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December 2, 1999 Wreck News & Information

   1. AN INVITATION: Join me virtually for the official Site Launch & Online Event
   2. Earl Hinz - Photographs and Commentary New Section
   3. Book Reviews - Munda Trail by Eric Hammell
   4. Link of the week - (from Elliot Smock) Fortress on Mount Obree
   5. Pacific Tours - December is last chance
   6. Support of the wrecks site

1.  AN INVITATION: Join me virtually for the official Site Launch & Online Event


  After a year of development, I am proud to announce the official "LAUNCH" of the website, with an exciting online event. Please visit the above link for complete information, and to download the required software (media player) to view the video stream.

  You are invited to join me, virtually for a unique online event that will include collaborators from around the world, and very special guest, Patrica Gaffney who will be speaking about her father's P-47 that was missing in New Guinea for 55 years. She will be telling her incredible story about her search for her father's plane in Papua New Guinea, and how the plane was discovered and her father's remains returned and buried this year. Check out the above link for complete information, about Patrica and her story.

  Via the Internet, you will be able to ask questions of the speaker and engage in a dialog about the topic of WWII wrecks in the Pacific, Missing Air Crews and share with veterans some of their stories and recollections.  My website is designed to be a collaborative space, so please utilize the email, 800 telephone number and other collaborative tools to interact with us in Troy, New York, USA. Patrica and I will be honored to hear your feedback and comments as the event unfolds before you, live.

  This event will hopefully be a model for future online events, and create the model for coverage of the future expedition we plan on taking back to New Guinea and other Pacific Battlefields in 2000 for the 60th anniversary of the war. If any veterans, wreck experts, or visitors are interested in getting involved in future events, please contact me.

- Justin


2.  Earl Hinz Photographs and Commentary New Section


  The author of the book Pacific Island Battlegrounds of World War II (see review on the site) brings us 13 new images from his travels in the Pacific. Each image is accompanied by an brief historical overview and an account from Mr. Hinz. Also, the offer has a special offer of $20 for an autographed copy of his book. Click the order link for more details. Also, send email to the author, or simply view the images in a side show.


3. Book Reviews - Munda Trail by Eric Hammel

The last update did not mention the correct books in the title,
be sure to check out the reviews for Michael Claringbould's Forty of the Fifth and Eric Hammel's Bloody Tarawa.

Munda Trail
by Eric Hammel

  Authors Hammel and Lane proved detailed history in 41 chapters of the entire operation, in coverage that feels like it is "real time", minute by minute. Their text is through and very well written. Maps, charts and excellent appendix complement their words. Of particular interest is a rooster of all American Marine and Navy personnel that participated in the invasion. Also, all of the medal of honor citations, including a photograph and description of the Marine's actions.


4.  Link of the week -The Fortress on Mount Obree

The Fortress on Mount Obree

  Elliot Smock borough this link to my attention again. Its a great series of pages written by Bruce Hoy, former curator of the Port Moresby Museum about the B-17 wreck on Mt. Obree. There are lot of photographs to accompany his text. Check it out.

5.  Pacific Tours - Visiting the Pacific

LAST CHANCE! December is the final month of surveying for the trip.

Interested in visiting Pacific Wrecks on a sight seeing tour to various Pacific islands?   Visit wrecks on land and underwater.  Fill out the survey form at to assist in planing such a trip. Thank you to those of you that have responded, and look for more details soon...

6. Support - Make a donation, get a free book!

  Do you enjoy using the Pacific Wreck Database?  If you are interested in donating server space, or making a donation to the website?  Currently the site is independent and does not receive outside support. If you are interested in making a financial donation to the site it is greatly appreciated.

  As we near the 60th anniversary of WWII, it is extremely important that information about the past remains accessible. Email justin@wanpeal.com for more information.

     Offer Extended!
     Donate $25 and receive a free copy of the book "No Place For A Picnic" ($19.95 value!).
     Learn about the book at http://www.mhrcc.org/picnic



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