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JPAC resolves several Pacific cases & new discoveries
National Museum of the Pacific: Pacific MIA Symposium & Mid-Atlantic Airshow
Cape York Aircraft Wreck Discovered, reported as B-17F "Pluto"
Shipwreck off Ranongga reported as PT Boat, proves to be Japanese barge
The Last Flight Home - DVD documents the work of Bent Prop
Guns of Muschu - Book Z Special Unit operation Copper
From Up Over To Down Under And Back - CD-ROM


There are several upcoming events of interest to readers in the USA. I will be attending both, as well as many other contributors to this webiste.

Pacific MIA Symposium
National Museum of the Pacific War (Nimitz Museum): Fredericksburg TX - May 28th @ 1:30pm - 6pm
Guests include: JPAC representatives: General Flowers, Mr. Webb and speakers including: Scannon, Hagen, Walker, McLeod, Petty, Breaux, Doyle and Taylan.

WWII Weekend Airshow
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum - Reading, PA - June1 - 3
PacificWrecks will have a booth. Look for us with Ghost Wings / Valor Studios in the hanger. Join us for Pacific WWII talk all weekend - rain or shine!

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The US Military, Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) has been involved with a series of new MIA (Missing In Action) searches and identifications over the past months in the Pacific.

Click For EnlargementB-24D Liberator 42-40972
This bomber wreck, discovered by locals near Lae in 2002 was the subject of a 2004 recovery operation by JPAC. In July 2006, the military announced that the crew of nine were all identified, and returned to their families for burial.

Click For EnlargementB-24D "Mr. Five By Five" 42-40505
Crash site excavated in 2003 by CILHI, the remains of the crew were identified and returned to the family members. Between 11 December 2005 to 25 March 2006, representatives from Army Casualty traveled to the homes of representatives of the nine families to present the final identification report.

Click For DetailsF6F Hellcat 41525 on Oahu
Crash site of Ensign Harry Warnke that crashed on a training flight. Spotted in the Ko'olau Range from the air in 1999, this crash site. A recovery of the remains of the pilot lost on a training flight are scheduled pending an environmental assessment.

Click For EnlargementB-25C "We Dood It" 41-30376
Lost on a mission to Rabaul. Remains recovered post war and a CILHI recovery in early 2001. In 2006, the remains of the entire crew were positively DNA identified and returned to families in October 2006.


American Remains on Ranonga
Historian John Innes reported the discovery of American remains on Ranonga Island. General Preston Douglas was a seaman on board the USS Helena which sunk off New Georgia Island in 1943.


Click For EnlargementCape York Wreck Discovery
Diver Ben Cropp discovered the wreckage of an aircraft off Cape York. Reported as B-17F "Pluto" that crashed with General Ramey as a passenger, this wreck appears to be a C-47 variant instead. Review the news, photos and video and decide for yourself.

Click For EnlargementRanonga Shipwreck Discovery
After the tragic earthquake / tsunami of April 2nd in the Solomons. An AP news story reported how the ship wreck of a "PT Boat" was uplifted to the surface. The wreck instead as proved to be a Japanese barge, and no PT boats are know to be lost of the island. Review the news, photos and decide for yourself.


View all WWII Pacific Book, Magazine and Video Reviews a comprehensive source for all the best Pacific related references and reading. Have a book related to WWII Pacific to recommend? Write a review and add it to the archive. This month's update focuses on new DVDs and multimedia releases.

Read ReviewThe Last Flight Home
Produced by Jennifer Powers and Dan O'Brien. This DVD covers the history of several MIA aircraft lost over Palau and the efforts of Pat Scannon and his organization,

Read ReviewThe Guns of Muschu
By Don Dennis. Based primarily around the diaries of Spr Edgar Thomas ‘Mick’ Dennis (NX73110) the book covers one Z Special Unit operation – Copper – to investigate the possibility of large calibre guns on the Japanese held Muschu Island. Review by Daniel Leahy

Order BookFrom Up Over To Down Under And Back
This is a CD-ROM contains 526 scanned photographs taken by S/Sgt Jack Heyn, a photographer with the 3rd Bomb Group, USAAF during WW2. Heyn's collection is a mix of formal and informal shots of people, places and things he experienced.

5.  Pacific WWII - Links of the Month

Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site. Do you know of a good Pacific related website? Email the URL for inclusion in our comprehensive list of links!

Heartland of America: Decembe 7, 1941
by Yvonne Leonhardt
Pat Scannon's Palau MIA project
Even The Dead Were Being Forced to Fight
Satoru Omagari interview in Japan Times
7th Fighter Command
Thanks to Jack Fellows for this link
Great in adversity - Indian POWs in New Guinea
Thanks to Edward Rogers for this link
Deana "Thumper" Huitt
41st Fighter Squadron Crew Chief
J7W1 Shinden Photos & video
Thanks to Bobby McElroy for this link
40th Fighter Squadron
Thanks to Edward Rogers for this link
P-61 Restoration Update
Thanks to MAAM for this link
Shoichi Yokoi memorial Museum
Former Japanese Holdout
Thanks to Yohji Sakaida for this link
The Marianas Project 1.0 2003
Thanks to Bruce Petty for this link
Anderson AFB Then & Now
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link
P-38 Pilot Frank Holmes Passing
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link
'American Invasion' of New Zealand
Thanks to John Wilson for this link
WWRM WWII Families For Return of Missing
Advocacy Group for WWII MIAs
Resonance: Odyssey of the Bells
Video by Paul Creager
HMAS Sydney Remains Located
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link
Legends of the Deep
WWII Subs by Paul Crozier
Lt. William Otto Carter Letters 1943-45
via William Otto Carter III
2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron
Excellent website by Jim Teegarden
Leslie Douglas Jackson Biography
Thanks to Edward Rogers for this link
Island Encounters
Text & Photos from the book
POW: Australians Under The Japanese
Thanks to Edward Rogers for this link
42nd BG B-25 "Powerhouse"
Thanks to Kevin Anderson for this link

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