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Wreck News & Information - January 15 , 2001

1. Message From the Creator 2001
2. Pearl Harbor Trailer Madness

3. Operation Walkabout Madang
4. Papuan Wreck Dairy -
John Douglas
5. Travel Diary-
Angaur by Allan Kelly

6. B-25 Pacific Prowlers -
by Michael Claringbould
    Technical Report Japanese "HAP"

7. Interview
Walt Deas Underwater Photography & Video
8. Veteran Speak - John F. Riecter & Lt. Hitsuji

9. Peter Flahavin
- New Guadalcanal Website
10. Book Review - Carrier Clash by Eric Hammel
11. Links of the Week

1. Message from the Creator 2001


Pacific Wreck Database 2001
2001 is going to be another exciting year for the website, with many new interview, content, photographs and information planned. Also, strategic updates to the functionality of the website. As always, submissions are what propels the site forward, so if you are a WWII veteran, relative of an MIA or Pacific traveler do not hesitate to contact me.

The website is brought to independently and unsponsored. If you would like to make a donation of services, information or funds, visit this link:

"Memphis Belle" Tail Gunner
John P. Quinlan, Tail Gunner of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" died at the end of December at the age of 81. The story of the "Memphis Belle" is well known from the William Wilder documentary, and the 1990 Hollywood movie. What is not popularly know is that Quinlan also served in the Pacific, as did pilot of the "Memphis Belle", Robert Morgan. There, he had his most harrowing experiences of the war, serving in the China/Burma/India theater in B-29 "Marietta Misfit", which was shot down over China and he served as a Prisoner of War until the end of the war. Quinlan downed 3 Zeros before his B-29 was shot down, as well as 2 German fighters from the Memphis Belle's tail.

Wreck Photo Identified
This link has been circulating among many of you.

Thanks to Michael Claringbould, of Aerothentic Publications for positively identifying this wreck, and bringing to light the details of its demise. For full information, visit:


2. Pearl Harbor Trailer Madness


Those in the United States are probably aware that the long anticipated Pearl Harbor Movie full length trailer is now out on theaters and the internet. Needless to say, it looks amazing. Ofcourse there are mostly computer graphics for the air sequences, which is probably a good thing in light of the disastrous air crashes that have claimed the lives of WWII aircraft and contemporary pilots at airshows and in filming over the years.

Pacific Ghosts Pearl Harbor Central

For anyone interested in Pearl Harbor history, the Pacific Ghosts Website is offering a trailer of its own, with WWII combat footage from the Shokouku Carrier shot on December 7, 1941 Bookmark this page for future updates, and for further information on the Pacific Ghosts forthcoming CD-ROM, check out the site. The disc is about a two months away from publication.


3. Operation Walkabout - MADANG


The Walkabout section now moves to Madang Province of Papua New Guinea from my travels there is past July and August. Today, the traces of war all but erased in the town still exists to the north, where aircraft wrecks and antiaircraft guns still exist despite the passage of time and efforts of scrappers and salvage. Look for an interview with Papuan Michael Sen who was a young man during the war and worked as a laborer for the Japanese. ( Next update the walkabout section moves to Wewak )


4.   Papuan Wreck Diary - John Douglas

Updates don't get any better than this!
John Douglas has contributed an exciting Papuan Wreck Diary update for December. Included is the remains of a P-47 crashed at Wewak, Japanese arms on Kairiru Island, and photos of the remains of a Japanese Pete and Dinah aircraft.

5.   Travel Diary Angaur - Allan Kelly

Contributor Allan Kelly returns with this superb contribution about the island of Angaur in Republic of Palau. Read about the WWII history of the island and see relics like the C-47, B-24 hulks and F-4U on the island.


6. B-25 Pacific Prowlers - by Michael Claringbould

B-25 Mitchells Pacific Prowlers


Contributor Michael Claringbould, of Aerothentic Publications has contributed a link to his recent article "Pacific Prowlers" about B-25 Mitchells in the Pacific.

Technical Report HAP

Also, he has contributed this interesting transcription of the Air Technical Intelligence Unit Technical Report on the Japanese "HAP" or "HAMP" fighter, the folding wingtip of the Zero that was believed to be another type of aircraft when discovered on the ground at Buna.

Other Past Articles By Michael Claringbould can be found at:


7.  Interview - Walt Deas

Underwater Photographer & Video
Walt Deas has been diving since 1950 when he dove with a Navy Oxygen rebreather, until the aqualung became available. In 1953, when he started a sub-aqua club in Dundee, Scotland. After moving to Australia, he became an internationally famous underwater photographer film maker and author.


8.   Veterans Speak - Shootout between H6K and B-17

USN Corpsmen John F. Richter

USN Corpsmen with the USMC shares recollections, many quite humorous that happened during the infamous battles of Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester.

Japanese Veteran Lt. Hitsuji

Shootout Between H6K and B-17
Lt. Hitsuji, 851 Navy Air Group (Kokutai), was commanding an H6K (Mavis) in November 1942, and became one of the first to find out what shot down Japanese patrol planes and survive. Translated excerpt from: Saigo no Hikotei (The Last Flying Boat)


9. Peter Flahavin's - New Guadalcanal Website!
Long time collaborator, Peter Flahavin has a new website. Check it out, and add it to your bookmark list!

Guadalcanal Battle Sites Today website by Peter Flahavin


10.  Book Review - Carrier Clash

Carrier Clash by Eric Hammel

Author Eric Hammel has created an beautiful produced hardcover book about the third carrier clash between the Japanese and United States. As with all his titles, this one is comprehensive, detailed, blow by blow type accounts of the action that puts the reader in the cockpit of the planes, decks of the carriers as furious combat erupts.


11.  Links of the Week
Tons of great links for your pleasure and bookmark list. Thanks to Peter Flahavin for most of these exciting links!

Alaskan Aircraft Auction
Wanna buy a DC-3?

John L. Smith, USMC Ace
Thanks to Peter Flahavin for this link about Medal of Honor recipient, a leader of "Cactus" Air Force Wildcat fighter pilot, shot down 19 Japanese airplanes over Guadalcanal in 1942

Skippers of VF-111 Fighter Squadron
The following article by son Kenneth T. Viall Jr. and is in memory of his father, pilot Cdr Ken Viall. Seeking additional photos and information related to his father.

Great story of the development and history of the "Reisen" fighter, from the wonderful j-aircraft.com website.

H. Paul Brehm
Excellent veteran interview with photographs about flying the SB2C "The Beast". Brehm flew from from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, his squadron leap-frogged up the line to an airstrip at Munda, New Georgia, then a beachhead airstrip on Bougainville for strikes on Rabaul, New Britain.

Military History

Makin Raiders 1942

Carlson's Raiders

Bob Hampton's Shipwrecks

One Man's View
History of USMC veteran Leonard E. Skinner about his WWII experiences from Guadalcanal, the Marianas and Okinawa.


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