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Wreck News & Information - December 28, 2002

A NEW PWD Discussion Forum

MIA General Kenneth Walker
Guadalcanal Remembrances

Jack Wong Sue - "Z" Force AKA 13

Pat Scannon - Palau &

Two Dutch Cruisers Lost in Java Sea

Nicholas Duprey - New Caledonia Travels

Reviews - Tales By Japanese Soldiers, Blood On Borneo
Links - WWII Pacific websites




Happy holidays and New Year!

A NEW PWD FORUM! A cutting edge forum has been added to Pacific Wreck Database!
Visit it at:

Thanks to Daniel Leahy for technical assistance setting up this new, advanced forum with many great features. Also, for taking on the responsibility of primary moderator.

This forum will continue and expand the "old" bulletin board that since 1999 helped to answer thousands of questions, and connect all of us who share a passion for the history of the Pacific war. Currently, there are many discussions going on, including ones on "Wreck vs. Recovery" and the release of the Hollywood movie "Windtalkers". Plus, dedicated forums for MIAs, Veterans, a trading post, history discussions and more.

Visit the new forum, and register (free) to post. Anyone can browse it. Especially, veterans continue to share your important recollections and feedback! Don't forget to list your former unit, or interest in your profile.

Finally, for information on the 2003 "Nose Art" Calendar, with proceeds helping to support PWD.

This is the final update for 2002 - see everyone in 2003!

- Justin Taylan
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2. MIA General Kenneth Walker - 60th Anniversary

Sixty years ago, on January 5, 1943 two B-17's were lost on a daylight bombing mission to Rabaul. One, carried several observers, including Brigadier General Kenneth N. Walker, the commander of the 5th AF's Bomber Command, personally observing the mission. Walker flew on many missions with the crews he commanded, although being discouraged by his superiors, Kenney and MacArthur.

On January 5, 1943 the plane he was flying in B-17F "San Antonio Rose" was last seen with an engine smoking, and being presumed by four or five Japanese fighters. It was never seen again, nor has it been found to this day. General Walker's is the highest ranking MIA in combat, and the story of his last mission and wartime career are the focus of this special section in honor of the 60th anniversary of his loss over Rabaul.

General Walker Video

December 2001, there was a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery that I had the honor of attending, as did several other personalities in the field of WWII research, including Bill Bartsch, Janice Olson, Patricia Gaffeny and others. I am proud to announce a video, that covers that memorial service, and interviews with WWII veterans of 5th Bomber Command and researchers, about one of the ultimate mysteries of WWII Pacific. Perhaps one day, the wreckage of his missing B-17 will be discovered on New Britain.


3. Guadalcanal 60th Anniversary Remembrances

60th Anniversary Remembrances
John Innes contributes photos and information on the 60th Anniversary remembrances this past August, with photos and information on his website. Read recollections at: and photos at:

Veteran Harold Holden's Dogtag Found
Also, Innes brings the story of the discovery of a USMC dogtag on Guadalcanal, with the name "Harold Holden" on it, and the story of its history sixty years ago, and locating its former owner, alive and well in the United States today.


4. Veteran - Jack Wong Sue - "Z" Force, Borneo

Mr. Sue was part of the 'top secret' Australian "Z" Force, that operated deep behind Japanese lines during WWII. Inserted by submarine and air drop by RAAF "Flight 200" modified B-24's, the "Z" forces conducted guerillas warfare and radioed intelligence information. Won and the other members of his team witness the horrors of the Sandakan POW Camp, and "Borneo Death Marches". He has also traveled back to the places he served in Borneo many times after the war, and shares his recollections of wartime service, travel and the importance of remembering the horrors he observed. Also, read a review of his book "Blood On Borneo" in the reviews section. Thanks to son Barry Sue for his assistance with the interview.

Pat Scannon - Palau &

Pat Scannon has been involved with WWII history, wrecks, exploration on the islands of Palau. He is also the creator of the website, and four self funded "PMAN" (Palau-Marines+Army Air Force+Navy) expeditions to the Palau area in search of history.

He joins Pacific Wrecks for an interview about his work and discoveries since 1993, including locating the sunken Japanese ship that was sunk by George H. W. Bush prior to ditching. And, many other significant ship and aircraft wrecks and MIA cases in the Palau area, including F4U, TBM, B-24. His work has assisted US Army CILHI recover American remains and revealed the rich history and tragic histories of lost aircraft of the Palau campaign.


6. Discoveries - Two Dutch Cruisers Lost in Java Sea

The wrecks of the Dutch WWII cruisers De Ruyter and Java have been discovered, dived and positively identified off Bawean Island in the Java Sea. Bother were sunk by Japanese cruisers Nachi and Haguro during the Battle of the Java Sea on the night of February 27/28, 1942

De Ruyter was the flagship of Admiral Karel Doorman and at the time the flagship of the multi-national 'Asiatic Fleet' or ABDAFLOAT. Admiral Doorman, along with 344 of his crew, went down with the ship. Expedition member Kevin Denlay reports that although the team's principal
objective was to locate HMS Exeter, sunk two days later, they were thrilled to find the two Dutch cruisers instead. The wrecks lay in 69m and 67m respectively, the Java on her starboard side and De Ruyter partially upright, although tilted well over to starboard. Thanks to Andrew Kats for this information.


7. Visits - Nicholas Duprey's New Caledonia Travels

Nicholas Duprey and his friend Flo have traveled to a few new WWII related sites on New Caledonia, and share their explorations with us.

Former Charles De Gaulle C-54 Skymaster

Ouen Toro Costal Guns Bunkers

SBD Dauntless "Graveyard"





Tales By Japanese Soldiers
Review by Phil Bradley. For the military historian the book is a major reference on the Burma war with all the recollections clearly documented as to the unit involved, the dates and the locations. So many historians fail on such details, details that are vital to those trying to later put things into a proper context.

Blood On Borneo
Little has been published on the operations of Australian special forces "Z" Units in the Pacific during WWII. These commandos and operatives were inserted deep within enemy territory. Blood On Borneo is the personal memoir of Jack Wong Sue, of AKR 13 "Z" Forces.



10.  Links of the Month
Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site

20th AF 330th BG aircrew photos & identities
by Smisek

Richard I. Bong Heritage Center
thanks to Walter Markey for this link
Pat Scannon's website about Palau

Drop Zone - Noemfoor Island
By Charles Rambo

Underwater Wreck Photo Contest
Submit your digital photos of underwater wrecks

Deliverance It has Come; WWII POW Diary 1942-1945
Sent via John S. Beaber

Undisclosed Truth of Biak

11th BG Nose Art, Tail Markings & Campaigns

PT Boat Operations in the Pacific

11th AF World War II History

P-40's in RAAF Service 1941-45

Written in secret, now an open book

VH CIZ missing 19-12-1945
Australian MIAs thanks to Daniel Leahy

Ventura Publications


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