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American Citizens: Your Immediate Action Needed

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World War II
74,791 MIAs

Last year, many of you signed the Project Homecoming petition in support of expanding our MIA recoveries from all wars. It called on the Secretary of Defense to “implement a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, and fully resourced program” to account for the Missing of all wars, and to triple the rate of recoveries by 2015. With your help, the law passed.

1) Sign The New Petition
Add your name to our petition for funding. This will be sent to the Congressional Leadership responsible for funding.

2) Call or email your Congressman
Send your congressman an email and ask them to sign on to Congressman Lipinski’s “Dear Colleague” Letter in Support of Full Accounting of Service members Lost At War. Your Congressman’s lending their name is needed to get the attention of the Appropriation Subcommittee and the Defense Department.
Call 202- 224-3121 or write your rep online.

Get MIA Recoveries Funded in Washington
A year has passed and that program is not yet in place, and funding has not been requested. The window for getting funding in this year’s budget will close within the next week or so. Congressman Lipinski of Illinois, whose efforts contributed much to last year’s MIA successes, has this week sent a letter to all congressmen asking them to join him in asking the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee to fund the effort, and to assure timely progress in the creation of the Recovery Program. The Marine Corps League and other Veterans Groups have endorsed this effort. In the absence of funding, last year’s successes are a hollow promise to the missing and their families.

We need you to sign our petition and contact your Congressman and ask him/her to sign on to Congressman Lipinski's effort. To win, he needs them as allies. With last year’s effort you and others got America to re-commit itself to honoring our commitment to the Missing and their families. With this follow up you can get the effort funded 5 years earlier than planned, assuring that these men and women return while their aging loved ones are here to benefit.

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