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Allied missions against Hong Kong
October 25, 1942–June 12, 1945
December 13, 1941
(British Army): Invading Japanese forces demand the surrender of British troops in Hong Kong. When their request is denied, the Japanese begin bombing the city.

December 25, 1941
(British Army) Hong Kong falls to the Japanese.

October 25, 1942
(10th AF / CATF) 12 B-25s and 7 P-40s, led by Colonel Merian Cooper, hit Kowloon Docks at Hong Kong; 21 aircraft intercept; 1 B-25 and 1 P-40 are shot down; this marks the first loss of a CATF B-25 in combat; the Japanese interceptors are virtually annihilated; during the night of 25/26 October six B-25s, on the first CATF night strike, continue pounding Hong Kong, bombing the North Point power plant which provides electricity for the shipyards; three other B-25s bomb the secondary target, the Canton warehouse area, causing several large explosions and fires.

October 26, 1942
(10th AF / CATF) P-40's continue to hit the Hong Kong area, using dive-bombing tactics for first time in the area.

November 23, 1942
(10th AF / CATF) Nine B-25s and seven P-40s feint at Hong Kong.

November 27, 1942
(10th AF / CATF) Ten B-25s and twenty plus P-40s, the largest CATF effort in China to date, hit shipping and harbor installations at Hong Kong, firing warehouses and claiming 2 freighters and numerous barges sunk; a large force of fighters intercept during the return trip but are driven off by the escort; the P-40s and B-25s claim several airplanes shot down.

July 27, 1943
(14th AF) Six B-25's, supported by fourteen fighters, attack targets of opportunity on Stonecutter's Island, in the Hong Kong area after failing to locate a reported freighter in the area.

July 28, 1943
(14th AF) Six B-25's, with escort of nine P-40's, bomb Taikoo Docks at Hong Kong.

July 29, 1943
(14th AF) Eighteen B-24's, with fighter escort, bomb shipping and dockyard installations at Hong Kong including Kowloon Docks, Taikoo Docks and the old Royal Navy yards are hit.

August 25, 1943
(14th AF) Eight B-25's with fighter escort bomb Kowloon Docks at Hong Kong.

August 26, 1943
(14th AF) 15 B-24's, with an escort of 17 fighters,  bomb Kowloon Docks at Hong Kong; 5 Japanese interceptors are shot down.

August 30, 1943
(14th AF) Four other P-40's attack a convoy east of Hong Kong; 1 freighter is hit amidships, causing heavy damage; 2 other vessels are also effectively damaged.

August 31, 1943
(14th AF) Three P-40's claim heavy damage to a freighter off Stonecutter's Island near Hong Kong.

September 2, 1943
(14th AF) Ten B-25's and five P-40's bomb Hong Kong hitting the Kowloon area and attack shipping off Stonecutter's and in the Lai Chi Kok area.

September 12, 1943
(14th AF) Eight P-38's bomb shipping in the Hong Kong area.

November 3, 1943
(14th AF) 21 B-24's, supported by 30 fighters, pound Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong; 4 Japanese fighters are claimed shot down.

November 15, 1943
(14th AF) 20 B-24's are dispatched against the Hong Kong-Kowloon area. Bad weather prevents 15 bombers from bombing the targets; 5 bomb the docks at Kowloon.

November 19, 1943
(14th AF) B-25's on shipping sweeps in the South China Sea strafe two vessels off Hong Kong.

December 1, 1943
(14th AF) 19 B-25's, 24 P-40's, and 10 P-51's pound Kowloon shipyards; two B-25's hit nearby Taikoo Docks in Hong Kong.

December 22, 1943
(14th AF) Two B-25 claim three direct hits on a freighter 105 miles south of Hong Kong.

December 25, 1943
(14th AF) Two B-25's claim heavy damage to a passenger ship south of Hong Kong.

January 7, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-25's on a sea sweep claim a 300' passenger vessel sunk south of Hong Kong.

January 11, 1944
(14th AF) Four B-24's mine Takao Harbor and Hong Kong Harbor.

January 13, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-25's on a sweep from Hong Kong to Hainan attack four large boats.

January 20, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-24's on sweep from Hong Kong to Swatow, China attack a freighter and a tanker, which are reported sinking.

