'Domain Spoofing' ALERT

Warning About 'Domain Spoofing'


Apologies for this non-WWII Pacific related email. This message deals with SPAM, not the food that the US military invented, but the term for unsolicted email.

I have become aware that the address "" has been compromised, the victim of "Domain spoofing" by someone sending SPAM has decided to use another domain name as the reply-to address, to send out their own SPAM messages, and make it appear that it is coming from the domain name.

Unfortunately, this is unpreventable, much like someone sending traditional 'snail' mail to your house using someone else's name. Legitimate newsletters are the thing that suffer from this abuse, and even the largest companies, like AOL (America Online) are fighting domain spoofing, but are not successful in preventing their domain from being 'spoffed'.

I just wanted to send out a special email to address this important issue, and assure the users of this list that your email address have not been compromised, sold or otherwise made available.

If you ever get an email from the domain, it will adhere to the formatting of this message, and only be related to WWII Pacific.

Any other advertisement or attachments set should be regarded as 'fakes'. Finally, if anyone chooses to unsubscribe from this newsletter due to this, I offer my apologies, and urge you to visit periodically to access the latest newsletters on the internet.

Since uses an email newsletter as its primary way of communicating with its audience, I and the Internet Service Provider, (ISP) that hosts the site are doing everything in our power to make sure that any SPAM or abuse is reported and dealt wth.

The world of computers and the internet, sadly, is not the same friendly, non-commercial space it was a few years ago. This does not mean it should be abandoned, but rather we must be aware of these problems.

Thank you, and look for a new, WWII Pacific update in March

- Justin


If you do recieve a suspect message from an
You should not reply to the spammer.  He(she) may just be "phishing" for addresses and not actually know who the recipients of the emails are.  By replying to the email or clicking on any links (if the spammer gets around to putting links in the emails) the recipient may be providing the spammer their email address.

Here are some relevant web sites that go into phishing and what to do about it (at least for the receiver of the emails).  I'm not sure where resources are to help prevent it happening from the servers' or legitimate emailer's end.  Also there is for general security info.

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