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August 18, 2000 Wreck News & Information

1. Message from the Creator - Back fro PNG & Australia
2. Dennis Letourneau - New! Solomons Photo Gallery
3. Seeking Submissions - WWII Letters, edited by Walter Cronkite
4. Record Growth - PWD expansion project
5. Four New MIA Profiles Added
6. Book Review - The Siege of Rabaul
7.  Links of the Week - New Sites!

1. Message from the Creator - Back from PNG & Australia


  I have been away to visit WWII sites in Papua New Guinea, and Australia. There will be a wealth of new updates, photographs, interviews, and material from this trip following in future wreck updates emails. It was an incredible trip, that will provide plenty of new information for the website, look for tons of new photos, interviews and information.

  Most rewarding, was an opportunity to meet some of the contributors to the website, that I have been corresponding with for a long time face-to-face.  I would like to think the following people for their hospitality, and friendship over email, and now in person!

Los Angeles - Christopher Webb
Brisbane - Phil Bradley, Tim & Amie Rawkins
Otto Wurth. Brian Hallam, Dennis Doggett
Port Moresby - John Douglas, Senea Greh
Rabaul - Brian Bennet, Peter Leggett, Rick Ray
Popondetta - Frank Egimbari, Doropata Village
Madang - Reuben Meut & the "1st wreck hunting battalion"
Wewak - Charlie, George & Roy Wintalin, Arni Rasmusen
Canberra - Michael Claringbould
Sydney - Robert Greinert


2.  Dennis Letourneau Solomon Island Photo Gallery

  Meet Dennis Letourneau in this new section and photo gallery. In July, 1999 he and his father traveled to the Solomon Islands and Tarawa Atoll. Visiting Guadalcanal, New Georgia and Tarawa areas. See his superb photograph collection, full of unique and beautiful images, and descriptive commentary.

  Photo galleries contain over fifty new photographs contributed to the website. Included are Guadalcanal, New Georgia: wreck site of F4F, Vula airfield, Munda airfield, Kula Gulf. And, Tarawa and Tarawa artifacts page. Visit his section for excellent browsing, and a look at areas that few travelers get a chance visit. Thank you to Dennis for use of his superb collection, and help putting the section together.


3.  Seeking Submissions - WWII Letters, edited by Walter Cronkite

Do you have any letters written by you or your family during the time you or they served in World War II? If so, Tracy Quinn needs your help!

She is researching a book entitled World War II Letters edited by Walter Cronkite, which is a collection of letters from soldiers, both men and women, to their friends, families, or sweethearts back home. This book is aimed at capturing the war as seen through the eyes of participants around the world. It will also depict the daily life of WWII soldiers. World War II Letters will have letters from soldiers from every country involved in the Second World War. WWII Letters will be published by Knopf next year.

Ms. Tracy Quinn Adler & Robin Books, Inc. 3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008 U.S.A. Telephone: 202-986-9275 Fax: 202-986-9485 tquinn@adlerbooks.com


4.  Record Growth - PWD Expansion Project

Improved Search Engine
I have spent alot of time fine-tuning the search engine so that it is searching all pages in the site, messages in the bulletin board, interviews, etc. If you have not used this vital tool lately, check back and enter in your favorite query.

Twice the Bandwidth
I am proud to announce that the site has just purchased more bandwidth, that has already doubled the daily number of visitors! Over the past month, many have emailed me about not being able to access the site, now, it should be easier.

Donations Needed
The cost to host the site is now high. I have added links to Amazon.com in the book review pages. If you decide to order one of the books reviewed on the website, click the order through Amazon, and a portion of the sale will go to the Pacific Wreck Database. All proceeds will go to the cost of hosting the website. As always, your kind donations are also greatly appreciate, and mean more content and more updates!


5.  Four New MIA Profiles Added

Otis Perkins
Classified as KIA, although his body was never recovered. Capt. Perkins flew with 75th Joint Assault Signal Company, Army Air Force (he was a "bird-dog") on Iwo Jima.

Raymond P. Wiedmeyer
P-47D of the 41st FS, MIA on October 14, 1944 over Manggar Air Strip, Borneo

William Bowen Ault
MIA June 8, 1942 in an SBD during the battle of Midway

B-29 "Rosalia Rocket"
There were 12 crewmen on board the Rosalia Rocket, when she was shot down and went MIA.


6.  Book Review - The Siege of Rabaul
The Siege of Rabaul

  Author Henry Sakaido weaves an incredible history of Japanese aviators and ground crews that beat the odds and do the impossible long after the Allies deemed that Rabaul was neutralized and no longer a threat. This is the true story of an enemy that did not call it quits, and even went so far as to strike back at American forces during daring surprise attacks to the admiralties - on two occasions! As Sakaido says, and I whole heartily agree: its a story better than Hollywood could ever produce!

Divided into 21 chapters, each is full of new information, insights and photographs. Of special interest are chapters on Japanese Night fighters (Irvings operating in the Rabaul area), the shooting down and capture of Pappy Boyington, the two seater Zero, American Guided Missle attacks against Rabaul, the food situation and daring Japanese attacks against the Admiralties with Kate torpedo planes. A must for every reader's book collection. Thanks to John Douglas for suggesting this excellent book.

Have you read a good Pacific related book?
It will be added to the website's book review section!
Submit your review to justin@wanpela.com

7.  Links of the Week

Kokoda Tribute

This excellent link was brought to my attention by James Oglethorpe, and is great. The photos are stills from the documentary 'Kokoda Frontline', which won Australia's first Oscar in 1942. Each photo is accompanied by lines of a poem by Col. Kingsley Norris, M.D, written in 1942 whilst he served in New Guinea. Also, there is contemporary photos of the trail today.

Airscapes Gallery

Bristol Brigand - Wreckage brings back war memories

  This website sells aviation art prints. Of interest to Pacific wreck enthusiest is the excellent page dedicated to the Lenngon wreck of the Bristol Brigand. This wreck has an interesting story, about being undiscovered to the outside world, then the search an research that took place via the internet to learn the true fate of this forgotten wreck. Thanks to Goh Loon for this link.

Belisi 2000

  This site host information about the PMG deployed in Bougainville. Since the beginings of the crisis Bougainville has found itself witn varying states of freedom. The Peace Monitored island hosts still over one hundred Monitors from the Countries of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Ni Vanuatu. Excellent current event resource for those interested in Bougainville today.

Kitchen Table Gang

The Kitchen Table Gang is an orgainzation dedicated to our veterans of all services in government hospitals throughout the USA. Other than the television, most patients literally stared out the window. Recreation is virtually nill. Magazines and newspapers were very limited as were the books in the "library". 100% of all contributions go towards this project to provide reading material to the veterans - we have no paid employees, no office, no overhead.


# # # End of Wreck News August 18, 2000 # # #


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