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Wreck News & Information - May 31, 2001

Hollywood's Pearl Harbor

B-17 "Discovery"

Don Huebner - One Marines Adventures

Dan E. Bailey - Author of WWII Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon
Josh McDade - Reporting from Timor!

John Douglas - Papuan Wreck Diary March & April
Stan Gajda -
Broome Dornier Do 24 Wrecks
Sean Prizeman
- Iwo Jima 1995
Jean-Claude Tranape - SS Coolidge Wreck, Vanuatu
Tom Britton - B-29 "Praying Mantis" crash in China
Phil Bradley - Chapple Beaufighter Wreck
Melvyn Maltz - Adelbert Mountain Visit

Book - Bailey's WWII Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon
Links - New websites to bookmark!

1. Hollywood's Pearl Harbor, B-17 Discovery, Surviving Zero


Worthy of mention was the highly anticipated release of Pearl Harbor, the Hollywood movie. Like all of you, I was anticipating this film, but also wary of the accurate portrayal of history and entertainment. As many of you know, one must only speak to the real Pacific veterans to realize that their stories and legacy is far more interesting than what the writers in Hollywood conjure. Regardless of your feelings about this movie, it will likely spawn a new wave of enthusiasm about the Pacific war, and that is a good thing.

This month update features an 'all-star' cast of collaborators on PWD. As always, thank you to all the veterans, collaborators and friends worldwide! Each section of this new update is equally important. Its getting very hard to list the items linearly, as each contribution is equally amazing.

- Justin

Many people have asked me if there are any surviving Japanese aircraft from the Pearl Harbor attack. For information on a Japanese A6M2 Zero Fighter, one of the only remaining aircraft from the Pearl Harbor attack is featured on the forthcoming Pacific Ghosts CD-ROM. After over two years, the disc is in its final stage production.

Pacific Ghosts


2. B-17 Discovery - You heard it hear First!


Many of you have mentioned to me the USA Today Magazine article about the discovery of a B-17 in Papua New Guinea, reported last week in American press. Longtime subscribers to the newsletter will remember that this wreck, and its full history were first announced last year (October 2000). So, you heard it hear first, and no, this is not a "new" wreck.

Aerothentic Website - MIA Section


3. Veterans Speak


Don Huebner - One Marines Adventures in WWII

Don Huebner has graciously agreed allowed PWD a chance to present his 37 page personal memories about his Pacific service. Included are chapters on overseas, Australia, Goodenough, Finschafen, Cape Glouster, Peleliu and Okinawa. Thank you Mr. Huebner for putting together your recollections about this important history for us to read. Also, a sneak peak at his new painting, titled "Beaching of the Yamasuki Maru"!


Author Interview - Dan E. Bailey

The author of WWII Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon has just published a this impressive new, and comprehensive edition that culminates over eight years of new research, painstaking accuracy in creating maps, and including over 150 color wreck photographs. For anyone interested in Truk, this is the definitive reference. Read an in-depth interview with him about diving the lagoon, some of his personal highlights, discoveries and changes observed in the past 30 years he has explored the victims of the Operation Hailstone strike.


5. Timor - Josh McDade Seeks WWII Sites


Aficionados of the PWD will remember McDade's excellent reports and photos from Bougainville when he was stationed there. Now posted in Timor with UN forces, he is exploring sites there - but needs your help! Any information about WWII sites on the island, please help to build this new section of the database, and utilize this unique opportunity to have a corespondent in this location.

Timor - Page in progress

Thanks to veterans of the 22nd Bomb Group for sharing their recollections of their B-26 missions to Dili. They were the only USAAC group to fly missions there. Are you a veteran of Timor? Please contact us with your experiences or recollections.


6. John Douglas - Papuan Wreck Diary

Two months of updates from Douglas in Papua New Guinea. The March update (that I forgot to include last month - sorry!) includes updates on past reports and details of the CILHI conference. The April update includes information on his assistance to CILHI in the Owen Stanleys, and tantalizing photographs of several P-40 and a P-39 crash sites, and some Japanese Army relics!
As always, John never fails to impress with his discoveries, photos and wrec tec friends!

