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Pacific Wrecks reviews books, magazines and videos related to World War II Pacific War and the Korean War. Read our reviews of the best history, memoirs, units, wrecks and specialty publications and interviews with authors. Publishers and authors: submit material review. Want to buy something reviewed? Shop at Amazon and use the Amazon link on each review page and a small percentage of your purchase will help support Pacific Wrecks.
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Featured Reviews
Order Book
South Pacific
Air War
Order Book
Harvest of the Grim Reapers
Vol 1
Order Book
Ken's Men
Against the Empire Vol 1
Order Book
Ken's Men
Against the Empire Vol 2
Order Book
Guide to the Guadalcanal Battlefields

Pacific War History, Campaigns and Battles
The First Team
Pearl Harbor to Midway

The First Team
And The Guadalcanal Campaign

Doomed At The Start
William H. Bartsch
Texas A&M University
The Forgotten Fifth
Michael Claringbould
Aerothentic Publications
Black Sunday
Michael Claringbould
Aerothentic Publications
Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
Forty of the Fifth
Michael Claringbould
Aerothentic Publications
Decision at Sea
Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
Carrier Strike
Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
Carrier Clash
Invasion of Guadalcanal
Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
Handbook on Japanese Forces
US War Department
Louisiana State University
The Siege of Rabaul
Henry Sakaida
Phalanx Publishing
Eagle Against The Sun
Ronald Spector
Random House
Tales By Japanese Soldiers
Nunneley and Tamayama
Casell & Co
Japan Against Russia
In The Sky of Nomonhan
Dimitar Nedialkov
In The Service of The Emperor
Edward J. Drea
Bison Books Corp
MacArthur's Pearl Harbor
December 8th, 1941

William H. Bartsch
Midway: The Japanese Story
Fuchida & Okumiya
Cassell & Co.
War Without Mercy
Robert Dower
Embracing Defeat
Robert Dower
W.W. Norton & Company
On Shaggy Ridge
Philip Bradley
Oxford University Press
Battle of the Bismarck Sea
Lex McAulay
St. Martins Press
By Sword And Fire The Destruction of Manila in WWII
Alfonso J. Aluit
The Burma Road
Donovan Webster
Farr, Straus & Giroux
Hostages To Freedom
The Fall of Rabaul

Peter Stone
A Glorious Way To Die
Battleship Yamato

Russell Spurr
U-Boat Far From Home
David Stevens
Allen & Unwin
The Sacred Warriors
Denis & Peggy Warner
Nostrand Reinhold
MacArthur's Eagles
Lex McAulay
Naval Institue Press
Air To Air
Chris Ridge
Adventure Air
A Bastard Of A Place
Peter Brune
Allen & Unwin
US Marine Corps Pacific Theater Operations 1944-45
Munda Trail
Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
Hidden Horrors
Yukiko Tanaka
Westview Press
Bloody Tarawa
Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
3DCG The Aircraft Carrier
Masaru Tochibayashi
Futabasha (Book + DVD)
Strike And Return
Cory Graff
Specialty Press
The Ghost Mountain Boys
James Campbell
The Battle For Wau
Phil Bradley
Cambridge University Press
Most Dangerous Sea
Arnold S. Lott
Naval Institute Press
Every Day a Nightmare
American Pursuit Pilots in the Defense of Java

William Bartsch
The War From Coconut Square
The Defense of the Island Bases of the South Pacific
H. E. L Priday
Historical Heriteges [sic] of Khalkhin Gol
Monuments and Memorials in Khalkhin Gol (Khalkh River)
Alvin D. Coox
Stanford University Press
Nomonhan Japanese-Soviet Tactical Combat, 1939
Edward Drea
University Press of the Pacific
Fire In The Sky
The Air War in the South Pacific

Eric Bergerud
Touched With Fire
The Land War in the South Pacific

Eric Bergerud
Air War Over Khalkhin Gol
Vladimir Kotelnikov
SAM Publications
Darwin's Air War 1942 – 1945
An Illustrated History

Bob Alford
Darwin's Air War 1942 – 1945 An Illustrated History (Revised)
Bob Alford
Philippine Expeditionary Force

Watari Group Information Dept
Exploding Fuel Tanks
Saga of Technology That Changed the Course of the Pacific Air War

Richard L. Dunn
Guadalcanal Diary
Richard Tregaskis
1943 (reprinted 1955)
Rabaul – 1942
Douglas Arthur Aplin
Lark Force Association
Operation KE The Cactus Air Force and the Japanese Withdrawal From Guadalcanal
Roger & Dennis Letourneau
Needed – But Not Wanted
Chinese in Rabaul 1884-1960

Dr. Peter Cahill
Zero's Chronicle in the Solomons Campaign
IJN Zero Battle Diary #1

Hiroshi Umemoto
The Anatomy of a Small War: The Soviet-Japanese Struggle for Changkufeng/Khasan, 1938
Alvin D. Coox
History of the Marine Corps
Aviation in World War II

