Pacific Wrecks
Pacific Wrecks    
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U.S. Navy (USN) warships and vessels
Sinking date shown for losses, some ships appear twice if converted
Ammunition Ship (AE)
USS Mount Hood AE-11  sunk November 10, 1944

Auxiliary General Environmental Research (AGER)
USS Pueblo AGER-2 (FP-344, FS-344, AKL-44)  captured January 23, 1968 dipslayed North Korea

Survey Vessel (AGS/OSS)
USS Pathfinder (AGS-1/OSS 30)  scrapped 1972

Hospital Ship (AH)
USS Comfort (AH-6)  scrapped 1967
USS Hope (AH-7)  scrapped 1978
USS Mercy (AH-8)  scrapped 1970

Cargo Ship (AK)
USS Celeno AK-76  scrapped 1961
USS Etamin AK-93 (Etamin IX-173)  scrapped 1948
USS Serpens AK-97  sunk January 29, 1945
USS Venus AK-135 (SS William Williams)  scrapped 1961

Floating Dry Docks (ABSD)
USS ABSD-2 Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock 2 (AFDB-2)  stricken March 24, 1987 disassembled into sections 1990
USS ABSD-4 Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock 4 (AFDB-4)  stricken April 15, 1989 partially sunk in Seealder Harbor

Floating Crane
Floating Crane  abandoned or sunk off Guadalcanal

Destroyer Tender
USS Melville (AD-2) scrapped August 1948
USS Dobbin (AD-3)  scrapped May 1950

Fleet Oiler (AO)
USS Kanawha (AO-1)  sunk April 7, 1943
USS Neches (AO-5)  sunk January 23, 1943 torpedoed by I-72
USS Trinity (AO-13, Seabeaver)  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS Neosho (AO-23)  scuttled May 11, 1942
USS Sangamon (AO-28) converted to aircraft carrier AVG-26 February 1942 then CVL-26 in July 15, 1943
USS Guadalupe (AO-32)  scrapped 1975
USS USS Victoria (AO-46, USS George G. Henry)  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS Tallulah (AO-50, SS Valley Forge)  scrapped 1987
USS Mississinewa (AO-59) sunk November 20, 1944

Attack Transport (AP/APA/AK/AKA)
USS McCawley APA-4 (AP-10)  sunk June 30, 1943
USS Libra AKA-12 (AK-53/AKA-12/LKA-12)  sold for scrap April 17, 1985
USS American Legion (AP-35, APA-17)
USS President Jackson APA-18 (AP-37)  scrapped April 23, 1973
USS President Adams APA-19 (AP-38/APA-19)  scrapped 1974
USS Crescent City (APA-21)
USS John Penn APA-23 (AP-51) sunk August 13, 1944
USS George Clymer (APA-27)
USS American (APA-35)
USS Elmore APA-42  scrapped circa April 1971
USS Niagara (APA-87)  scrapped February 5, 1950

Minelayer (CM)
USS Ogala (ID-1255 / CM-4 / ARG-1)  sunk December 7, 1941 refloated and repaired scrapped 1955

Auk-class Minesweeper (AM)
USS Rail (AM-26)  ultimate fate unknown
USS Vireo (AM-52 / AT-144 / AT(O)-144)  ultimate fate unknown
USS Starling (AM-64)  transfered Mexico ARM Valentín Gómez Farías (C79/G11/P110)
USS Herald (AM-101)  transfered Mexico ARM Mariano Matamoros (G17)
USS Pilot (AM-104)  transfered Mexico ARM Juan Aldama (C85/G18/P116)
USS Pioneer (AM-105 / MSF-105)  transfered Mexico ARM Leandro Valle (C70 / G01 / P101)
USS Revenge (AM-110/MSF-110)  scrapped May 1967
USS Sage (AM-111)  transfered Mexico ARM Hermenegildo Galeana (C86/G19/P117)
USS Sway (AM-120)  transfered Mexico ARM Ignacio Altamirano (C80/G12/P111) at Guaymas, Mexico
USS Symbol (AM-123)  transfered Mexico ARM Guillermo Prieto (C71/G02/P102)
USS Threat (AM-124)  transfered Mexico ARM Francisco Zarco (C81/G13/P112)
USS Velocity (AM-128 / MSF-128)  transfered Mexico ARM Ignacio L. Vallarta (C82 / G14 / P113)
USS Gayety (AM-239 / RVNS Chi Lăng II HQ-08 / RPS Magat Salamat PS-20)  transfered to South Vietnam and later Philippines
USS Champion (AM-314 / MSF-314)  transfered Mexico to ARM Mariano Escobedo (C72 / G03 / P103)
USS Chief (AM-315 / MSF-315)  transfered Mexico ARM Jesús González Ortega (C83)
USS Competent (AM-316)  transfered Mexico ARM Ponciano Arriaga (G04)
USS Defense (AM-317)  transfered Mexico ARM Manuel Doblado (C73)
USS Devastator (AM-318)  transfered Mexico ARM Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada (C74/G06/P105)
USS Gladiator (AM-319)  transfered Mexico ARM Santos Degollado (C75/G07/P106) at Guaymas, Mexico
USS Spear (AM-322)  transfered Mexico ARM Ignacio de la Llave (C76/G08/P107)
USS Roselle (AM-379/MSF-379)  to Mexico ARM Melchor Ocampo (C78) / Melchor Ocampo (G10) /  Manuel Gutiérrez Zamora (P109)
USS Scoter (AM-381)  transfered Mexico ARM Gutiérrez Zamora (C84) / ARM Melchor Ocampo G16 / Felipe Xicoténcatl (P115)
USS Scoter (AM-381)  transfered Mexico ARM Gutiérrez Zamora (C84/G16/P115)

