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    Republic of Palau (Belau, Pelew)  

Palau is comprised of roughly 250 islands that form the western portion of the Caroline Islands surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Also known as "Belau" or "Pelew". Palau is divided into sixteen municipalities that during 1984 were renamed states.

Prior to World War I, Palau was a German colony with Koror as the capital to administer both the Caroline Islands and Marshall Islands. After World War I, the League of Nations mandated Palau to Japan administered by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). During March 1922 Palau became been the headquarters of the Japanese South Seas Colonial Administration with a civilian administration. Contraryrary to the League of Nations mandate, the Japanese military developed Palau into a military base with airfields, seaplane bases and supporting facilities surrounding Palau Harbor anchorage.

Wartime History
During 1944, in support of U. S. Army General MacArthur's island hopping campaign to liberate the Philippines a campaign to neutralize Palau with aerial attacks was begun culminating with a U. S. Marine Corps amphibious landing on September 15, 1944. Contrary to what American planners believed, both Peleliu and Angaur were heavily fortified and the battle was costly. Afterwards, Palau was developed into an airfield and base area.

States of Palau (Palau States)
Kayangel State (Ngcheangel)  located in the northern portion of Palau
Airai State  southern portion of Babelthuap Island
Aimeliik State  located on the southwest portion of Babelthuap Island
Ngatpang State  Located at the western center of Babelthuap Island
Ngeremlengui State  located on the western portion Babelthuap Island
Ngardmau State  located at the northwest corner of Babelthuap Island
Ngaraard State  located at the northeast of Babelthuap Island
Ngiwal State  located at the northeast of Babelthuap Island
Melekeok State  located on the eastern center of Babelthuap Island
Ngchesar State  located on the eastern center of Babelthuap Island
Koror State  includes Koror Island at the center of Palau
Peleliu State  includes Peleliu Island and surrounding island at center of Palau
Angaur State  includes Angaur Island at the southwest of Palau
Rock Islands State (Chelbacheb)  located between Koror and Peleliu in the southern lagoon
Hatohobei State  located in the southwest of Palau
Sonsorol State  located in the southwest of Palau

Palau Islands
Kossol Passage (Kossol Roads)  located to the north of Babelthuap used by USN as a resupply and repair area
Babelthuap Island (Babeldaob)  located in the northern end of Palau, largest island in Micronesia
Koror Island (Oreor)  located to the south Babelthuap Island (Babeldaob)
Palau Harbor (Palau Anchorage)  borders Koror to the west and Babelthuap to the north
Arakabesan Island (Ngerekebesang)  located to the west of Koror and Malakal
Malakal Island (Ngemelachel)  located to the south of Koror and Arakabesan
Urukthapel Island  located in central Palau to the north is Arakabesan, Malakal and Koror
Ngeregong Island (Ngerechong)  located six miles north-northeast of Peleliu
Ngesebus Island  located to the north of Peleliu Island with Ngesebus Airfield (Ingesebus)
Kongauru Island  located to the east of Negesbus Island and north of Peleliu Island
Peleliu Island (Beliliou)  located at the southern end of Palau, American landing during September 1944
Island X (Un-named Island)  small island off Peleliu Island
Snake Island  small island near Peleliu Island
Angaur Island (Ngeaur)  located at the southern end of Palau Islands

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