Robert Sherrod
John Colvin
Quartet Books
Darkest Hour
Bruce Gamble
Zenith Press
Fortress Rabaul
Bruce Gamble
Zenith Press
Target Rabaul
Bruce Gamble
Zenith Press
Into the Dragon's Jaws
The Fifth Air Force over Rabaul, 1943

Lex McAulay
The Pacific War in Papua New Guinea
Memories and Realities

Editors: Yukio Toyoda and Hank Nelson
Victory Fever on Guadalcanal
Japan's First Land Defeat of World War II

William Bartsch
Wau 1942–1943
Army HIstory Unit
Phil Bradley
Hell's Battlefield
The Australians in New Guinea in World War II
Phil Bradley
Defending the Driniumor:
Covering Force Operations in New Guinea, 1944

Edward Drea
The Hard Slog Australians in the Bougainville Campaign, 1944–45
Karl James
Heaven High, Ocean Deep
Naval Fighter Wing At War

Tim Hillier-Graves
Leaving Mac Behind
The Lost Marines of Guadalcanal

Geoffrey W. Roecker
No One Avoided Danger: NAS Kaneohe Bay and the Japanese Attack of 7 December 1941
Wenger, Cressman, Di Virgilio
This is No Drill: The History of NAS Pearl Harbor and the Japanese Attacks of 7 December 1941
Wenger, Cressman, Di Virgilio
They're Killing My Boys: The History of Hickam Field and the Attacks of 7 December 1941
Wenger, Cressman, Di Virgilio
Harvest of the Grim Reapers
The Illustrated History of the 3rd and 27th Bomb Groups During World War II
Volume I: Prewar to December 1942

Hickey, Rogers, Tagaya, Jonas
Red Wings over the Yalu
China, the Soviet Union,
and the Air War in Korea
Xiaoming Zhang
South Pacific Air War
Richard L. Dunn
Schiffer Publishing

Pacific Aces
P-38 Lightning Aces
of the Pacific and CBI

John Stanaway
P-47 & P-51 Aces
of Pacific and CBI

John Stanaway
Wildcat Aces of WWII
Barrett Tillman
Aces of the Rising Sun
Henry Sakaida
Japanese Naval Aces
Henry Sakaida
Japanese Army Aces
Henry Sakaida
Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units and Their Aces, 1931-1945
Hata, Izawa, Shores
Grub Street the Basement

Japanese Naval Aces
& Fighter Units of WWII

Hata, Izawa, Gorham
Naval Institute Press

Japanese Naval Air Force
Fighter Units and Their Aces, 1932-1945

Hata, Izawa, Shores
Grub Street Publishing
P-36 Hawk Aces of World War 2
Persyn, Stenman, Thomas
Ospret Publishing
Ki-43 Oscar Aces of World War 2
Hiroshi Ichimura
Osprey Publishing
Six Aces Australian fighter pilots, 1939-45
Lex McAulay
Banner Books
Stars & Bars A Tribute To The
American Fighter Ace 1920–1973

by Frank Olynyk
P-39 Airacobra Aces of World War 2
by John Stanaway & George Mellinger
Osprey Publishing
Aces of the Republic of China Air Force
by Raymond Cheung
Osprey Publishing
Aces High: A Tribute to the Most Notable
Fighter Pilots of the British and Commonwealth Forces of WWII

by Christopher Shores and Clive Williams

Pacific Artwork, Nose Art, Markings
Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II
Donald W. Thorpe
Japanese Naval Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II
Donald W. Thorpe
WWII Pacific War Eagles
Ethell & Bodie
Widewing Publications
Emblems of the Rising Sun
Peter Scott
Hikiki / Motorbooks
The Samurai
Masao Satake
& Masahiro Mino

Pacific Arms, Uniforms, Gear & Equipment
Japanese Naval Aviation
Uniforms & Equipment

Gary Nila
Special Naval Landing Force
Uniforms & Equipment

Nila, Rolfe
Imperial Japanese Army
and Navy Uniforms and Equipment

Tadao Nakata
Japanese Military Sake Cups
Dan King
Japanese Infantry Arms in WWII
Ritta Nakanishi
Dai Nippon Kaiga Co / Artbox
Japanese Military Uniforms 1939~1945
Ritta Nakanishi
Dai Nippon Kaiga Co / Artbox
Red Army Uniforms 1918-1945
In Color Photographs

Anton Shalito
USMC Uniforms, Insignia
& Personal Items of WWII

Harlan Glenn
782 Gear United States Marine Corps Field Gear and Equipment of World War II
Harlan Glenn
USMC Aviators
Marine Corps Airmen in the Pacific 1941-1945

Gregory Pons
Japanese Paratroop Forces of World War II
Gordon Rottman and Akira Takizawa