March Update

April Update


7.  Stan Gajda - Broome Dornier Do 24 Wrecks

Gajda expands his coverage of the Dornier Wrecks off Broome. See photos and read his commentary about Do 24 serial numbers X-1, X-20, X-23 and the X-36. And, marvel at Stan's work these most amazing aircraft, and their unique roll in Pacific and Australian history. Look for new sections from Stan over the next months about his other discoveries. I am very please to have Stan as a part of the site, and am sure you will marvel at his experience.

8.  Sean Prizeman - Iwo Jima 1995
Read an interview with Prizeman who visited Iwo Jima with the 50th Anniversary remembrances. He hopes the memory of what the Marines did on Iwo never fade. It's up to us, the younger generations, to keep those memories alive. See photographs and read his commentary on some of the most historic places on this infamous battlefield. Also, his chance meeting with veteran Jim Scales, Third Battalion of the 23rd Regiment US Marines and his story of action on Hill 382.

9.  Jean-Claude Tranape - SS President Coolidge

Fifty photos from the SS President Coolidge wreck in Vanuatu. Jean-Claude and his sons contribute extensive photographs of the wreck's exterior, interior, and artifacts. Including, the famous mantelpiece know as "The Lady" and the multitude of military and personal artifacts still aboard this massive ship.

10. Tom Britton - B-29 "Praying Mantis"


Tom Britton, a new collaborator to the PWD, is assembling a database on all B-29 aircraft that served in the XX and XXI Bomber Commands in both CBI and Marianas in WWII with the 20th Air Force for a forthcoming book. He contributes an interesting story about a B-29 "Praying Mantis" wreck in China.

11. Phil Bradley - The Chapple Beaufighter

Two Beaufighters from 30th Squadron RAAF departed from Kiriwina Island on 25th November 1943 to carry out a sweep for barge traffic around the coast of New Britain from Rangandol Point to Cape Hoskins. After passing Bangula Bay, heading for home at 800 feet, Beaufighter A19-139 was seen to roll over on its back and dive into the jungle at a 45 degree angle. The two crew, pilot officer Charles Hilton Chapple and flying officer Percy John Coates were posted as missing.

Walt Deas' Madang Trip

Diver and videographer Walt Deas has just returned from a trip to Madang. Read his article to learn about his trip, and current project "Bomber Reef"



13.  Melvyn Maltz - Adelbert Mountain Visit
Plans to visit the Adelbert Mountains in Papua New Guinea this June / July, and revisit the Wirraway site. Anyone in the area interesting going email him about the arrangements. He would be walking to the site with help of locals.



14.  Reviews

WWII Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon

Dan Bailey's impressive, color hardcover book that is arguably the best volume ever released on Truk Lagoon. The release of the beautiful hardcover edition of WWII Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon is a volume that anyone interested in Truk should acquire and add to their book collection. This book builds on the 1989 version. With new research, discoveries and photography this book is an entirely new and expanded volume over 500 pages long! The book includes sections on Truk Today, Island Installations, Air Campaign Histories. The last 200 plus pages of this volume cover the ship and aircraft wrecks in the lagoon from WWII. The authors treatment is painstaking and arguably the most complete research available on each of these ships.


14.  Links of the Month
Great links for your pleasure and bookmark list

Remembering Pearl Harbor
Thanks to Cézanne Huq for reporting this link

Pearl Harbor: The Corporatization Of History
Thanks to Tamar Gordon for this link.

MHG Malaya Historical Group
Shaharom Ahmad, Sager Ahmad and Goh Keng Loon's new website

BEAR's Peleliu Island Photo's page

Australian National Shipwreck Database
Thanks to Silvano Jung for this link

B-24 Liberator Squadrons of Australia

B-29 Superfortress: Then & Now

USS Mississinewa AO-59

Tragedy at Sea: The Story of PT 347

Ginger's Diary 12/7/41
Thanks to Peter Flahavin for this link

Zenos Warbird Videos

USS Relief AH-1 Wartime Chronicle of a USN Hospital Ship


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