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B-17E 41-2446
The Crew
Experience 'Swamp Ghost'
A Ghost No More... Swamp Ghost Salvaged
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1. A GHOST NO MORE... Swamp Ghost Salvaged

This update covers the Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress 41-2446 known as 'Swamp Ghost'. In May 2006, it was salvaged. Its recovery proved to be highly controversial, and resulted in the bomber being impounded and the subject of an ongoing government probe.

New Website:
This salvage marks a turing point: there is no longer a relic like 'Swamp Ghost' in situ, on land, with equal history or intact condition. To track this ongoing news story, I have created a new website: My goal is to see the truth about this bomber presented, and news made available.

Justin Taylan
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News coverage about this highly controversial salvage. The story is still unfolding, with an ongoing government probe underway examining the legality of the salvage, and the future of this relic. Add your views about this developing news story at the PacificWrecks Discussion Forum.


Click For EnlargementFlying over 2,200 miles unescorted, this bomber participated in America's first bombing mission in New Guinea. Over Rabaul, the crew elected to go around for second run after a malfunction. Intercepted by fighters, it force landed in a swamp in northern New Guinea. 'Swamp Ghost' is the nickname this bomber has come to be known around the world.

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Meet the crew that flew this B-17 on its only combat mission on February 23, 1942. All survived the mission and the war, and went on to live varied lives. These are their stories.

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Experience Swamp Ghost: Photos, video trailers and even see its (former) resting place on Google Earth. This section includes other features like audio podcasts and detail's on the bomber's machine guns and instruments.

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