Pacific Aircraft Types, Ships
P-61 Black Widow Units of WWII
Warren Thmpson
Osprey Publishing
Queen of the Midnight Skies
Pape, Harrison
Pride of Seattle: First 300 B-17F
Steve Birdsall
Squadron / Signals
Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu
Richard Buechel
Schiffer Publishing
Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien
Richard Buechel
Schiffer Publishing
Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah
by Martin Ferkl
REVI Publications
Mitsubishi G4M Betty
by Martin Ferkl
REVI Publications
Mitsubishi Type 1 Rikko
Units of World War 2

Osamu Tagaya, Osprey
Japanese Naval Air Force In Action
Yohji Watanabe
I-400 Japan's Secret Aircraft
Carring Strike Submarine

Sakaida, Nila, Takaki
Battlegrond Atlantic
Richard N. Billings
NAL Hardcover

Balloon Bomb Attacks
on North America

Robert C. Mikesh

Boeing B-17 1935-1985
Peter M. Bowers
Museum of Flight Publications
Night Fighter Gekko
Yoji Watanabe
(Japanese text)
Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War
Rene J. Francillon
Naval Institute
Robert C. Mikesh
Motorbooks Int'l
Mitsubishi Zero-Sen
Richard M. Bueschel
Schiffer Publishing
Zero-sen yo yomigaere
Nobuo Harada
(Japanese Language)
3D CGI Zero Fighter
Masaru Tochibayashi
Futabasha (Book + DVD)
Moonlight Interceptor
Robert C. Mikesh
Osamu Tagaya
Vega Ventura
John Stanaway
Schiffer Publishing
Japanese Aircraft
Code Names & Designations

Robert C. Mikesh
Zero Fighter
Japanese Aircraft Interiors 1940-45
Robert C. Mikesh
Monogram Aviation Publications
French Aircraft 1939-1945
Volume 1 Amiot to Curtiss

Histoire & Collections
French Aircraft 1939-1945
Volume 2 Dewoitine to Potez

Histoire & Collections
A History of IJN's Night Fighters
Yoji Watanabe
P-40 Warhawk VS Ki-43 Oscar China 1944-45
Carl Molesworth
Wings of Gold
James Sinclair
Pacific Publicaitons
Dominator: The Story of the Consolidated B-32 Bomber
Harding & Long
US Destroyers 1934-45
Pre-war classes

Osprey Publishing
B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the Pacific War
by Martin Bowman
Osprey Publishing
Douglas B-18 Bolo
William Wolf
Schiffer Publishing
Polikarpov I-15, I-16 and I-153 Aces
by Mikhail Maslov
Osprey Publishing
Barrett Tillman
Naval Institute Press
Japanese Experimental Transport
Aircraft of the Pacific War
Giuseppe Picarella
Pigboat 39
An American Sub Goes to War
Bobette Gugliotta
Savage Wilderness - The Epic Outback Search For The Crew Of Little Eva
Barry Ralph
The Crash of Little Eva - The Ultimate World War II Survivor Story
Barry Ralph
Lost Subs
From the Hunley to the Kursk the greatest submarines ever lost and found
Under The Southern Cross
The B-24 Liberator in the South Pacific

Bob Livingstone
Strike Back
Modelling the B-24 Liberator in RAAF Service
Bob Livingstone
Aircraft Record Cards of the United States Air Force - How to Read the Codes
Robert A. Mann
The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal
Exploring the Ghost Fleet of the South Pacific

Robert Ballard
Cruel Conflict
The Triumph and Tragedy of HMAS Perth

Kathryn Spurling
Forgotten Fleet 2
Bill & Ruth Lunney
Forfleet Publishing
The Rag Tag Fleet
Ian W. Shaw
Hachette Australia

Pacific Units, Group Histories & Locations

Flying Buccaneers
Steve Birdsall
Warpath Across The Pacific
Lawrence J. Hickey
International Historical Research Associates
Revenge of the Red Raiders
Gaylor, Evans, Nelson, Hickey
International Historical Research Associates
Fortress Against The Sun
Gene Eric Salecker
Da Capo Press
The Roarin' 20's
History of 312th BG

Russ Sturzebecker
Always Ready
Tom Mcleod
Museum of the Pacific
The Eight Ballers 8th
Photo Recon Sqaudron

John Stanaway, Bob Rocker
Schiffer Publishing
At Close Quarters
PT Boats in the USN

Robert Bulkley
USN Publications
Possum, Clovers & Hades
475th FG in WWII

John Stanaway, Bob Rocker
Schiffer Publishing
Dauntless Units of WWII
Barrett Tillman
B-29 Hunters of the JAAF
Sakaida & Takaki
Seek and Strike
David J. Wilson
Banner Books
P-39 Airacobra Units of WWII
John Stanaway
Genda's Blade 343 Kokutai
Japan's Squadron of Aces

Henry Sakaida, Koji Takaki
Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers
49th Fighter Group
Ernest R. McDowell
Squadron / Signals Pub.
Cobra In The Clouds
John Stanaway
Raymond Lamont-Brown
Cassell & Co
Black Cats and Dumbos
WWII's Fighting PBYs
Mel Crocker
Beau's Butchers &
Boomerangs Mareeba

