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November 11, 1999 Wreck News & Information

   1. Message from the site's author - Veteran's Day 1999
   2. Wreck Correspondent: Josh McDade in Bougainville
   3. Book Reviews - Bloody Tarawa & Forty of the Fifth
   4. Link of the week - Australian War Memorial
   5. Pacific Tours - Visiting the Pacific
   6. Support of the wrecks site
   7. Wreck Updates

1.  Message from the site's author - Veteran's Day 1999


  Below are the latest updates, additions and new material on the website.

  Today is a very important day in the United States, Veteran's Day. Especially because it is the last veteran's day of this century.. a century that has brought us two world wars, and countless other official and unofficial wars. Please take a moment to chat with an veteran in your community, and a moment to think about those who never came home.

  I would like to share with you short piece written by a WWII veteran named Carl R. Thien, my grandfather. Please take a moment to read his words, simply titled, "Veterans Day" http://www.atlantic.net/~cthien/scribex/colums/vetsday.html

- Justin

2.  Wreck Correspondents: Josh McDade in Bougainville

   New updates about Buka, Kieta and Shortland Island from Josh Mcdade in Bougainville. He will be completing his service on the island on November 24th. Read about memorials, wrecks, rumors in detailed reports down to the inscriptions on plaques. We all thank Josh for his diligent reporting from one of the most remote and wild locations in the South Pacific. Take a moment to read about his explorations on an island where rebellion raged for years, and the remains of war are under the regrowth...

3. Book Reviews - Bloody Tarawa & Forty of the Fifth

Bloody Tarawa: A Narrative History with 250 Photographs
by Eric Hammel & John Lane

  Authors Hammel and Lane proved detailed history in 41 chapters of the entire operation, in coverage that feels like it is "real time", minute by minute. Their text is through and very well written. Maps, charts and excellent appendix complement their words. Of particular interest is a rooster of all American Marine and Navy personnel that participated in the invasion. Also, all of the medal of honor citations, including a photograph and description of the Marine's actions.

Forty of the Fifth: The Life, Times and Demise of Forty 5th Air Force Aircraft
by Michael Claringbould

  As the title implies, the book tells the story of forty different planes in the 5th AF's WWII history. Needless to say, this book is a must for any aviation enthusiast, military historians, veterans or anyone interested in tales of true adventure. Everything from strange collisions, inferior equipment and facilities, unique air combat, and MIA searches that have gone unsolved to this day are cover in the 133 jam packed pages. Never before published photographs, maps, diagrams, nose art and airplane sketches, and photos of some of the wrecks today accompany each story.

4.  Link of the week - 5th Air Force 43rd Bomb Group Ken's Men

5th Air Force 43rd Bomb Group Ken's Men

This is an incredible site dedicated to the men of the 43rd Bomb Group. It is full of historical information, and veteran bulletin boards where people can post messages seeking out the whereabouts of other squadron mates, or with information and facts. Ken's Men is truly a model for an interactive and dynamic website & online community. Support this excellent effort with a visit.

5.  Pacific Tours - Visiting the Pacific

LAST CHANCE! This is the final month of surveying for the trip.

Interested in visiting Pacific Wrecks on a sight seeing tour to various Pacific islands?   Visit wrecks on land and underwater.  Fill out the survey form at to assist in planing such a trip. Thank you to those of you that have responded, and look for more details soon...

6. Support - Make a donation, get a free book!

  Do you enjoy using the Pacific Wreck Database?  If you are interested in donating server space, or making a donation to the website?  Currently the site is independent and does not receive outside support. If you are interested in making a financial donation to the site it is greatly appreciated.

  As we near the 60th anniversary of WWII, it is extremely important that information about the past remains accessible. Email justin@wanpeal.com for more information.

     Offer Extended!
     Donate $25 and receive a free copy of the book "No Place For A Picnic" ($19.95 value!).
     Learn about the book at http://www.mhrcc.org/picinic

7. Wreck Updates

There are updates and additional information added throughout the site, including a re-design of all pages, especially airfield descriptions.  As always, the database is constantly being updated.  A few highlights are below...

SS Pruth Strafing Target Wreck
Learn about a derelict ship at Port Moresby that was used for strafing practice, and claimed five Allied planes in accidental collisions. Also, a Japanese G4M1 that accidentally tried to bomb it, mistaking it for a real ship.

B-17 at "Black Cat Pass"
Stephen Edmonds contributed a flypast article by Steve Birdsall describing this famous wreck, and the unique circumstances that brought it there. Also, why it has RAF markings... although no RAF planes ever flew in New Guinea!

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