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  Wreck News & Information - July 11, 2002

Meet In Maryland - Airshow Event
WWII Airfields - J-Aircraft's New Database

Robert Bowen Ault - Battle of Coral Sea

Eric Mailander - Peleliu Explorations

Fenton Airfield
- Nicholas Bracken

Aerothentic - 5th Air Force MIA Section

Crash of B-25D - Photo Series & History

Gene Salecker - Author "Fortress Against the Sun"

Reviews - Fortress Against the Sun, Pacific P-47 & P-51 Aces
Links - WWII Pacific Websites to visit


- Meet In Maryland - Airshow Event

I would like to personally invite you to.... A special event this August 17-18 in Frederick, Maryland. Justin Taylan, creator of PWD website, and all the way from Australia, Michael Claringbould, author, historian and president of Aerothentic Publications will be speakers at the CAF's "Wings of Freedom" Airshow in Frederick, Maryland. For details, and directions see: http://www.wingsoffreedomairshow.org

We will be doing presentations about WWII aircraft wrecks and the history of the Pacific war, detailed in the Pacific Ghosts CD-ROM http://www.pacificghosts.com We have many special surprises planned, and new wrecks and revelations that will turn the heads of even "European" theater aficionados.

Look forward to seeing you there, and especially meeting you WWII Pacific veterans. The event will be an amazing airshow and event. As always, thank you to all the collaborators worldwide that contribute to the site - exchanging information and news on the topic related to WWII Pacific.


- Justin Taylan


2. J-Aircraft's WWII Airfield Project


I would like to draw your attention to an amazing effort to document WWII Pacific airfields on the internet, and ask the PWD community of veterans, researchers and travelers to get involved with this impressive project. Visit the airfield project page, and try searching for a "famous" location, like - Jacksons, Kahili, or Buri. Then, get involved as a contributor to this important documentation and research project!

The project is a programming masterpiece, by Dave Pluth, webmaster of the excellent website, www.j-aircraft.com and himself the son of a 5th AF veteran. His airfield project database is a comprehensive search engine, and research tool for anyone interested in these locations. What is exciting about the project is a username & password system allows users to input their own information or recollections to the database, and have it credited to the contributor.


3. 60th REMEMBRANCES - Battle of Coral Sea


Robert Bowen Ault contributes photos and description of the 60th Anniversary Remembrances of the Battle of the Coral Sea in Brisbane, Townsville and Cardwell this past May. See photos, read about the service and the visit by surviving US veterans of the USS Lexington, and their relatives. Robert represented his father, Commander William Ault, lost in his SBD Dauntless during the battle, and he attended representing him.


4. INTERVIEW - Eric Mailander - Peleliu Explorations


Eric Mailander has a passion for WWII Pacific history, and especially the island of Pelieu. Read an interview about his background and travels to Peleliu Island. Also, about some of his impressive discoveries and surveys on the island. His main goal exploring Peleliu was to conduct extensive battle survey of wartime sites, to document and photograph them, and his work includes travel with Marines veterans, and even meeting the Japanese holdout and survivor, Lt. Ei Yamaguchi who returned to the island in 1994 for the 50th Anniversary remembrances.


5. VISITS - Fenton Airfield & US Dog Tag -
Nicholas Bracken

Fenton was an RAAF and USAAF bomber base during WWII located in Australia's Northern Territory. Nicholas Bracken contributes photos and history from his recent visits to the airfield. On one of his visits, he found an American Dog Tag on the ground, and is looking for the owner, or next of kin.

US Dog Tag Discovery - Do you know Harold C. Johnson of Chicago?
Hopefully, with a little luck and the power of the internet PWD will be able to assist in returning this small relic to its rightful owner, or learning more about its form owner's wartime service and legacy.



6. 5th Air Force MIA's

New updates to this section of the Aerothentic Website, that deals with 5th AF MIA cases - both resolved, unresolved and new discoveries. Included is an update on the recent discovery of a fascinating P-39 wreck near Port Moresby, that crashed after colliding with an attacking Japanese bomber.

Discovered by long time contributor, John Douglas

John Douglas' account of visiting the P-39 wrecksite, [ From October 2001].


7.  Photo of the Month - Crash of B-25D 41-30345
Dramatic three picture series, Daniel Leahy discovered of a B-25 crash from WWII. Eagar to learn the truth about this haunting photographic series, PWD consulted with several historians for the history of this tragic series of photographs.


8. AUTHOR - Gene Salecker, Pacific B-17 Author

Gene Salecker has always been fascinated with the B-17 "Flying Fortress", and has just published a book on Pacific B-17's, title "Fortress Against the Sun". Also, you might have seen his article in WWII Magazine on the B-17's role in the battle of Midway. Learn about his background, research process and what fascinates him about this famous bomber, how until now the story of its important role in the Pacific has been largely overlooked by history in favor of the more numerous B-17's that operated in the European theater. Also, learn about his forthcoming work on Pacific Theater tank crew and other writing endeavors.


9.  Review - Fortress Against The Sun

Fortress Against The Sun
by Gene Eric Salecker  The story of the famous Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" began in the Pacific - where it flew for the first years of the war, before being phased out by the longer range and bomb load of the B-24 "Liberator". Author Gene Salecker tells the story of Pacific Flying Fortresses in combat in his new book "Fortress Against the Sun"


10.  Links of the Month
Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site

Popondetta & Rabaul WWII Photo Galleries 1985
Photos by Miles Herbert

Colin Dockey's Trip to Watom & Rabaul

330th BG Website
son of a veteran excellent website

Fighting Squadrons of the USMC in WWII

B-29 "Colleen" Namesake of crashed bomber visits Guam, treks to site
Thanks to son of a veteran for this link

P-61 bags a Superfort
Thanks to son of a veteran for this link

The Battle of the Coral Sea
Thanks to Robert Ault for this link

20th Combat Mapping Squadron Photo Galleries
Thanks to Lt.Col. David W. Ecoff, Sr for this link

USAF Museum's WWII Combat in the Pacific Links http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/history/wwii/combatp.htm
Thanks to John Happy for this link

A-20H Restoration in Bever Falls, PA
Thanks to Rick Young for this link

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