Damian Waters
Island Encounters
Lindstrom & White
Smithsonian Institute
Protect & Avenge
49th FG in WWII

Ferguson & Pascalis
On Wings We Conquer
John H. Mitchell
G. E. M.
Bravery Above Blunder
John Coates
Oxford University Press
On The Canal
Ore J. Marion with Thomas Cuddihy & Edward Cuddiry
The Forgotten Heroes VH-3
Donald Sweet
DoGo Publishing
Legacy of the 90th BG
Wiley O. Woods, Jr
Turner Publishing
The Grim Reapers
John P. Henebry
Pictorial Histories Publishing
Cameras Over The Pacific
Marine Photo Squadron 254
John G Bishop
The Big Death
Geofrey White
U of South Pacific
The Black Sheep
Bruce Gamble
Presido Press
Beaufighters In The Pacific
Neville Parnell
We Flew Alone
Alan C. Carey
Schiffer Military History
Horn Island
Vanessa Seekee
13th Fighter Command in WWII
William Wolf
Allied Air Transport Operations
SWPA WWII Volume 1
Robert Kelly
Allied Air Transport Operations
SWPA WWII Volume 2
Robert Kelly
Volcano Town
The 1937-43 Rabaul Eruptions

R. Johnson & N. Threlfall
Battleground Atlantic
Richard Billings
Combat Recon
Robert Stava
Schiffer Publishing
Les Alles Francaises 1939-1945
L'aviation de Vichy (1e Partie)

Volume 5
Les Alles Francaises 1939-1945
L'aviation de Vichy (2e Partie)

Volume 6
Kearby's Thunderbolt
The 348th Fighter Group in World War II

John Stanaway
Vampire Squadron
William H. Starke
Robinson Typographics
Attack & Conquer
The 8th Fighter Group in WWII

John Stanaway and Lawrence J. Hickey
The Story of the Fighting 17th

Richard M Vail
The Crusaders:
A History of the 42nd Bombardment Group (M)

Army & Navy Pictorial
Hell's Islands
The Untold Story of Guadalcanal

Stan Jersery
Down Under South-West Pacific Area
43rd BG History
Angus and Robertson Limited
Ghost Fleet of the Truk Lagoon
William H. Stewart
49th Fighter Group
Aces of the Pacific

William Hess
Rampage of the Roarin' 20's
Hickey, Claringbould and Levy
International Historical Research Associates
Wings Over The Philippines
Tony Dedal
New Day Publishers
Rolling Thunder
Against The Rising Sun

Gene Eric Salecker
Grey Geese Calling - A History of the 11th Bombardment Group Heavy (H)
in the Pacific, 1940-1945
A Dawn Like Thunder
The True Story of Torpedo Squadron Eight

Robert J. Mrazek
The Best in the Southwest
The 380th Bombardment Group (H) in World War II

Glenn R. Horton
USN 87th Construction Battalion
The Earthmovers 1943-1945

Battle of the Steppes: Aviation Weapons in the Soviet-Japanese Conflict at Khalkin Gol The Empire Express
Charles L. Scrivner
Historical Aviation Album
The Americal Division
Bill Mclaughlin
Cape Elizabeth Press
The Long Rangers: A Diary of the 307th Bombardment Group
Sam S. Britt Jr.
Spitfires Over Darwin 1943
No. 1 Fighter Wing

by Jim Grant
Great Air Escapes
The heroes who beat the odds

Robert Piper
The Hidden Chapters: Untold stories of Australians at war in the Pacific
Robert Piper
The Sky Lancer
417th Bomb Group

Eugene L. Green et all
Alae Supra Canalem Wings over the Canal: The Sixth Air Force and the Antilles Air Command Dan Hagedom
No Glamour... No Glory! The Story of the 58th Fighter Group of World War II
Anthony J. Kupferer
Sun Setters of the Southwest Pacific Area
From Australia to Japan

38th Bomb Group Association
The Last Flight of Bomber 31
Ralph Wetterhahn
Carroll & Graf
Peak of Limuria
The Story of Diego Garcia

Richard Edis
The Private War of the Spotters
Alex Perrin
NGAWW Publication
The Jolly Rogers
John Alcorn
Field Guide to the Kokoda Track
An Historical Guide to the Lost Battlefields

Bill James Kokoda Press
Commando - Double Black:
The 2/5th Australian Independent Company

by Andy Pirie
Kokoda Air Strikes
Allied Air Forces in New Guinea, 1942

Anthony Cooper
Ken's Men Against The Empire
Hickey, Janko, Tagaya
International Historical Research Associates
Saga of the Sun Setters Volume I
Hickey, Janko, Tagaya
International Historical Research Associates
Sogeri During The War
A Brief History and Guide

Lance Taylor
A Sogeri Publication
Snake Road A Guide To The History, People and Places of the Sogeri District
Lance Taylor
Highest Traditions
The History of No. 2 Squadron, RAAF

