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Wreck News & Information - July 16, 2001


John Innes - Guadalcanal Veterans Return
Thomas Christope - Do you know this USN Chester Zezula?
MIA Profiles - New Profiles Added

New Caledonia
- Unidentified B-17
Rabual - Japanese ordinance in tunnel

Peter Ording - Wreck Diver / Photographer

John Douglas - Ki 43-I Oscar Wreck
Stan Gajda - Broome's "Diamond DC-3"
Jean-Claude Tranape - Million Dollar Point

Queensland Beaufort Restoration Group

Reviews - Roaring Glory Warbirds: B-25 Mitchell
Links - New websites to bookmark!


1. Message from the Editor


This update is full of exciting interviews, discoveries and information from both new and old collaborators to the website. As always, thank you to everyone who contributes information to make it better. I have been swamped with a large number of emails, and am committed to replying to everyone. If you emailed me in the past weeks and have not gotten a reply, I will get to your note soon.

Due to an exceedingly high volume of hits, the site is performing rather sluggish. It is badly in need of some "turbo supercharging" in the bandwidth department, to accommodate more visitors per day. All apologies if your experience delays, this is an independent and unsponsored website.

- Justin


2. Veterans Speak


John Innes - Guadalcanal Veterans Return

John Innes accompanied by two veterans of the Guadalcanal campaign return to the places they served. They were two Marines: Frank Teague who was on board the USS Portland, and Bishop Paul Moore who was a Marine in G/2/5 in 1942. Learn more about their harrowing service and personal discoveries on this trip of reflection and remembrance.


Thomas Christope - Do you know this USN Chester Zezula?

My wife's grandmother died two months ago, and we have found in her archives a US Navy sailor's picture with address on the back. Chester gezula or zezula. Could you help me to know a little more about this gentleman? During the war she was making some laundry work for the marines corps soldiers and navy boys, that's how she probably met this guy in Noumea, New Caledonia.

3. MIA Profiles - New Profiles Added & Updated


Robert Ault & William Thomas Butler
MIA in SBD Dauntless on May 8, 1942 at Coral Sea

MIA PBY Serial Number 44-34050
Departed for Los Negros on June 21, 1945. No visible signs of wreckage nor any trace. Aboard were 4 crew and 7 passengers.

MIA F-84 Jimmy P. Robinson
Crashed during the first Hydrogen Bomb Test in in the lagoon at Enewetok



4. New Discoveries - Unidentified B-17 and Japanese Ordinance


New Caledonia - Unidentified B-17 Underwater
Thanks to Jean-Claude Tranape and Aerothentic Publications for this information.


Rabaul - Unidentified Japanese Ordinances Discovered
Heavy rains revealed the entrance to a Japanese cave where two small torpedoes were found, along with anti-mine hydrovanes and launch cradle. Can anyone help in positively identifying these weapons?
Thanks to Steve Saunders for this information.



5. Peter Ording - Wreck Diver / Photographer


Ording has dove and explored the Pacific: from the Aleutians to Australia. Learn about his interest in Pacific history, the veterans who inspired him, and his hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin's unique role in Pacific Naval history. Also, review his photo gallery of incredible photographs that he has graciously shared with PWD. Some of these photographs are included in Dan Bailey's new book WWII Wrecks of Truk Lagoon [reviewed last month]


6. John Douglas
- Papuan Wreck Diary

Douglas and his "wreck tecs" have done it again. A "new" wreck, this time a Japanese Ki 43-I Oscar of unknown identity. Also, read the account of the Papuan land owner of the plane's crash landing, and pilots rescue by Japanese forces. His Tok Pisin report, and an english translation are provided.

May Update - Ki 43-I Oscar Wreck


7. Stan Gajda - Broome's "Diamond DC-3

Officially, it was Netherlands East Indies DC-3 serial number PK-AFV. Shot down by an A6M2 during the infamous air raid of March 3, 1942 this wreck was loaded with civilians fleeing Java. Also in its cargo was a box of diamonds. Read this most intriguing wreck story and see extensive WWII photos of its crash, and also photos of the wreck site today. Thanks to Stan for these amazing photos and for sharing his unique role in its history.

8. Jean-Claude Tranape - Million Dollar Point


Jean-Claude contributes thirty photographs from "Million Dollar Point" in Vanuatu. Named for the estimated value of all the military equipment dumped there at the end of the war by American forces. Trucks, bulldozers, ships and parts were too expensive to ship back to the United States, and instead were dumped into the sea. Today, they form a strange monument to the war and its wastes.


9. Beaufort A9-141 Queensland Beaufort Restoration Group

Details on this Brisbane group's three Beaufort restoration projects featuring former RAAF bombers A9-141, A9-226 and A9-501, and the history of these airframes from their WWII service, to lying undisturbed in New Guinea where the war left them, to changing hands between Charles Darby, MARC (formally Yesterday's Air Force) and now the Queensland Beaufort Restoration Group. Learn about their plans for restoration and display of these aircraft.


10.  Reviews - Roaring Glory Warbirds - B-25 Mitchell


B-25 Mitchell Video

This video takes the viewer inside one of the Pacific's most famous bombers. For aviation enthusiasts, veterans and those who appreciate the timeless sounds of a classic warbird, this video puts you in the cockpit and behind the controls of B-25J-30-NC "PANCHITO" Serial Number 44-32734 for flight above Geneseo, New York. Unlike many other warbird videos out there, this video is excellent in terms of production values, historical information and aerial cinematography that let the sight and sound of this warbird take center stage.


11.  Links of the Month
Great links for your pleasure and bookmark list

Warrant Officer Thomas Dewey Jones

Lost USN Submarines 1941-1945

Pearl Harbor History Associates

George Alber 49th FG 9th FS Photos

Kwajalein Underwater
Scott Johnson's excellent website with photos, video and shipwreck information


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