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June 22, 2000 Wreck News & Information

1.  World Exclusive - WWII Cockpit photos of PNG wrecks!
     See incredible images of P-38 and P-47 cockpits.

2.  Message Creator - Another Exciting Update
3.  Message Board - Restored!
3.  History - Through the Window of Time: Three of 78,000
4.  Josh Mcdade - Bougainville Photos Added!
5. News - Solomons Rebellion - Articles & Emails
6.  Calling Pacific War Veterans - Stephen Ambrose Seeks veteran stories
7.  Link of the Week Kali Brantas - Salvage Operation

1. World Exclusive - WWII Cockpit photos of PNG wrecks!

     See incredible images of P-38 and P-47 cockpits.

Malcolm Black of New South Wales, Australia has sent these photographs and information to the Pacific Wreck database.

P-47D Thunderbolt serial number 42-22687
 This P-47D lies about 8,000 feet in the Finesterre Ranges near the village of Serino. The aircraft crashed on 29 April 1944 and the pilot, 2/Lt Marion Lutes, is still MIA. This photo shows the superb condition of the LH side of the upside-down cockpit.

P-38H Thunderbolt serial number 42-66851
  Malcolm Black of New South Wales Australia has sent two photos of this P-38H which rests in forest near the village of Brahman in the Ramu Valley, in Papuan New Guinea. The history of this aircraft is unknown.

  A team of Australians, headed by Malcolm, intend to recover this aircraft later this year. Malcolm and his team have hundreds of similar sites of intact aircraft and have arranged full recovery of several more in cooperation with the Cultural Museum of New Guinea.

2. Message from the Creator - Another Exciting Update


   This week's update is full of exciting photos, new content and information. Thank you to everyone for their continued support of the site with you visits, and for making the community of people interested in this topic very much alive!

  I am very much looking forward to traveling to Papua New Guinea this summer and linking up with many of you in Australian or PNG that I have met through the website.  "Operation Walkabout" is on! My grandfather, an 82 year old veteran of the Pacific War will be among the group. In addition, my uncle Carl who will be doing SCUBA diving at each of our destinations. So, the updates from PNG will cover a variety of different angles - from the perspective of a WWII veteran, SCUBA diver, and videographer.

- Justin


3. Message Board - Restored!


   The popular and informative Pacific Wreck Message Board has been restored. Sorry it took me a while to reconnect it. No messages were lost, so you find all the old messages there archived. This is the foundation of the online wreck community.

  If you have not used it before - try it out this week! Post questions, information, links, pictures and stimulate discussion from readers around the world.

4.  History Through the Window of Time: Three of 78,000
by Michael Moskow

  Michael Moskow contributes this excellent history that traces the fate of three Allied airmen through an interrogation with a Japanese POW. The legacy of the thousands of POWs and MIAs are stories that may never come to light completely, but as Michael's research proves, it is an interesting study of what life was like for airmen who were captured. Michael begins his work with the statement:

  "Over half a century has passed since the end of the Second World War.  Slowly and inevitably, the events of those years are being transformed from the lives and memories of veterans and their families into the raw material…names, dates, and places…of history.  Yet, in some ways, World War Two is not quite finished. For history does not end, it continues."

5.  Josh Mcdade Bougainville Photos Added!

  You probably remember Josh's excellent reports via email from Bougainville September - December of 1999. He had recently sent me a bunch of photographs that he, and other PMG members took in Bougainville. I have added them to his text reports. Check the link to view his images. Josh was the first person to send updated reports on WWII relics to the site since the crisis on bougainville through the early 1990's.

6.  News - Solomons Rebellion
Australian News Paper Articles & Emails from Guadalcanal

  I am a little late getting this information onto the site. Of Particular interest is the Associate Press Article about islanders using US WWII munitions against each other, including 61mm mortars. A highlight is the line:

  Remnants of the war can be seen at Isatabu roadblocks outside Honiara, where fighters proudly show off 61 mm shells strung together in bandoliers made from strips of rubber cut from tire inner tubes.

``Sure they still fire. They're from the United States,'' said one fighter, biting into a boiled potato and wearing a traditional loincloth made from tree bark fibers. Fearful they might be identified, the rebels would not give their names or allow photographs.

Thanks to Tamar Gordon for this article, and Peter Flahavin for contributing the news articles and emails.

7.  Calling Pacific War Veterans Stephen Ambrose Seeks veteran stories

Patricia Gaffney-Ansel sent me this excellent link. It has information about Stephen Ambrose's request for stories from Pacific War Veterans for his new book. Veterans check it out, and get your stories told!

Stephen Ambrose writes:

 "To Veterans of the Pacific War: I am presently conducting research for a book on the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who served in the Pacific in WWII. This book will be much like the history I wrote of the soldiers in the European Theater called Citizen Soldiers. In order to write about you, I need your help. Please consider sending me a copy of your oral history, memoirs, diary, and/or letters home. Regardless of what you did or where you were stationed, your history is important. Aside from appearing in my book, your history will join thousands of others at the Eisenhower Center Archives in New Orleans, where it will be available to scholars and film-makers for all-time. Please take some time to sit down with a tape recorder and talk about your experiences. It's important."

If you contribute to this initiative - also consider submitting via email or letter your stories to the Pacific Wreck Database's veteran archive. If you have not stopped by lately, check it out at

Veterans Speak

8.  Link of the Week Kali Brantas Salvage Operation

The purpose of this website is to "To detect, salvage, preserve and transport to the Netherlands, two unique Fokker floating aircraft (T-4a and C-11w) of the Netherlands Royal Naval Air Service (NRNAS) operated in World War II, sunk near the former NRNAS support base Lengkong in the river Brantas near Mojokerto in East-Java (Republik Indonesia)."

Thanks to Goh Keng Loon for contributing this link


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