John Bennett
Blood and Iron
Lex McAuley
Arrow Books
Return to Midway
Robert Ballard
Madison Press Books
Queensland Airfields WW2 - 50 Years On
Roger R Marks
R & J Marks
Eagles of the Southern Sky
The Tainan Air Group in WWII

Luca Ruffato and Michael Claringbould
44 Days
75 Squadron and the fight for Australia

Michael Veitch
Pictorial History of the 7th Bombardment Group/Wing 1918-1995
7th BG Historical Foundation
US Naval Air Station Melbourne, Florida Fighter Pilot Training Base Word War II
William Barnett
Guadalcanal Cactus Air Force contre Marine Impériale Vol. 1
Bernard Baeza
Guadalcanal Cactus Air Force contre Marine Impériale Vol. 2
Bernard Baeza
Relentless Pursuit - The Untold Story of the U.S. 5th Air Force's 39th Fighter Squadron
Ken Dooley
Pacific Sweep
The 5th and 13th Fighter Commands in World War II

William N. Ness
The Thousand-Mile War
World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians

Brian Garfield
The Aluminum Trail China-Burma-India World War II 1942-1945 How & Where They Died
Chick Marrs Quinn
Bomber Barons
5th Bomb Group Heavy

Turner Publishing
5th Bomber Barons The History of the 5th Bomb Group in the Pacific during World War II
Frederick A. Johnsen
Bombs Away A History of the 70th Bombardment Squadron (M) in Early World War II
Harold V. Larson
Pineapple Air Force
Pearl Harbor To Tokyo

John W. Lambert
Very Long Range P-51 Mustang
Units of the Pacific War
Carl Molesworth
Dumbo Diary Royal New Zealand Air Force No.6 (Flying Boat) Squadron 1943-1945
Jenny Scott
Hurricane at Biak
MacArthur Against the Japanese May-August 1944

by Marc D. Bernstein
End of The Line
A History of Railways in Papua New Guinea
Bob McKillop & Michael Pearson
The Long Campaign
The History of the 15th Fighter Group in World War II

John W. Lambert
Milne Bay 1942 The Story of 'Milne-Force' and Japan's First Military Defeat on Land
Clive Baker and Greg Knight
The Wewak Mission
Coastwatchers at War in New Guinea
Lionel Veale (1996)
Long Island Coastwatchers at War
in New Guinea... the 2nd Mission

Lionel Veale (2002)
Then There Were Two. A New Guinea Saga of Life Before and During the War Against the Japanese
Lionel Veale (2000)
The Coastwatchers...
The Final Missions
Lionel Veale (2005)
Imperial Japan’s Allied
Prisoners in the South Pacific

C. Kenneth Quinones
South Africaʼs Flying Cheetahs in Korea
by Dermot Moore & Peter Bagshawe
Ashanti Publications (1991)
Lightning Strikes: The 475th Fighter Group in the Pacific War, 1943-1945
Ronald W. Yoshino

Autobiographies, Biographies and Memoirs
Dauntless Marine
Joseph Sailer Jr.
Alexander S. White
Pacifica Military History
The Jolly Rogers
Tom Blackburn and VF-17
Tom Blackburn
Pacifica Military History
Ace! A Marine
Night-Fighter Pilot in WWII
Bruce Porter & Eric Hammel
Pacifica Military History
Preludes to Victory
The Battle of Ormoc Bay
William L. Griggs
Atlantic Press
We Who Are About To Die
Lex McAulay
Banner Books
We Band of Brothers
R.E. Peppy Blount
Eakin Publications
Saipan - Oral Histories
of the Pacific War

Bruce Petty
Bob Green
Paul Tibbets & Enola Gay
Ghost Soldiers
Hampton Sides
Seeds of Hope
William Sabel
Purdue University Press
Behind Enemy Lines
Roy C. Hunt
University Press of Kentucky
Lapham's Raiders
Robert Lapham
University Press of Kentucky
Pacific Island Odyssey
Carl R. Thien
Wanpela Books
No Place For A Picnic
Justin R. Taylan
Wanpela Books
One Angle Left...
by Jack Morris
Canyon Creek Books
Memoir of A Bomber Pilot
Robert Morgan
New American Library
The Young Ones
Erik Dyreborg
 John Glen: A Memoir
John Glen, Nick Taylor
Bantam Books
Blood On Borneo
Jack Wong Sue
Voices From The Pacific War
Bruce Petty
Naval Institute Press
James Bradley
Little Brown & Company
Kenneth N. Walker
Martha Byrd
Air University Press
Death is Lighter Than A Feather
David Westheimer
U of N Texas
The Luck Of The Draw
Edward 'Ted' Sly
Publishing Services
Flags of Our Fathers
Bradley & Powers
Heroes of the
Soviet Union 1941-45

