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In Memory: Robert Galer, Ed Hambleton, Euguene Salternik
Douglas visits Schwimmer (14 Mile), Dog Tags & Jackson's P-40
JPAC Recoveries in Washington State, USA
Discovery of WWII Aviator on Mount Mound
In Memory
Don Fetterly: Diver, Explorer, Historian & Friend
Aerothentic's new 5th Air Force in Color & Newsreels DVDs
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An important explorer, researcher and historian, Don Fetterly passed away unexpectedly, doing what he loved: searching for WWII aircraft wrecks in New Guinea. Aside from all of his important discovereis, he was always willing to share photos and information with PacificWrecks and the world. This update is dedicated to his memory and work. Also, the passing of several veteran friends.

Justin Taylan
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Don Fetterly
Diver, Explorer, Historian & Friend
Click For StoryDon Fetterly passed away October 20, 2005 after suffering a stroke in Papua New Guinea, while doing what he loved: diving and searching for WWII aircraft wrecks. Don's great passion was researching possible crash sites of WWII Allied aircraft in the SWPA that were in the sea and following up this research with an expedition that he would fund himself to locate the site.

Click For StoryHe had many success and effected closure for the families of a number of MIAs. He was the among the first divers to the SS Masaya, s'Jacob amd President Grant and aircraft B-24 "Crosair" 41-23752, Beaufighter A19-130 and an A6M5 Zero, among others. This year was to be no different. He had hired Rod Pearce for ten days and had brought in a German documentary film producer to search for a B-25. Don was well known throughout veteran associations and with the PT Boat association.

Several veteran friends passed away in the past months. This month's update also pays repsect to them.

Click For StoryEdgar Hambleton
A-20 Pilot from the 312th Bomb Group
A veteran of 68 low-level combat missions with the 'Roar'in 20s' 312th BG. His A-20 was named "Je Reviens" after a book he read on the long journey overseas. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2000, and kept in touch ever since. He passed away this summer.

Click For StoryEuguene Salternik
L-5 Pilot, 25th Liason Squadron
Rescued two P-40 pilots in New Guinea: American Nelson Flack and Australian Colin Harvey. He also flew in the Philippines. I first met him in 2004, after the discovery of his L-5 42-98066 by John Douglas in New Guinea.

Click For StoryRobert Galer
Earned the Medal of Honor for conspicuous heroism and courage above and beyond the call of duty as Leader of a Marine Fighting Squadron 224 in aerial combat with enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands Area, August-September, 1942. Galer passed away on June 27, 2005

4.  Papuan Wreck Diary

by John Douglas news updates from Papua New Guinea

Click For StoryOctober Wreck Update
Includes a visit to Schwimmer Drome (14 Mile), and the famous, but difficult to locate wreck of John Jackson, the RAAF pilot of P-40E A29-8 shot down, for whom Port Moresby's airport is named in honor, Jackson Airport (7-Mile). Also, the discovery of five US Army dog tags. Does anyone know these names to return them?

5.  Missing In Action News

The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command has a current news release:

JPAC Team Deploys to Washington State
One Recovery Team from the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command will deploy from Hawaii this week for approximately two months to conduct operations in Washington state in hopes of bringing home remains of Americans still missing from World War II. This is the first Joint Field Activity mission in the continental United States since 1996 for recovery at P-38E and SBD-5 crash sites.

Discovery of Wartime Aviator in Glacier
Discovered by hikers on Mount Mendel, CA. This glacier-entombed corpse is believed to be a World War II airman who likely died in a 1942 training flight, and was never located. Review news stories about this discovery and find. JPAC also was dispatched to this site.


6.  REVIEWS - Pacific WWII Related Books

View all WWII Pacific Book, Magazine and Video Reviews a comprehensive source for all the best Pacific related references and reading. Have a book related to WWII Pacific to recommend? Write a review and add it to the archive. This month's update focuses on new products from Aerothentic Publications:

Click For Story5th Air Force In Color
This DVD has a running time of one hour and two minutes, contains color movie and slides, and runs for 1:02 hours. In historical and cinegraphic terms, our view is that the contents of this DVD are both unique and rare.
Click For Story5th Air Force Newsreels
This DVD has a running time of one hour and two minutes, contains color movie and slides, and runs for 1:02 hours. In historical and cinegraphic terms, our view is that the contents of this DVD are both unique and rare.



7.  Pacific WWII - Links of the Month

Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site. Do you know of a good Pacific related website? Email the URL for inclusion in our comprehensive list of links!

Japanese Tank Battles on Luzon 1945
Excellent link dealing with Japanese side

PT 171 Website
Thanks to Michael Montana for this link
Dive Auqamarine Santo
Diving in Vanuatu
Green Island in WWII
Thanks to Douglas Walker for this linl
New Caledonia Victory in the Pacific 60th
Thanks to Richard Godin
Save North Airfield, Tinian Island
Thanks to Larry Brewster
Axis History Forum
Excellent history discussion board
Sierra Nevada Glacier Body Discovery
Thanks to Mario Novello for this link
Dave Fortin's Wreck Page
Exellent site about Kwajalien Wrecks
Kamikaze Images
Thanks to Ron Werneth for this link
US Navy WWII Communiques
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link

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