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Flight Journal Cover Story
Swamp Ghost Tourism

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Midway B-26 flys over the deck of the Akagi

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Join us on a tour to visit the swamp ghost in 2006

1. EDITORIAL - In Memory

This update focus on several recent happenings. Also, special offers for the holidays.

This past September a group of tourists, including myself walked to the famous B-17 "Swamp Ghost". We recieved a traditional welcome, and made a 1.78km trek, retracing the path of the crew on a pre-cut trail. All proceeds went to the benifit of the local people. The group of tourists ranged in age from 27 (me) to 63 years of age. I invite anyone interested in the adventure of a lifetime to sign up for more details about 2006 visits.

Currently on US news stands, the cover story of Flight Journal Magazine February 2006 issue is an article I wrote "Zero in the Jungle" about an A6M2 Zero I discovered in New Guinea. It is an amazing and true story about the discovery, recovery of the remains of its MIA pilot and connections with former Zero pilots. I never dreamed I would be involved with such a discovery myself. For the past three summers, I have traveled to the Pacific to visit battlefields, wreckage and meet people involved with World War II Pacific history.

Yours in history,

Justin Taylan ( |




A Shot Across the Bow
A new painting by Roy Grinnell- Moments after releasing a torpedo at the Japanese carrier Akagi, the B-26 Marauder “Suzy-Q” thunders down the carrier’s flight deck, nearly grazing the bridge. Lt. James P. Muri, of the Army Air Force’s 22nd Bomb Group, pilots his craft across the ship in an attempt to escape the gantlet of fire unleashed by the enemy surface fleet and swarming Zero fighters. The dramatic torpedo attack by Army B-26 of the 22nd and 38th Bomb Group. The prints can be shipped in time for Christmas.
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Canvas Giclee (signed by artist)
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Click For DetailsThe Swamp Ghost DVD
The complete history of B-17E Flying Fortress 41-2446

Review by FlyPast Magazine
"Produced by Justin Taylan and over a year in the making, this DVD is a fascinating blend of the aircraft's history, interviews with surviving crew members, the story of the journey to find the B-17 and a look around the inside and outside of the wreck, as it is today." [ Read complete Review ]

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Swamp DVD Special Offer

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Swamp Ghost Tours

Critics said it could never be done! Instead, tourists inaugurated the opening of tourism to the B-17 'Swamp Ghost'. The trek began with a huge traditional welcoming in local village (whose people helped the B-17's crew to safety in 1942). Then, a walk to the wreck (along a cleared path) to commemorate the struggles of the crew! All proceeds go to the local people.
Signup for more info & to join the adventure in 2006

Swamp Ghost DVD
$22.00 + Free Shipping
Swamp Ghost & Pacific Ghosts
$40.00 + Free Shipping (save $20!)


4.  Pacific WWII - Links of the Month

Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site. Do you know of a good Pacific related website? Email the URL for inclusion in our comprehensive list of links!

Mojave B-24D
Thanks to Don Jordan for this link
BentProp's March 2005 Pala Trip
Thanks to Pat Scannon for this link
MACR's Yap Island Search October 2005
Thanks to Pat Ranfranz for this link
Ross River Fortifications, QLD Australia
Thanks to Peter Dunn for this link
Brisbane RAAF Engine Overhaul Area
Thanks to Peter Dunn for this link
WRG Warbird Walkaround Demo
Thanks to Scott Rose for this link
Lake Michigan Warbird Salvage
Thanks to Dub Allan for this link
Sydney Mini Sub Mystery Solved?
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link
Photos of damage from USS Mount Hood explosion
Thanks to Paul Hackett for this link
Liberty Ships Park, Portland, Oregon
Thanks to George Walden for this link
Indiana Soldiers & Sailors in Manila Cemetery
Thanks to David L. Dwiggins for this link
Tag from VP-101 Squadron
Via Mary Jennings
Hawaii Aviation Preservation Society
Thanks to Colin Perry for this link
Chick Parsons Guerrilla Resistance Leader Video
Thanks to Peter Parsons and Lucky Guillermo

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