Henry Sakaida
Heroines of the
Soviet Union 1941-45

Henry Sakaida
Greatest Generation Speaks
Tom Brokaw
Random House
Lucky Guillermo

The School That
Fell From The Sky
Fred Hargesheimer

Behind Enemy Lines
Michael J. Freeman

Escape From Corregidor
Edgar D. Whitcomb
H Regnery Co

Michael Goodwin
Stackpole Books

Damien Parer's War
Neil McDonald
Lothian Books

The Flying Circus
James Wright
The Lyons Press
The Last Great Ace
Charles Martin
Fruit Cove Publishing
I Was Lucky
Wesley Dickinson
Lighting Source
Jungle Fighters
Jules Archer
Jullian Messner
The Fight For New Guinea
Patrick Robinson
Random House, 1943
Dauntless Helldivers
Harold Buell
The Thin Red Line
James Jones
Pacific Air Combat WWII
Voices From The Past

Henry Sakaida
New Guinea Engineer
Gillian H. Shadbolt & Les Bell
From Up Over
To Down Under And Back

Jack Heyn
70,000 to One
Quentin James Reynolds
The Raft
Robert Turmbull
Naval Institute Press
The Guns of Muschu
Don Dennis
Allen & Unwin
Bats Outa Hell Over Biak
Max Ferguson
Self Published
War Diary 1942
George Henry Johnston
William Collins Pty Ltd
Ruff Stuff
Tina Susedik with Norbert C. Ruff
Documation, LLC
New Guinea Skies
Wayne P. Rothgeb
Iowa State University Press
Leyte Calling
Joseph St, John
The Vanguard Press
Tales of the South Pacific
James A. Michener
Helmet For My Pillow
Robert Leckie
Edwards Park
Smithsonian Press
Angels Twenty
Edwards Park
McGraw-Hill Professional
Letter From New Guinea
Vern Haugland
Farrar & Rinehart
Lonely Vigil
Walter Lord
Viking Press / Naval Inst Press
Beyond Pearl Harbor The Untold Stories of Japan's Navy Airmen
Ron Werneth
The Heavenly Body
Robert E. Shanks
Infinity Publishing
What Price Bushido?
Alf Baker
Love, War and the 96th Engineers
Hyman Samuelson
University of Illinois Press
Come What Will
Richard W. Titus
Self Published
Wiley's Island
or, Island belong Wiley
Delmar D. Wiley
The Last True Explorer
Into Darkest New Guinea

Philip Temple
Almost A Family: A Memoir
John Darnton
General Kenney Reports
by George C. Kenney
University of Michigan Library
Empire of the Sun
J. G. Ballard
Simon & Schuster
The War Diaries of Eddie Allan Stanton
Eddie Allan Stanton
Allen & Unwin
Pilots Also Pray
Thomas D. Harmon

Eighty Three Years of Memories 1905-1988
Allan Champion
Letters from the Papuan Bush 1942-1946
by S. R. M. Gill
Eaton Press
Baseball Battle and a Bride
An Okie in World War II

James Bement
World War Two Memoirs of A Fighter Pilot
Clarence E. Wolgemuth
Into Darkness
A Pilot's Journey Through Headhunter Territory

Edward T. Imparato
Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice
Adam Makos
Echoes From an Eagle
Ken Elder Bledsoe
Colcon Press
Wreaking Havoc A Year in an A-20
Joseph W. Rutter
Texas A&M University Press
Fighter Pilot
Ralph H. Wandrey
Jungle Ace: Col. Gerald R. Johnson, the USAAF's Top Fighter Leader of the Pacific War
John R. Bruning, Jr.
Our Jungle Road To Tokyo
Robert L. Eichelberger
A PT Skipper in the South Pacific: A Naval Officer's Memoir of Service on PTs ans a PT Boat Tender
Kenneth W. Prescott
Wings of Destiny
Wing Commander Charles Learmonth

Charles Page
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
The Edge of Nowhere: Reaching The Remote Kobon People of Papua New Guinea
Fast Boasts and Fast Times Memories Of A PT Boat Sipper In The South Pacific
David M. Levy and Gerald A. Meehl
Missionary Turns Spy
A. P. H. Freund
Lutheran Homes Inc.
A MiG-15 To Freedom
No Kum-Sok
McFarland & Company
The Flight of Jesse Leroy Brown
Theodore Taylor
William Morrow
Rocky Boyer's War
An Unvarnished History of the Air Blitz That Won the War in the Southwest Pacific
by Allen D. Boyer
Two Steps From Glory
A World War II Liaison Pilot Confronts Jim Crow and the Enemy in the South Pacific

by Maj. Welton I. Taylor
Shots Fired in Anger
A Rifleman's View of the War
in the Pacific, 1942-1945
by John B. George
Japanese Camps in the Dutch East Indies 1942–1945
F. J. Erik Kramer
We Pray: Remarks at Press Conference of Secretary of War
Edward V. Rickenbacker

Prisoner of War (POW) Autobiographies, Biographies and Memoirs
Devil At My Heels
Louis Zamperini
William Morrow
Prisonera's Base and Home Again
The Story of a Missionary P.O.W.

