Wreck News - February 2007
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Submarine Discoveries
Midget Sub - Discovered Sydney Harbor by Divers
USS Perch - Discovered off Surabaya
USS Wahoo - Discovered off Northern Japan
USS Grunion - Possible Sonar Contact
USS Lagarto - Discovered Gulf of Thailand
Midget Sub Discovery: No Frills Dive Team
Java Sea: MV Empress & Kevin Denlay
Project PRIAM: MIA Database
Sub Related Reading
Links To WWII Pacific internet websites


This update is devoted to submarine discoveries. Learn about the history of each of these submarines, see photos of their wrecks and meet some of the people involved with the discoveries. Three US Navy submarines have been found: Wahoo, Lagarto and Perch. Also, a possible sonar contact for Grunion. Finally, a group of divers discovered the third Japanese midget submarine lost during the attack on Sydney harbor.

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Midget Sub: Discovery off Sydney Harbor
Click For DetailsOn the night of May 31, 1942 three Japanese Type A Midget Submarines attacked Sydney Harbor in a daring attack. Two salvaged after being sunk: M22 and M27, and were used on War Bond drives and are displayed at the Australian War Memorial and RAN Heritage Centre. The third, M24 remained a mystery since the war, until its discovery on November 12, 2006. Learn about this mystery solving discovery from the dive team that made the discovery. This wreck is a war grave to her entire crew.
USS Perch: Discovery off Surabaya, Java
Click For DetailsForced to surface with battle damage, and scuttled by her crew the USS Perch was lost during the Battle of the Java Sea. Here entire crew was taken POW, and all but six survived the war. In November 2006, she was discovered off Surabaya, Java by divers from the MV Empress. See long time contributor Kevin Denlay underwater video stills of this early war submarine loss. This discovery adds to the list of Battle of the Java Sea wrecks discovered by the MV Empress and her divers.
Click For DetailsUSS Wahoo: Discovery off Japan
One of the most famous submarines in the US Navy, this sub was lost on her seventh war patrol. Discovered in July 2006 by Russian divers. The discovery has been confirmed by the US Navy and solves this 63 year mystery. This wreck is a war grave to her entire crew.
Click For DetailsUSS Grunion: Possible Sonar Target off Kiska
In August 2006, a search vessel recorded a sonar trace that could possibly be the USS Grunion, lost under unknown circumstances, likely from gunfire from the Kano Maru on July 31, 1942 off Kiska, Alaska. This wreck is a war grave to her entire crew.
Click For DetailsUSS Lagarto: Discovery Gulf off Malaysia
Sunk on May 4, 1945 with the loss of all crew, while attacking a convoy. Discovered by private deep-sea divers, led by Jamie MacLeod in May 2005, this wreck was confirmed by US Navy divers. This wreck is a war grave to her entire crew.


Click For DetailsMidget Sub Discovery: No Frills Dive Team
Interview with the dive team that discovered the Sydney Harbor Midget submarine.: Greg Kearns, Dave Arnold, Alan Simon, Paul Baggott, Ton Hay, Dave Muir and Phil Hendrie. Learn about the day they made the discovery, and more about their background.

Click For DetailsMV Empress Diver: Kevin Denlay
One of the divers aboard the MV Empress dive boat, Kevin has been involved with the discoveries of many historic shipwrecks from the Battle of the Java Sea, the Kuma and others. Learn more about this group's dives and discoveries.

4. Project PRIAM MIA Database
Click For DetailsA new database initiative begun by Daniel Leahy to document those still missing in the Pacific theatre of the WWII. Using information gathered from relatives, eye witnesses, official documents and other sources the members of Project PRIAM are putting together the pieces to hopefully one day help locate personnel still listed with "No Known Grave". The Project is constantly after additional information from the public regarding such cases. Feel free to search the initial PRIAM Database


View all WWII Pacific Book, Magazine and Video Reviews a comprehensive source for all the best Pacific related references and reading. This month's update focuses on submarine related books

Read ReviewWake of the Wahoo
Wake Of The Wahoo gives the perspective of the Enlisted Man's take on Submarine Warfare in WWII. USS Wahoo and her captain, Dudley W. "Mush" Morton, remain legendary among the annals of submarine history. Under his command she became, arguably, America's most famous WWII sub: first to successfully penetrate an enemy harbor and torpedo a ship therein; first to successfully execute the "down the throat" torpedo shot.
Read ReviewI-400 Japan's Secret Aircraft Carrying Strike Sub
by Henry Sakaida & Gary Nila. For anyone interested in the truth about the Second World War's largest submarine and one of the most daring attacks conceived, this I-400 book is a must for your library.

Read ReviewI-Boat Captain
Captain Orita was one of the most active Japanese submarine commanders to have survived WWII. He details his experiences in hunting U.S. and British ships throughout the Pacific Ocean. Excellent account of Japanese submarine operations during the war.

Read ReviewU-Boat Far From Home
The story of U-862 commanded by Heinrich Timm. This U-Boat, amongst others, created havoc around Australia and New Zealand, sinking both American ships Peter Silvester and Robert J Walker. Searches for U-862 tied up Allied raining, reconnaissance and bomber aircraft.

Read ReviewBattleground Atlantic
Story of Japanese submarine I-52, which American warplanes sank off the Cape Verde Islands in June 1944. The sub was reported to be transporting two tons of gold bullion to Germany as payment for Nazi weapons and 500 kilograms of uranium oxide.

6.  Links of the Month

Links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site. Do you know of a good Pacific related website? Email the URL for inclusion in our comprehensive list of links!

On Eternal Patrol
USS Bowfin Submarine Edu & Outreach
Legends of the Deep
WWII Subs by Paul Crozier
HMAS Sydney Remains Located
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link
USS Bowfin Submarine Museum
USS Bowfin Submarine
Veteran Bobby Gibbes Obituary
Farewell by Spitfire

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