US Navy Tug lost March 1944

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US Navy Tug lost March 1944

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US Navy Tug YTM-467 lost/missing March 1944-possibly in Marshall Islands or Gilbert Islands.
Did this vessel have a "Name" besides a number?
Any US Submarine claims in this area{s} dates?

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Re: US Navy Tug lost March 1944

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I found mention of this tug in

Under the heading
'Construction of Ships in the U.S. by Type'
in the file

U.S. Navy Small Ships Bats and Crafts and under the U.S. Navy Yard Craft Section (WWIl YT, YTB,


The files says that the tug was built for the Army as DPC 17 at Lawley, George in Neponset, MA.
The tug was built as YTM and was built and acquired by the Army in 1943.
The ship was lost in 1944 (no details).

another section under
'U.S. Army Ships, Boats and Barges'
states that the vessel was acquired by the Navy and named

Another website,

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Re: US Navy Tug lost March 1944

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According to this forum YTM-467 was seized in 1944 during enemy occupation of Marshall Islands..... were any US Submarine claims of enemy tug Vessels sunk 1944-1945....?
Note sunken Vessels of under 100 tons would be listed as sunk in US submarine logs....but not officially "credited" because of "tonnage"!

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