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  Wreck News & Information - October 12, 2002


Bataan-Corregidor Memorial

Robert Glen Bryant - 169th Inf., 43rd Div.

CILHI - C-46 Wreck Discovery

Don Fetterly - The Saga of the SS Masaya
John Douglas - Papuan Wreck Diary
Daniel Leahey - RAAF MIA Wirraway, Mildura
Noumea WWII Sites - Jean Claude Tranape & Christope Thomas

Reviews - P-39 Units, Combat Fight Simulators, Sunken Secrets
Links - WWII Pacific websites


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Welcome to a new Pacific Wrecks email update. This is an exciting update. Included are reports on wreck sites and new research from around the world that I am sure you will enjoy reading. As always, thanks to all those collaborators worldwide for their emails, photos and interest in this topic.

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2. REMEMBRANCES - Bataan-Corregidor Memorial

The Filipino community of Florida has been working since 1981 to raise funds for an impressive memorial in Florida that honors the American and Filipino soldiers and civilians of WWII. The beautiful statue by Sandra Storm depicts An American and Filipino soldier on the Bataan Death March, supporting each other. A Filipino women offers them a cup of water as they pass. On September 28th, it was officially unveiled to the community and to veterans of WWII, including men of the American Defenders of Bataan - Corregidor (Florida Chapter) and Mr. Ponciano Olayta, a Philippine Army Bataan Death March Survivor, who today lives in Florida. Thanks to Richard Taylan for the event photos and report.


3. VETERANS - Robert Glen Bryant - Russell & Rendova

The PWD website is committed to interviewing & presenting as many stories about WWII Pacific veterans as possible. If you are interested in being interviewed, please get in touch. All branches of service and stories are important to share for us future generations to learn from.

Robert Glen Bryant 169th Infantry, 43rd Division

Bryant was a Private First Class with the 169th Infantry of the 43rd Division. He shares his recollections about his time overseas, and the fierce fighting for the Russell Island, including the Attack on Bibolo Hill where he was wounded.
Written by Robert Glen Bryant, sent via David G. Bryant


4. NEWS - CILHI C-46 Wreck Discovered


CILHI Press Release - Team Returns from Tibet with US Remains
HICKAM AFB, Hawaii - The 14-man search and recovery team out of the U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory (CILHI) returned to Hawaii late last week with what is believed to be the remains of four American service members whose C-46 transport plane crashed in the Tibetan Himalayas of China in March 1944. The aircraft was based at Sookerating, India, and was reported missing in flight enroute from Kunming, China to its home base during World War II. It is believed the aircraft became lost, ran out of gas and crashed. The aircraft wreckage was located in a cliff face above a ravine.


Don Fetterly - The Saga of the S.S. Masaya

Excellent research peice about the history, characteristics and wartime history of the S.S. Masaya sunk outside Oro Bay. Learn about the ships complete history, and service prior to WWII. Also, its service in New Guinea and the events leading up to its sinking by Japanese Val Dive Bombers. Fetterly has written a definitive piece on this wreck, and also was responsible for locating the sunken ship. Congratulations to him on this fine work.


6. John Douglas - Papuan Wreck Dairy

Long time collaborator John Douglas' monthly wreck report from PNG

Gusap & Japanese Wrecks Near Port Moresby
Learn about.John Douglas' investigations to Gusap dump area, with Mike Collins and visits to rare Japanese wreck sites in the Port Moresby area. Although there were over 150 Japanese raids on Port Moresby, few Japanese wrecks exists in the area to this day.

For more on Gusap, visit Douglas' "Gusap 2001 Retrospective" from last year


Daniel Leahey - RAAF MIA Wirraway, Mildura

Thanks to Daniel Leahey of RAAF Database for contributing this information and following the happenings at Mildura. Like other locations, Mildura had its share of air crashes and accidents. What is interesting is the discovery of an Australian Wirraway site in Lake Victoria, potentially with the remains of two Australian MIAs. Aboriginal land owners have denied rights to search for this aircraft, that rests on their lands. We will be following this story, and hope that a compromise will be reached allowing investigations of this site, and if possible bringing these Australian MIAs to closure.



Nouméa WWII Sites

Thank to Jean-Clause Tranape and Christope Thomas for these photos from Noumea, New Caledonia. See the The Guns of the Ouen Toro and a 1941 Ford Truck - still in use since WWII! A new definition of the phrase "built ford tough"


9.  Reviews - Of WWII Pacific Related Materials

P-39 Airacobra Units of WWII (Book)
by John Stanaway Loved by some, hated by others, the Bell P-39 Airacobra is a fascinating, but largely forgotten aircraft of WWII history that played a significant role in the early air combat in the Pacific. This book is another excellent work of research by author John Stanaway and full of interesting history, photographs and appendixes of pilots who scored kills in the Airacobra.

Combat Flight Simulator - WWII Pacific Theater (Computer Game Game)
Review by Daniel Leahy  This computer game has distinguished itself with its historical accuracy and game play, making it something of interest to those interested in WWII Pacific aviation. The review also includes are links to great websites for free patches, add-ons and aircraft to enhance the basic game.

Sunken Secrets of World War II (Video)
Truk Lagoon is one of the most fascinating locations in the Pacific. This video covers the WWII history that scattered war wrecks over the islands and sunken in the Lagoon when at dawn of February 17, 1944 US carrier aircraft attacked. This video includes interviews, dive footage and history of Truk Lagoon.


10.  Links of the Month
Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site

The Netherlands East Indies 1941 - 1942
Excellent website with history & information

Air Enthusiast Issue 101
Part II of "Brothers In Arms" Article by Janice Olsen and Robert Stitt

Thanks to Mike Mair for this link

Jean Valjean Vandruff: B-24 Air Battle, Bail Out, and Rescue by USS Cobia
Thanks to son Dean VanDruff for this link

14th AF 308th Bombardment Group (H)
Flew B-24's in CBI

Japanese Submarine Attack on Curry County, Oregon in WWII
Excellent website on the attacks by I-25, and its seaplane Glen on Oregon coast in September - October 1942.

B-29 "DOC" Restoration

B-29 Bomber discovered in Lake Mead

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