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Wreck News & Information - August 12, 2001

Patricia Gaffney-Ansel
- Meeting President Bush

Harry Nelson - 22nd BG & 1991 Return to Timor

Chip Lambert - Discovery of USS Mississinewa

Rabaul - Invitation to 60th Anniversary Remembrances

Snapshot into History - Munda G3M Nell
Photo of the Month - 312th BG A-20G over Ramu Valley
Michael Moscow - A Face Without A Name

John Douglas - Papuan Wreck Diary
Stan Gajda - Wreck of Dornier Do 24 X-36
Jean-Claude Tranape - Vanuatu Airfields, Wrecks & Dog Tags
Steve Saunders -
More photos of Rabaul Hydrovanes
Peter Ording
- Heian Maru & Aircraft Wrecks

- P-47 restoration photo update

Video - P-40 Warhawk & Lagoon of Lost Ships
Links - New websites to bookmark!

1. Message from the Editor


Another month full of exciting material, interviews and news. It brings me great pleasure to present some amazing news this month, from collaborators all over the world. And, to share the accomplishments of the readers of the site. In particular, with Patricia Gaffney-Ansel on her recent meeting with American President George W. Bush.

Also, I am please to hear report of how people using the website have linked up - in both the USA and in Pacific countries for mutual research and collaborative projects, with amazing results that include seeking out veterans to return dog tags, reuniting veterans, and much much more. I am continually amazed at the growth of the virtual community via the website on the topic of Pacific history.

In future months, I hope to profile some of these meetings in more detail so that everyone can share in their achievements and gain inspiration for their own projects. If I have not replied to your individual email, I apologize but will reply.

- Justin


2. Patricia Gaffney-Ansel - Meeting President Bush


Patricia Gaffney-Ansel met President George W. Bush at the White House on Memorial Day 2001. She attended a breakfast and witnessed the signing of the bill to ensure the construction of the WWII Memorial. Standing in the background are Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense and Anthony Princippi, Director of Veteran Affairs. Following the President's Memorial Day speech in the amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery, she and Ann Bennett Mix, founder of the American WWII Orphans Network, laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in memory of all fathers who were lost in the war. Gaffney-Ansel serves as Vice President of the AWON Board of Directors.

For more information on Patricia Gaffney, see the following links:


3. Harry Nelson - 22nd BG & 1991 Return to Timor


Mr. Nelson recalls his wartime service, and one mission in particular to Timor, and his journey in 1991 to revisit their target: a hospital with a large red cross painted on the roof which the Australian troops still on the island had informed headquarters in Australia was actually an ammunition dump. Learn about his journey back.


4. Chip Lambert - Discovery of the USS Mississinewa


Interview with Chip Lambert about the discovery of the fleet oiler USS Mississinewa. It was sunk on November 20, 1944 in the Ulithi Anchorage by a Japanese Kaiten suicide torpedo. The ship was the only US Navy ship sunk by a Kaiten attack alone, and is the grave site of over fifty Americans. After searching from March 27 to April 7 2001, the ship was located - 57 years after its sinking.



5. Travel - Rabaul 60th Anniversary Remembrance


Ever consider traveling to Rabaul? This might be a perfect opportunity. There will be 60th Anniversary remembrances at Rabaul, including a series of talks on Tuesday 22nd Jan. 2002, with speakers and historians also Papuan to speak about the Tolai's experience and feelings of the war. Also, for those interested, an opportunity to take a four day trek along the Australian escape trails out of Rabaul to commemorate one of the most significant moments in Australian military history.


6. Snapshot In History - G3M Nell Ditched Off Munda

This is a new, monthly section is written by Aerothentic President Michael John Claringbould of Aerothentic Publications. Current photographs by Luke Spreadborough, 1993. This month, learn the truth about the wreck of a rare G3M Nell lost off Munda after a night time raid against USN ships off Guadalcanal on January 29, 1943 - the last attack made by 701st Kokutai Nells.


