Peter Flahavin  Guadalcanal Revisited

January 1995 / February 1996  Peter Flahavin / Rod Bellars

Tetere Beach / Alligator Dump

Amtracs in a dump at Tetere beach 1995

Marine Amtracs
We found these Amtracs about 100 yards from the beach.  After 50 plus years in the open the armour is rusted wafer thin now on most and they are a sorry sight.


  They must use an old photo for the tourist brochures . They must have looked great 30 - 40 years ago!  Some are not too bad while others have large trees growing around and through them.  I counted at least thirty 200 yards West down the beach is the mouth of Gavaga creek.

In early November 1942 combined 7th Marines and 164th US Army Regiment forces encircled and killed 450 Japanese troops in a pocket on the East bank of the Gavaga creek.  There is a white US memorial pillar at the beach , but the plaque is missing.

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