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July 20, 1999 Wreck News & Information

1. Message from the author: One year, one million page views!
2. New Address: http://www.wanpela.com/wrecks
3. New Content: Bulletin Board & Discussion features
4. Special Digest #1: Japanese Airfield & Identification Topics
5. New Link: Japanese Holdouts
6. Sneak Peak: Coming Soon
7. Pacific Tours: Interested in visiting the Pacific?
8. Support
9. Wreck Information: new updates

1. Stats - One year, one million page views!

The Pacific Wrecks Database has now been "online" of a year. Over the past year, the site received over
ONE MILLION page views! Incredible, for a topic most would term obscure. See below if you are
interested in contributing to the site, or providing hosting or any other type of support.

Thank you to everyone who visited the site, send email feedback, or contributed information and photos. I
am sometimes slow replying to emails since the site is not my "day job", so thank you for your patience.

The Pacific Wrecks Site remains and independent and unsupported source for wreck information. If you
are interesting in submitting information or donating for the website, see below. It can only continue with
visitors contributions of photos, stories and information to keep the Pacific-wide database updated.

The goal of the site is to catalog and preserve the few remaining Pacific War Wrecks in their final resting
places. In addition, wreck related books, news and websites will be reviewed and included in the site. Like
endangered animal species, it is my hope that the information in this website is used with the utmost respect
for the history of these relics of WWII.

2. New Address

The website has a new, easy to remember URL, please update your bookmarks accordingly. (The old site
will remain in at its present location as a mirror for the time being.)

Pacific Wrecks Database ( New address )

Also, the webmaster has a new email address:

3. New Content, Bulletin Board & Discussion features

The website has been going through an re-design process. Look for better site wide navigation tools, and

By popular demand, a threaded discussion board has been added to the site. It is linked to at the bottom of
every page. Or, point your browser to http://www.mhv.net/~wanpela/wrecks/bboard/
The feature enhances the collaborative aspect of the site, and is another place for visitors to post messages,
internet links or photographs instantly.

Due to the high volume of email the site has been receiving, especially MIA messages, I would recommend
posting them to board for the large website audience to view, and reply to.

Also, new information has been added to several sections of the site, including comprehensive wreck
information for the Marshall Island's Kwajalien Atoll vicinity. A section for Midway Island, Alaska, and
Japan. See the news section's updates link for the latest internet links to new wreck content.

4. Special Topic Pages - Digest #1

Aside from updates to the database, digest style special topic subsections have been added. A prototype is
currently online. Future digests will include interviews, hard to find information and "then & now"

Digest #1 / Japanese Airfield & Identification Topics

Alexishafen: Abandoned Japanese Airfield - then & now photographs, timeline, map and units.
Japanese Airfields - wartime and current photos of jungle airfields.
Japanese Anti-Aircraft Weapons - descriptions of different AA weapons
Shell Casing Recognition - US and Japanese bullet identification techniques
Aircraft Serial Number Recognition - US and Japanese SN identification techniques

5. Sister Site: Japanese Holdouts

I have been working on this sister site that may be of interest...

Japanese Holdouts

World War II hostilities did not neatly end with the surrender of Japan aboard the USS Missouri in1945.
Soldiers in isolated regions fought on for years after the surrender... in some cases well into the 1970's!

This new web project brings content on this topic to the internet. As far as I know, it is the only site of its
kind currently on the web. Information on holdouts in China, Philippines, Guam, Pelieu, Guadalcanal &
Indonesia. Future updates included more photos and history.

6. Sneak peak... Coming Soon

Sneak peak... Among other things, a new digest #2 will include the following:

Interview with Dan Seymour of the US Army's "Operation Recovery" responsible for investigating wrecks
where remains of US service men are discovered.

Beautiful Betsy - story of a B-24 discovered after 50 years near Rockhampton, in Queensland Australia. Full
investigation reports, charts and press clippings.

War of Our Fathers by Richard Marin- review of a new book of wreck photographs and poems from author.

'...to see my first really intact World War II aircraft in its natural setting. The plane was a Japanese light
bomber, mostly just a silvery shell by 1990, situated in what appeared to be a wildly overgrown, limitless
greenhouse. It was a magical sight."

Then & Now photography and interviews about Gusap and Nadzab airfields, two important WWII airfields in
New Guinea.

7. Pacific Tours - Visiting the Pacific

Interested in visiting Pacific Wrecks on a sight seeing tour to various Pacific islands? Visit wrecks on land and underwater. Fill out the survey form at to assist in planing such a trip.

Pacific Tour Survey http://www.wanpela.com/survey

8. Support

Do you enjoy using the Pacific Wreck Database? If you are interested
in donating server space, or making a donation to the website? Currently
the site is independent and does not receive outside support. If you are interested
in making a financial donation to the site it is greatly appreciated. Like
a shareware program, sending money is not required, but is certainly appreciated.

As we near the 60th anniversary of WWII, it is extremely important that information
about the past remains accessible. Email justin@wanpeal.com for more information.

You can use the Donation Order form for more information or to make a donation

9. Wreck Updates

There are updates and additional information added throughout the site. As always, the database is
constantly being updated. A few highlights are below...

MIDWAY: New F4U Corsair wreck in the water off Midway

ALASKA: New section about Alaska wrecks, museums.

MARSHALL ISLANDS: Details wrecks at Kwajalein and surrounding atolls.

JAPAN: New section on wrecks and displays in Japan

# # # End of Wreck News #1 July 20, 1999 # # #

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To SUBSCRIBE to the Wreck News email list, send an email to
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