7. Photo of the Month - 312th BG A-20G Over Ramu Valley

This is a new, monthly section featuring spectacular photographs. A Douglas A-20G of the 312th Bombardment Group heads across the Ramu Valley on its way to bomb Wewak, shortly after having taken off from Gusap. The date is May 1944 and the photo was taken through the bottom gunner's hatch of another 312th BG A-20G in formation. A-20Gs were used mainly as strafers in the SWPA and were deployed by three Bombardment Groups there - the 3rd, the 312th and the 417th.


8. Michael Moscow - A Face Without A Name

As visitors to this web site know, an enormous number of photographs were taken throughout the Second World War, many of which have since become more than just photos; rather, they're now instantly recognizable symbols of that era. Yet, perhaps the majority of images taken between 1933 and 1945 likely still reside in private collections, or the historical archives of nations throughout the world. Such long-forgotten photographs are continuously coming to light, reminding us of aspects of history that have garnered relatively little attention. The accompanying photo is one such example - Does anyone "out there" have any more information about this haunting shot of a captured American?


9. John Douglas - Papuan Wreck Diary

Another great update from John Douglas. His June travels took him to Gusap and Popondetta for more photos of Gusap airbase, relics in Popondetta and a P-39 wreck near Port Moresby.


10. Stan Gajda - Wreck of Dornier Do 24 X-36


See extensive photographs of Do 24 X-36 which landed at night in the aftermath of the devastating Broome raid by the Japanese. The crew burnt the plane, thinking the Japanese were right behind them. Stan located this wreck in 1982 after hearing many rumors about it. See photographs, and read an eyewitness account of the crash.

11. Jean-Claude Tranape - Vanuatu Airfields, Wrecks and Dog Tags


Jean-Claude has just returned from Vanuatu, and returns with my interesting photographs and stories. Including, two US Dog Tags - see the pages for more details. Do you know anything about KESTING HAROLD .F 234 65 55 0 - T9 41 USN or EDVIN ARTHUR LACY 26.18.13 B O 2/48


12. Steve Saunders - Rabaul Hydrovanes


More photos from the discovery of some strange artifacts in a Rabaul tunnel. Additional research, and the help of Ray from the Beaufort Restoration Project points that these objects were not torpedoes, but rather hydrovanes used for mine clearing and towed behind ships.


13. Peter Ording - Heian Maru & Aircraft Wrecks


Peter has added photos from additional Truk locations. This month, the Heian Maru and Aircraft wrecks in the lagoon.




HARS P-47 Restoration Update

New photos of the progress of the restoration of the P-47D-23-RA Serial Number 42-27608 recovered from Popondetta in 1999. Thanks to Robert Greinert for these photographs


15. Reviews - Roaring Glory & Lagoon of Lost Ships

Two videos are profiled this month.

P-40 Warhawk - Roaring Glory Series

Another great Roaring Glory Warbird release full of aerial he Warhawk was wonderfully terrifying - skiddish, immediate to the place, rewarding, intolerant to errors. Vivid fleeting era that left the bi plane to fight a world war. For those lucky enough to fly one, its an exhilarating experience today as it was in WWII.

Jaques Cousteau's "Lagoon of Lost Ships"

Jaques Cousteau made his contribution to Pacific wrecks with his 1969 documentary titled "lagoon of lost ships". When it was first released, this documentary reveled new discoveries and to this day still inspires awe. Many contemporary Truk divers cite this film as one of the reasons they became interested in Truk, or even wreck diving.


16.  Links of the Month
Great links for your pleasure and bookmark list

B-17 on Mt. Obree by Bruce Hoy
Thanks to Phil Bradley for this link

Papuan prespective of the fighting at Cape Gloucester
Thanks to Phil Bradley for this link

Hong Kong War Diary

Ships Index
This is an amazing website

Amelia Earhert News Links
Thanks to Steve Strange for these link

USS Mississinewa AO-59

Zero-Sen Preserved Zeros

The Search For Amelia Earhart
Thanks to Chris James for this link.


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