February 5, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-24s and two B-25s attack a convoy east of Hong Kong and claim two freighters and three smaller cargo vessels sunk.

February 10, 1944
(14th AF) B-25s on sea sweeps claim two freighters sunk near Hainan and southwest of Hong Kong.

April 2, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-24s on a sea sweep from Hong Kong to Formosa bomb a 215' ship reported sunk and damage a large motor launch.

April 18, 1944
(14th AF) Lost on a sea search anti-shipping sea sweep off Hong Kong is B-24D "Sweepy Time Gal" 42-40622 (MIA / POW).

May 4, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-25s strafe twelve sampans between Hong Kong and the Luichow Peninsula, killing many soldiers on board.

May 12, 1944
(14th AF) A naval vessel is attacked at Hong Kong.

May 19, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-24s on a sea sweep seriously damage two freighters south of Hong Kong.

May 20, 1944
(14th AF) Nineteen B-24s attack a convoy south of Hong Kong claiming two motor launches sunk and damaging several larger vessels; three B-24s are lost at sea.

May 22, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-25s heavily damage a 150' cargo vessel near Hong Kong.

August 25, 1944
(14th AF) Three B-24s bomb Kowloon docks in Hong Kong.

September 7, 1944
(14th AF) Five B-24s hit four freighters southwest of Hong Kong.

September 8, 1944
(14th AF) Three B-24s claim a destroyer sunk south of Hong Kong.

October 15, 1944
(14th AF) B-24s, P-51s, and P-40s attack shipping in the Hong Kong area.

October 16, 1944
(14th AF) 28 B-24s, 8 B-25s, 26 P-51s, and 21 P-40s blast shipping and the Kowloon Dock area of Hong Kong; 15 cargo vessels are damaged or sunk.

October 17, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-24s bomb a supply depot at Victoria Harbor at Hong Kong.

October 30, 1944
(14th AF) Thirteen B-24s lay mines in Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.

November 17, 1944
(14th AF) Three B-24s bomb Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong.

November 23, 1944
(14th AF) Two B-24s bomb Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong.

December 5, 1944
(14th AF) B-24s on sweep of the Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong and damage a freighter.

December 7, 1944
(14th AF) Fifteen P-51s hit shipping at Hong Kong, claiming a destroyer and freighter sunk

December 19, 1944
(14th AF) Four P-51s claim two freighters sunk off Hong Kong.

December 20, 1944
(14th AF) P-51s and P-40s on armed reconnaissance attack targets of opportunity in Hong Kong.

December 24, 1944
(14th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s on armed reconnaissance attack targets of opportunity including Hong Kong area shipping is pounded with one tanker claimed sunk and other ships damaged.

January 15, 1945
(USN) Task Group 77.4 aircraft hit targets at Hong Kong area damaging enemy shore installations and sinking 62,000 tons of shipping.
(14th AF) B-25s supported by P-51s and P-40s, attack targets of opportunity from Hong Kong to Foochow.

January 18, 1945
(14th AF) 29 B-24s bomb and 25 P-40s pound shipping and railroad targets at Hong Kong. Also, P-51s, P-40s, and P-38s on armed reconnaissance over southern China from the Burma boundary to Hong Kong attack a huge variety of targets of opportunity.

January 21, 1945
(14th AF) Thirty B-24s pound the Hong Kong area.

February 27, 1945
(FEAF) B-25s hit a fleet of junks and sampans near Hong Kong destroying and damaging 25+.

April 2, 1945
(14th AF) Four B-24s bomb the Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong.
(FEAF) B-24s bomb Hong Kong Harbor.

April 3, 1945
(FEAF) The Hong Kong docks are again bombed by B-24s.

April 4, 1945
(FEAF) B-24s bomb Hong Kong Harbor.

April 5, 1945
(FEAF) B-24s bomb Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong and a nearby airfield.

April 8, 1945
(FEAF) B-24s bomb Kowloon Docks in Hong Kong.

April 9, 1945
(FEAF) 9 B-24s bomb the docks at Kowloon in Hong Kong.

June 12, 1945
(FEAF) B-24s inflict heavy destruction on the navy yard and dock area at Hong Kong.

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