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June 13, 2000 Wreck News & Information

Operation Walkabout - Trip to the Pacific

2. Phil Bradley - Impressive Photo Gallery, Author of upcoming book on Shaggy Ridge
3. New Nose Art Gallery - Pacific Nose Art
4. History - Messerschmitts Over the Pacific?
5. Book Review - Nanette, by Edward Parks
6. Link of the Week- Sean Prizeman's www.peleliu.net
7. Message Board - Down, will be restored soon

Operation Walkabout - Trip to the Pacific

 Join the adventure - Visit the Wreck Sites you have been reading about!

   This summer, it is the 60th Anniversary of WWII. Sixty years ago, the Pacific was about to boil over. The remnants of the war are just beneath the jungle regrowth in New Guinea, and fresh in the minds of those who remember the Japanese, American and Australian soldiers who lived and fought in their country. Ever since I traveled to Papua New Guinea (PNG) with my grandfather, Carl Thien, a WWII veteran, I have been dreaming about going back. New Guinea is an unforgettable travel destination, one of the last truly unique and unspoiled places on Earth.

DATES - Wednesday, July 19th 2000 - Wednesday, August 9th 2000

  This summer, it is going to happen! I am proud to finally email you with the details I have been working hard to prepare. If you are still interested, please review the itinerary located at:

  I have been working to put together an incredible travel itinerary that will take us to four regions in PNG this summer for an adventure into WWII history to visit some of the most famous places of the Pacific War, see war relics, and meet with experts and locals in each area. Working in conjunction with Dianne Mathews, of Senior Australia Tours and Travel, she has help to make my fantasy itinerary into an affordably priced travel package.

  We will be flying Air New Zealand to Australia, and then Air Niuguini domestically in PNG. Streamed Video and Webpage I have wanted to create a new form of documentary with this trip. Instead of just traveling to these unique locations, we will be recording our experiences and personal odyssey back to the battlefields of WWII and sharing them with the world via the internet, through the audience of the Pacific Wreck Database website.

  The trip will be a packed 22 days, and full of sites, personalities and excitement. I will be video taping the trip, and portions will be streamed via the Internet for your family and friends to watch online. We will be traveling with WWII veterans and decedents of veterans, so there will also be the ability to conduct site-specific research and investigations at locations. Your travel profile will be created, and you will have the ability to participate in the Walkabout website - upload your own personal travel notes, and display photos with the audience of thousands who will be watching the trip unfold online. What's Included The trip will include: airfare (including all taxes) and accommodations (double occupancy in hotels) for 22 days, guided tours of WWII sites, and access to wreck experts. Note: This does not include airfare to Los Angles from your home destination.

Pricing and Value
If you are interested in going, contact me as soon as possible. We need to reserve our travel tickets as early as possible to guarantee the price and group seating. The tentative cost of the entire trip is $4,000 for 22 days of travel. This figures to about $180 per day. This is an incredible price - Online, another tour group offers an 11 day tour that cost $3,700. So, dollar for dollar, this trip is a far better deal. Currently, the PNG kina is trading at 37cents to the US dollar, so once we get over there, food and souvenir purchases are in our favor. Payment If you are interested, I will need your authorization to charge your credit card for $1,900 (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) For 1/2 the payment. The other $2,100 is due on the first day of the trip.

FREE Book and Video My grandfather, who will be one of the other people traveling with us has graciously offered a free copy of his book The Search For Molly Mallone to everyone. Send me your address if interested, I will send you a copy of the book. Perfect reading material for the long flight overseas! Also, after the trip, an edited video of the trip will be available to you.

There are certain risks associated with traveling to PNG. Mainly, threat of malaria. I will send you information on the health shots and malaria prevention that you should get before traveling. We are traveling in what is the winter season in New Guinea. Areas are dry, and we will be at all coastal locations, although the treat of mosquitoes is less, precautions are a good idea. Currently there are problems in the neighboring Solomon Islands, these problems to not effect the destinations we are planning to visit. This trip is not your ordinary vacation or travel destination... and for that reason, I hope to share with you one of the most memorable adventures of your lifetime!

- Justin

2.  Phil Bradley Impressive Photo Gallery, Author of upcoming book on Shaggy Ridge

  It brings me great pleasure to present an interview and new photo galleries. Phil Bradley has been to some of the most exciting destination in PNG and the Solomons. He shares with us his thoughts in a new interview, and an impressive photo gallery featuring unique wreck photos from Ballalae Island, Alexishafen, Saidor, Wewak, Ramu Valley, Bogia, Gizo and Shaggy Ridge.

  Don't miss this exciting interview - and read about Phil's forthcoming book about Shaggy Ridge.

3.  Nose Art Gallery Pacific Airplane Art

  This new section is divided into three sections of nose art: Interesting Designs, Japanese Designs and Women. Upload your favorite Pacific Nose art to the page, and help to build this archive of the artistic and unforgettable images of nose art that flew in the Pacific. Check out the "Unknown Identity" Section - Can you identify this unknown nose art of a 13th AF B-24 named "The Captain and the KIDS"

4.  History - Messerschmitts over the Pacific

  Did the Japanese use German Luftwaffe aircraft in the Pacific?
  Were Me-109's shot down in New Guinea?
  Did the Japanese fly their own versions of the Me-262 and Me-163?
  Click this link to find out the truth!


5.  Book Review Nanette by Edwards Park

Nanette is the nickname of the author's P-39 Aircobra: she is beautiful and graceful at her best, while quirky and difficult to handle when not lovingly handled. The metaphor of women and machine drives the author's descriptions of his love affair with this quirky mate.

Every page of the book is full of lavish descriptions. Unlike other narratives that deal mostly with the military details of their service, Parks devotes most of his narrative to the less tangible and more emotional side of what it was like to be a disposable pilot in a war being waged in an unfamiliar land. Descriptions like Parks first impressions of New Guinea, when he stepped out of his plane at Jackson Aerodrome at Port Moresby.

"The heat solid and palpable, smells rich enough to grow crops, the colors so sharp and pure they make your eyes wince. The sun has an undiffused brilliance and when it touches something green, like a leaf, it isn't your everyday humdrum leaf-green. It's nature's finest Goddamn green and it socks you right in the eyeball. The same with blue sky and black forest-tree trucks and red soil and white cumulus clouds and cobalt blue water and the red sun rising. The colors are so intense they make you visually drunk."

Don't miss this great book!


6.  Link of the Week Peleliu

Sean Prizeman's EXCELLENT site about the fighting on Peleliu. Sean sent me this link, and after browsing his pages it is safe to say he as one of the most comprehensive and visually stuning websites about Peleliu. Full of photographs, maps, and even some current pictures, this is bookmarking material for sure!


7.  Message Board Down Will be restored soon...

  The website is going through considerable growing pains, and the message board had to be disconnected to move it to a new location. Do not worry, none of the messages were lost! I promise to restore it as soon as possible.



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