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  USS Hornet CV-8
Yorktown Class

26,507 Tons (standard)
770' x 83' 3" x 24' 4" (as burilt)
(as built)
8 × 5 in/38 cal guns
4 × quad 1.1"
24 × .50 cal MG

(July 1942
8 × 5 in/38 cal
5 × Quad 1.1"
32 × 20mm cannons

Aircraft: 90 (as built)

Ship History
USS Hornet CV-8 was the seventh ship in the US Navy with the name Hornet.

Wartime History
During early April 1942, loaded sixteen B-25 Mitchells at NAS Alameda.

On April 18, 1942 sixteen B-25 Mitchells led by Lieutenant Colonel James H Doolittle took off from USS Hornet on a bombing mission against Japan dubbed the "Doolittle Raid". The B-25s hit targets in Tokyo.

Participated in the Battle of Midway.

Battle of Santa Cruz
On October 26, 1942 during the Battle of Santa Cruz, aircraft from Hornet and Enterprise severely damaged Shōkaku and Chikuma. Meanwhile, Hornet was attacked by a coordinated dive bombing and aerial torpedo attack by D3A Val and B5N Kates. In a 15-minute period, Hornet took three bomb hits fromVal dive bombers, another bomb hit (followed by the Val itself crashing into the deck), two torpedo hits from Nakajima B5N "Kates", and one more "Val" crashing into the deck.

Sinking History
Rear Admiral Murray ordered USS Northampton to tow Hornet. Since the Japanese were attacking Enterprise, it allowed Northampton to tow at about 5 knots. While under tow, Hornet came under attack again from another wave of torpedo bombers later in the day. One more "Kate" scored a torpedo hit, and "abandon ship" was ordered.

Captain Charles P. Mason, the last man on board, climbed over the side, and survivors were soon picked up by destroyers. U.S. forces then attempted to scuttle Hornet, which stubbornly absorbed nine torpedoes and more than 400 5" rounds fired from Mustin and Anderson. American ships left the area when Japanese naval forces neared.

Japanese destroyers Makigumo and Akigumo sank Hornet with four 24" torpedoes, sinking the carrier at 1:35pm. Officially, Hornet was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 13 January 1943.

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