James Benson
The Martyrs of Papua New Guinea
Theo Aerts
Horio You Next Die!
Joseph Nason
Pacific Rim Press
M.I.A. Over Rabaul South Pacific
John B. Kepchia
Undaunted Valor The Men of Mukden In Their Own Words
Sheldon Zimbler
Field of Spears
Last Mission of the Jordan Crew

Gregory Hadley
Accused American War Criminal
Robert R. Martindale
Eakin Press
13th Mission
The Saga of a POW Camp Omori, Tokyo

Robert R. Martindale
Beyond Death and Dishonour
One Japanese at war in New Zealand

Michiharu Shinya
Fight For Survival
James A. McMurria
Honoribus Press
Hog Wild–1945
Dwight Rider
Bookstand Publishing
Southwest Passage The Yanks in the Pacific
John Lardner
Sharing The Climb
Nancy H. White
Combat Officer
A Memoir of the War in the South Pacific

Charles H. Walker
Dick Bong
Ace of Aces

George C. Kenney
Ace of Aces
The Dick Bong Story

by Carl Bong & Mike O'Conner

Fine Art, Artists & Pacific Artwork
War In Pacific Skies
Featuring the Aviation Art of Jack Fellows
The Art of William S. Phillips: The Glory of Flight
Greenwich Workshop Press
165 Days A Story of the 25th Division On Luzon
William De Jarnette

Japanese Autobiographies, Biographies & Novels
Saburo Sakai
Pocket Press
Ôzora no samurai
Saburo Sakai
(Japanese language)
Winged Samurai
Henry Sakaida
Champlin Fighter Museum
No Surrender
My Thirty - Year War
Hiroo Onoda
Naval Institute Press
Oba The Last Samurai
Don Jones
Presido Press
 Naval Land Unit That
Disappeared in the Jungle

Tetsuo Watanabe
National Library of Australia
Shoichii Morii
28 Years  in the Guam Jungle
Sankei Shimbun Fuji Terebi Tokubetsu Shuzaihan
The Niihau Incident
Allan Beekman
Heritage Press Pacific 1982
I-Boat Captain
Zenji Orita
Major Books
Japanese Destroyer Captain
Tameichi Hara
Ballentine Books
The Reluctant Admiral
Hiroyuki Agawa
Yamamoto Autopsy
(Japanese language)
Saigo No Hikotei
(The Last Flying Boat)

Tsuneo Hitsuji
Papua Jin Mandol
Akira Tokuno
(Japanese language)
Samurai Zerosen Kisha kamera ga toraeta zerosentai hiwa
Hajime Yoshida
Ballale Naval Engineering Group
Kotaro Sato
Admiral Jinichi Kusaka Nothing new on the Rabaul Front
Jinichi Kusaka
Minami No Sora Ni Geta Haite Kaigun Suijouki-Tai Kuusenki
Keiyu Takei
Haran No Sora Ni Ikite
Keizo Kondo
Horonbail no arawashi
Tokurou Irie
Masu Shobo
Fading Victory
The Diary of Admiral Matome Ugaki, 1941-1945

Naval Institute Press
1,000 Days in Siberia The Odyssey of a Japanese-American POW
Iwao Peter Sano
Shooting Down
Koujirou Matsumura
Glory in a Line: A Life of Foujita
The Artist Caught Between East & West

Phyllis Birnbaum
Seinen Arawashi Kani Syousa
(Young Fighter Major Kani)

Mich Sekine
The Path of Infinite Sorrow
The Japanese on the Kokoda Track

Craig & Marutani & Hajime Collie
Attack On Yamamoto
Carroll V. Glines
Schiffer Publishing
Tokyo Underworld
Robert Whiting
Tales of a War Pilot
Richard C. Kirkland
Smithsonian Institution Press
Senshi Sosho
102 Volume History
Japanese Monographs
185 Volume History

Wrecks, WWII Photo Collections, Recovery/Restoration
Rust In Peace
Bruce Adams
Antipodean Publishers
Pacific Aircraft Wrecks And Where to Find Them
Charles Darby
Pacific Island Battlegrounds of World War II
Then & Now
Earl Hinz
WWII Wrecks
of the Truk Lagoon
Dan E. Bailey
North Valley Diver
WWII Wrecks of Palau
Dan E. Bailey
North Valley Diver
WWII Remnants Guam & Mariana
Dave Lotz
Arizona Memorial Museum
The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal
Robert Ballard
Warner Books
Low Level Attack: The Pacific
John W. Lambert
Voyageur Press
War of our Fathers
Relics of Pacific Battlefields

Richard Marin
Pacific Legacy Image
and Memory from WWII

Rex Smith, Gerald Meehl
Sumberged Cultural Resources
Assessment of Micronesia

National Parks Service
The Last New
Guinea Salvage Pirate

Fritz Herscheid
Broken Wings of the Samurai
Robert Mikesh
Airlife Publishing
Meatballs and Dead Birds
James P. Gallagher
Stackpole Books
The Whole Nine Yards
John King
Reed Publishing
Setting Suns
Tom Laemlein
Armor Plate Press
Setting Suns II
Tom Laemlein
Armor Plate Press
Warbird Recovery
Gordon Page
Papua New Guinea Pacific War Images
David Holdsworth
Robert Brown &Assoc.
Papua New Guinea Battlefields
David Holdsworth
University of PNG Press

