat missions and eventually worked his way to become the Commanding Officer of the 8th just prior to the end of the war. . Ed was one of the first to combat evaluate the A-26 in the Pacific. He made a career of the Air Force and flew some of the first combat missions in Korea when that "Police Action" took place. Ed retired as a Colonel commanding a interceptor Wing!
God Speed Ed

Some photos..

Ed's A-20


Ed in a C-17 cockpit during the 8th reunion at Elmendorf


BG (Ret) Bill Webster and Ed.. Ed flew his first combat mission as Bill's co-pilot.

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