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Post by usaf38bg+lee » Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:15 pm

My dad, Andrew Loman Beveridge, was 38th BG, Sun Downer, Green Dragon. He flew 56 missions in the left seat and was hit in Nov. 1943 when he and crew were due for RR and he volunteered to fly with the Dutch that day. I moved 36 times before I graduated from high school. On those over night drives to the next assignment he would talk and I would listen while the rest of the family slept in the back seat. He continued to tell the stories right up until the end. He talked about his first 3 missions being to Rabaul and telling himself not to make any friends and he talked about coming back to base after a 14 hour flight and the cook was mad because they weren't there for dinner so he made pancakes and the butter was mostly paraffin for the 100 plus air temp and would not melt and the syrup was the liquid from boiled dried prunes. These two stories are book ends to many more that I am fortunate to have heard.

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