Missing In Action (MIA), Remains Recovery
A Missing Plane
Susan Sheehan
Berkley Books
The Searchers
Jim Eames
U of Queensland
Where They Lay
Earl Swift
Bantam Press
You Are Not Forgotten
by Bryan Bender

Videos & Documentaries
Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter
War Department (1943)
With the Marines at Tarawa
Universal Pictures (1944)
Damien Parer’s Kokoda Frontline
Reel (2005)
The Swamp Ghost
Pacific Ghosts
Iwo Jima: Memories in Sand
Land Locked Films
The Legacy of Truk Lagoon
Superior Home Video
A6M5 Zero (DVD)
Roaring Glory Warbirds
P-47 Thunderbolt (DVD)
Roaring Glory Warbirds
TBM Avenger (DVD)
Roaring Glory Warbirds
P-40 Warhawk (VHS Video)
Roaring Glory Warbirds
B-25 Mitchell (VHS Video)
Roaring Glory Warbirds
Guadalcanal Island of Death
Timeless Video (DVD)
Winged Ghosts of the Pacific
Great White (VHS)
 41st Fighter Squadron
312th Bomb Group
MIA General Walker
Last Flight Home
Powers & O'Brien
 Guadalcanal: Island of Death
(DVD) Timeless Video
Australians At War
Last Flight of Bomber 31
Gusap 1944
(DVD-R) RareAviation
Corsair Vs. Zero
(DVD-R) RareAviation

Perishable RUSH
(DVD-R) RareAviation

Army Air Forces Pacific
(DVD-R) Rare Aviation
SeaWolf Productions
(CD/DVD) Shipwrecks of Bikini
The Defender
(VHS) Canadian Television
B-25 Down: Hunt For A Hero
(VHS) Dennis Kane
Guadalcanal Odyssey
(VHS) VCI Video
NOVA B-29 Frozen In Time
(VHS) VCI Video
Lagoon of Lost Ships
(VHS) Jaques Cousteau
5th Air Force In Color
(DVD) Aerothentic Publications
5th Air Force Newsreels
(DVD) Aerothentic Publications
The Emperor's
Naked Army Marches On

Kazuo Hara
The Bomber Reef
Walt Deas (2005)
Black Jack's Last Mission
Steve Birdsall (1988)
War Wrecks of the Coral Sea
PBS Nature (2003)
A6M2 Zero 3647
Echoes from the Apocalypse
Tinian 60 Years Later

Eleven A WWII Documentary
George Retelas
3D CGI Zero Fighter
Masaru Tochibayashi
Futabasha (Book + DVD)
3DCG The Aircraft Carrier
Masaru Tochibayashi
Futabasha (Book + DVD)

Travel Guides & Georgraphic References
25 Best WWII Sites
Pacific Theater

Chuck Thompson
Diving & Snorkeling
Papua New Guinea
Bob Halstead
Lonley Planet
Papua New Guinea (PNG) & Solomons

Lonley Planet
World War II on the Web
J. Douglas Smith
Scholarly Resources
World War II on the Web
J. Douglas Smith
Scholarly Resources
Guide to the Guadalcanal Battlefields
John Innes
Pub. 126 Sailing Direction (Enroute)
Pacific Islands
Pub. 164 Sailing Direction (Enroute)
New Guinea

After The Battle
British Magazine
VALOR / Ghost Wings Magazine
History & Aviation Magazine
Arawasi International
Japanese Aviation History
National Geographic
Ghosts of War

April 1988
Australian Flight Magazine
Classic Wings
NZ Warbirds Magazine
Ciel De Guerre
French World War II Magazine
WWII Ordnance Illustrated Small Arms • Artillery • Armored Vehicles
Armor Plate Press
Bataille Areriennes N°40
Bataille Areriennes N°42
La Ruée Japonaise, la conquête des Indes Néerland
Bataille Areriennes N°43
La Ruée Japonaise: Les japonais s'emparent de Java
Bataille Areriennes N°50
Red Star versus Rising Sun, Nomonham Air Fighting
Japanese Information Clearinghouse (JIC)
David Aiken

Movies About WWII Pacific
Hollywood dramas and non-documenties


CD-ROMs, Multimedia & Games
Pacific Ghosts
WWII Aircraft Wrecks
Combat Flight Simulator 2
WWII Pacific Theater
(PC Game)
Battlefield 1942
Pacific WWII Strategy
(PC Game)
Medal of Honor Rising Sun
WWII Pacific Theatre
Flight Manuals on CD
(CD-ROM) Aircraft Flight Manuals

Pacific Fighters
Pacific Flight Simulator
(PC Game)

Buffie's Best P-38 Lightning

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