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November 20, 2000 Wreck News & Information

1. News Announcement - Forthcoming Pacific Ghosts CD-ROM
2. Walkabout 2000 - RABAUL
3. New B-17 MIA Site Identified! - Michael Claringbould
4. Interview - Janice Olson, Pacific Theatre B-17 Project
5. Interview - Allan Kelly, WWII Vehicle Research
6. Interview - Goh K Loon - Malaysian Researcher
7. Photo Galley - Iain Williams, Solomons and New Guinea
8. Photo Galley - Dan Carey, Truk Lagoon Diving
9. Mystery B-29 - Michael Moskow
10. News Update - John Douglas
11. Pacific Nose Art Gallery - New Artwork
12. Veteran Interviews - Sakai & Guad Vets by Peter Flahavin.
13. Book Review - The Searchers
14. Links of the Week - Diary of Japanese Veteran, Scuba History, and more

This May, Hollywood will show you Pearl Harbor... Get Pacific Ghosts to Learn the truth!

Pacific Ghosts is a groundbreaking CD-ROM / DVD series of remarkable World War II aircraft wrecks. With video, photos and impeccable histories, it documents complete aircraft wrecks on land in the South Pacific. Groundbreaking, with complete histories, the first volume has a tentative release date of early 2001. This is the first in a series of three discs. Visit the website to see sample photographs, audio and get further information. More information coming soon.

Operation Walkabout - RABAUL

The Walkabout section now moves to Japanese bastion of the South Pacific - RABAUL. Steeped in history and deadly beauty, Rabaul's history spans from its German colonial period, WWI, occupation by the Japanese during WWII and neutralization by Allied air power. Contemporary history includes the 1994 eruption that wiped out the town.

Special Sections on Japanese Bunkers, Japanese Tunnels, War Memorials, Scuba Diving, Japanese Airfields, and wreck sites from my travels there this past summer.


3. New B-17 MIA Site Identified


World Exclusive! Aerothentic President Michael John Claringbould has done it again. He has positively identified an aircraft wreck in the Alotau district of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea as being a Flying Fortress

When the Red Cross workers first found the site in early 1999 they discovered on a piece of wreckage the numbers 12635 written in yellow, with a background of red vertical stripes, and one ID tag. CIL-HI is planning a full recovery of this new site


4.   Janice Olson - Pacific Theatre B-17 Project


  A fascinating personality in the field of Pacific Wrecks, Janice Olson was an instrumental part of the Patricia Gaffney story, and the founder of the Pacific Theatre B-17 Project, that has a mission to collect, preserve, and make available to the public the history of the B-17s and their crews serving in the Pacific Theatre.

Thanks to Chuck Stewart for permission to reprint his excellent article about Janice that appeared in Pacific Flyer newspaper.

5.   Allan Kelly - WWII Vehicle Expert & Author


  Allan lives in Brisbane. Allan is working on a book about Japanese WWII vehicles and has traveled to many different areas of the Pacific including Manila, Palau, Yap, Truk, Guam, Saipan, Ponape and Hawaii. He has contributed many wreck photographs and expertise to the site. Also, Allan has contributed two extensive travel diaries about two of his trips.

Corregidor Diary

Cairns Diary


6.   Goh K Loon - Malaysian Researcher


  Goh has been responsible for initiating the Malaysian section of Pacific Wreck Database, and relaying photographs, history and information of wreck sites discovered there. Goh is a frequent contributor to the Pacific Wreck Database. He often contributes feedback on the Bulletin Board, or internet links for news briefs to the Email News Update.

7.   Iain Williams - Photo Gallery


   Iain Williams Works as a geologist and has traveled to several Pacific destinations. He has contributed several impressive photo galleries from his travels.

Neila, Ballali Island - Solomons
Japanese guns, wrecks and even a radar unit! Neila is a village located on the island of Ballali in the Shortland Islands. The island was a major Japanese naval headquarters from 1943 -1944. The area was ignored by the Americans as they island hopped and eventually the Japanese in the area were captured or killed.

Salamaua - New Guinea
Japanese Anti-Aircraft Guns and wreck of Yokohama Maru

Underwater Wrecks
Zero, Hellcat, Toau Maru and others

8. Dan Carey - Diving Truk Lagoon


Shares exciting new photographs and dive descriptions of the following Truk shipwrecks:
Fumitzuki, Hanakawa Maru, Rio De Janeiro Maru
Shinkoku Maru, Aikoku Maru, Hoki Maru

9. Mystery B-29 "Bird" Research - Michael Moskow


  You might remember veteran Bill Myer's interview where he described the wreckage of a B-29 bomber near Nagoya, Japan after WWII. Historical Michael Moskow has made another excellent contribution, researching B-29 losses over the city, and showing possible identities of this mystery wreck. His research reveals losses, execution of POW emergency landings at Iwo Jima.

10. John Douglas - News Updates


John Douglas, whose interview was debuted last update, has contributed some additional notes about wreck related activities in October. Included are: Visit to Gusap, P-47/P-38/B-17 wreck rumors, and the discovery of an emergency strip!


11.  Pacific Nose Art Gallery

By popular demand, this gallery collaboration between Aerothentic and Pacific Wreck Database continues to expand. The page has now been divided into nose art by aircraft type, and includes photos and complete histories of aircraft like:

Rough As A Cob
Slugsy Sachs
Good Time Charlie
Miss Behavin'
Bourbon Boxcar
Asterperious Special
and many more!

12.  Veteran Interviews

Saburo Sakai
Thanks to everyone for the internet links related to Saburo Sakai this is a link directory of Sakai related items. If anyone has any other items to add, let me know.

Guadalcanal Diaries
New interviews with Guadalcanal veterans, by Peter Flahavin

Ed Foley - 1st Marines
Landing on Guadalcanal, Air Raids, combat and dogfights overhead.

Chris Merillat - Marine Combat Correspondent
Guadalcanal journal entries and recollections

Ken Coffman - Yank Photographer
Drinking coffee on Ford Island when the Pearl Harbor attack happened. Recollections of Guadalcanal and New Guinea.


13.  Book Reviews

The Searchers - Endless quest for lost aircrew in the Southwest Pacific

  This book is the story of a thousand Australian airmen remained unaccounted for at the war's end in 1945, and the story of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) search unit responsible for search and investigation of MIA and crash sites in the years following WWII. As the author states in his introduction, this is a story without heroes, the main characters were ordinary men who formed the RAAF searcher party, and solved hundreds of MIA cases.


14.  Links of the Week

Diary of Japanese Veteran "My Guadalcanal" (English)

'My Guadalcanal' is the story of the men of an anti-tank gun company who lived and died on the island with their duties. Genjirou Inui was a platoon leader, a 2nd Lt. in the Japanese army. We had been there from August 30, 1942 to February 7, 1943.

Walt Deas - Scuba History
An excellent website, look for a full interview with Walt in a future update.

Flight Centennial Collection Website

A very interesting website and exhibit of aviation relics.

B-25 Mitchell Print for Sale

WWII Memorial
From Steve, this site has information on the new Washington, DC memorial that will be completed in 2003.

Confederate Air Force, Arizona Wing
From Dan Carey

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