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History, Google Earth
Flags Of Our Fathers
Visitors to Iwo Jima from 1952 - 2005
Books About Iwo Jima & Marines


With the release of the Hollywood movie, Flags of Our Fathers, this month's update focuses on Iwo Jima. With emphasis on wrecks & relics on the island, also a Google Earth file to view Iwo's from satellite photography. For me, the most inspiring part about Flags Of Our Fathers is the truth behind event in history. Hopefully, this new movie will also create a renewed interest in World War II Pacific history!

Justin Taylan
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Information in Iwo Jima and accounts from visitors to the island.

Click For EnlargementIwo Jima
Iwo Jima means 'Sulphur Island' in Japanese. Part of the volcano island chain, Iwo Jima is just under five miles long and two and a half miles wide at its widest point and has been described by many as a 'pork chop' shape when viewed from the air. Located south and west of the midpoint between Tokyo and Saipan.

Click For DetailsIwo Jima, The First Flag Painting
New Painting - Free Shipping for PWD Readers
February 23, 1945 Marines of Easy Company, 28th Regiment, 5th Marine Division, hoist the first American flag over Iwo Jima. Later, this flag will be lowered and a replacement raised.

Click For DetailsIwo Jima On Google Earth
See Iwo Jima on Google Earth! Download the exclusive file and open it with Google Earth (free download). See Mount Suribachi, the invasion beaches, the airfields and other famous locations on the island.

Click For EnlargementFace of A Young Pilot Shot Down Over Iwo Jima
by Justin Taylan  This is the story of an American and a Japanese pilot who met in aerial combat. Their deadly aerial engagement began with a moment of humanity – the sight of young man’s face – during the battle over the tiny island of Iwo Jima. More than half-century later, this encounter results in a meeting between former enemies.

Click For DetailsReturning A Japanese Soldier's Wallet
A Marine veteran wishes to return the wallet of a Japanese soldier killed during the battle. This small leather wallet contains several good luck charms and his personal 'chop' (family name). Photographs of the wallet's contents are presented in hopes the family of this soldier can be located, and the wallet returned.

Click For DetailsB-29 "The Spearhead" 44-69975
A B-29 with nose art of the second flag raising. Named in appreciation of the Fifth Marine Division by the 21st Bomber Command. Learn the history of this Superfortress and its unique nose art.


IOff limits for all but one day a year, few are able to visit Iwo Jima.

Click For StoryIwo Jima 1952
Photographs by Don MacArthur "I was a platoon sergeant stationed in Tachikawa Japan in early part of the Korean War, and was sent to Iwo Jima for electronic work. I spent two weeks there with no duty, because our project was cancelled when we arrived. I spent many hours exploring the Island and it's caves and bunkers"


Click For StorySean Prizeman 1995
In 1995, I visited Iwo Jima with the 50th Anniversary remembrances. I've been interested in WWII since I was a boy. Growing up, I came in contact with several WWII Marine veterans, many of whom shared their experiences. As we approached the island, the plane banked allowing us to see the silent cone of Mt. Suribachi

Click For StoryHarlan Glenn 2005
Iwo Jima has to be the most significant and at the same time-the hardest to get to. While it holds the same type of meaning to Americans as Gettysburg, Iwo Jima is not a place that you can hop in the car and make a road trip to. Due to an agreement between the American and Japanese government, we and the Japanese can only return once a year.


View all WWII Pacific Book, Magazine and Video Reviews a comprehensive source for all the best Pacific related references and reading. Have a book related to WWII Pacific to recommend? Write a review and add it to the archive. This month's update focuses on new DVDs and multimedia releases.

Read ReviewFlags Of Our Fathers
By James Bradley & Ron Powers Flags Of Our Fathers book tells the stories of the six flag raisers who were immortalized by photographer Joseph Rosenthal's famous photograph. The true story of the men and events surrounding the famous photograph.

Read ReviewUSMC Uniforms, Insignia & Personal Items of WWII
BAR-none, this book is the definitive book on USMC gear. Harlan Glenn has spared no expense on documenting the nuances of the USMC uniforms, equipment and insignia of WWII. Lavishly illustrated with photos of actual equipment studio photos and wartime photos, this book is a work of art as much as it is a reference book.

Read ReviewStrike & Return: American Air Power and the fight for Iwo Jima
by Cory Graff  Prior to the Marine landing on Iwo Jima, a massive aerial assault against the island of Iwo Jima was undertaken by US Navy, and Army Air Force air power. Lavishly illustrated with three to four wartime photographs per page and many maps and wartime documents. Just as a photo book, this book is a worthy addition.

Read ReviewUSMC Pacific Theater Ops 1944-45
This book examines the continuing development of the Corps' organization, its training, tactics, weaponry, and command structure. It details the formation of the 5th and 6th Marine Divisions and the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, and examines the Corps' performance in the brutal battles on Guam, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, and its deployment as an occupation force.

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