Friends and colleagues:

    Thanks to everyone for their support this weekend at my capstone presentation.  It went better than I could have expected.  We broadcast two live streamed video events at the RSVP Distance Education and Continuing Education Classroom.  Extra special thanks to Arlen Johnson, and Mark Harper who produced and crewed this event, and gave up their Saturday afternoon to make this exciting project fly.  Also, technical support from Ryan Adler. 


    Of course, thanks to special guest, Ms. Patricia Gaffney-Ansel who traveled to the Capital District from Connecticut for this event, and all of you that joined us live online from around the country and world.  Thanks to the live audience that showed up for the event, including my professors Gordon, Miller and Steinhauer.

    Tune in to Channel 10 News at 11pm for television coverage of the event, or read the article in the Sunday Times Union newspaper.  Again, thanks to everyone involved who made this special event happen for audience here at Rensselear, and around the world.


Most Sincerely,

- Justin Taylan


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Viewing the Saved Version of the Event  


    If you are interested in viewing the 45 minute event in its entirety, a saved version of the stream will be available on Monday at the above URL.  Also, look for information on the segment about Ms. Gaffney airing on Lifetime Television in January, and her letter in Tom Brokaw's new book "The Greatest Generation Speaks".  But, point your web browser to the website to hear her speak in her own words, and tell her incredible story in its entirety.



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