Admirable-class Minesweeper (AM)
USS Hazard (AM-240/MSF-240)  displayed at Freedom Park in Omaha, Nebraska
USS Inaugural (AM-242/MSF-242)  sunk 1993 Mississippi River
USS Knave (AM-256/MSF-256)  to Mexico ARM DM-13 / ARM Cadete Juan Escutia C56 sunk October 2000 off Puerto Morelos
USS Project (AM-278)  to Philippines RPS Sama M-33 stricken 1960
USS Ransom (AM-283/MSF-283) ARM DM-12 / ARM Teniente Juan de la Barrera C55 sunk October 2000 off Cozumel
USS Scrimmage (AM-297) MV Giant II / MS Mahi  sunk February 1982 off Oahu
USS Scuffle (AM-298)  to Mexico ARM DM-05 / ARM General Felipe Xicoténcatl C53 sunk June 2000 off Cozumel
USS Harlequin (AM-365/MSF-365)  to Mexico RM DM-20/Oceanográfico/General Pedro María Anaya/Aldabaran sunk May 2000

Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper (YMS)
YMS-51  sunk April 29, 1945
YMS-329  sunk April 28, 1945
YMS-363  sunk May 1, 1945
YMS-364  sunk May 1, 1945
YMS-481  sunk May 1, 1945

Repair Ship (AR)
USS Medusa (AR-1)
USS Vestal (AR-4)  sold for scrap July 28, 1950
USS Ortolan (ASR-5)  sold August 20, 1947 ultimate fate unknown
USS Chanticleer (ARS-7)  sold for scrap June 1, 1974
USS Sperry (AS-12)  sold for scrap 2011
USS Laertes (AR-20)

Rescue and Salvage Vessel (ARS)
USS Shackle (ARS-9) / USCGC Acushnet (WMEC-167/WAGO-167/WAT-167)
USS Safeguard (ARS-50 / USNS Safeguard (T-ARS-50)
USS Grasp (ARS-51) / USNS Grasp (T-ARS-51)
USS Salvor (ARS-52) / USNS Salvor (T-ARS-52)
USS Grapple (T-ARS-53) / USNS Grapple (T-ARS-53)

Submarine (SS)

Submarine Tender (AS)
USS Holland (AS-3)
USS Fulton (AS-11)

Fleet Tug (AT)
USS Conestoga AT-54 / SP-1128  sunk March 21, 1921 discovered 2009, identified 2016
USS Cocopa (ATF-101)  transfered to Mexico as ARM Seri (RE-03)  still in use as of 2009
USS Menominee (AT-73)  transfered to Indonesia as KRI Rakata (928) sunk as target 2004
USS Rail (AT-139)  sold for scrap 1947
USS Seminole (AT-65)  sunk October 25, 1942

Harbor Tug (YT)
USS Sotoyomo (YT-9)  December 7, 1941 sunk but later raised and repaired

Battleship (BB)
USS Utah BB-31 / AG-16  sunk December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
USS New York BB-34  sunk July 8, 1948
USS Texas BB-35  displayed at the Battleship Texas State Historic Site in LaPorte, TX
USS Nevada BB-36  sunk July 31, 1948
USS Oklahoma BB-37  sunk December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona BB-39  sunk December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
USS New Mexico (BB-40)  scrapped 1947
USS Mississippi BB-41  sold for scrap November 28, 1956
USS California BB-44  sold for scrap July 10 1959
USS Colorado BB-45  scrapped July 23, 1959
USS Maryland BB-46  scrapped July 8, 1959
USS West Virginia BB-48  sold for scrap August 24, 1959
USS North Carolina BB-55  displayed Wilmington, NC
USS Washington BB-56  scrapped 1961
USS South Dakota BB-57  sold for scrap October 25, 1962
USS Indiana BB-58  sold for scrap September 6, 1963
USS Massachusetts BB-59  displayed at Battleship Cove
USS Alabama BB-60  displayed at Mobile, AL
USS Iowa BB-61  display as USS Iowa Museum at Pacific Battleship Center in the Port of Los Angeles
USS New Jersey BB-62  displayed at Camden, NJ
USS Missouri BB-63  displayed at Pearl Harbor, HI
USS Wisconsin BB-64  displayed at the Battleship Museum USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia

Cruiser / Armored Cruiser / Protected Cruiser
USS Baltimore (C-3, CM-1)  scuttled September 22, 1944 discovered August 2017 by Hawaii Undersea Research Lab (HURL)
USS Rochester (CA-2 USS New York ACR-2, USS Saratoga ACR-2)  scuttled December 1941
USS Olympia (C-6 CA-15, CL-15, IX-40)   displayed at Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Heavy Cruiser (CA)
USS Pensacola (CA-24)  sunk November 10, 1948
USS Salt Lake City (CA-25)  sunk May 25, 1948
USS Northampton (CL-26 / CA-26) sunk December 1, 1942
USS Chester CA-27  scrapped 1959
USS Louisville (CA-28, CL-28)  scrapped 1959
USS Chicago (CA-29, CL-29) sunk January 30, 1943 Battle Of Rennell Island
USS Houston (CA-30) sunk February 28, 1942
USS Augusta (CA-31)  scrapped November 9, 1959
USS New Orleans (CA-32)  scrapped 1959
USS Portland (CA-33) scrapped 1959
USS Astoria (CA-34) sunk August 9, 1942
USS Indianapolis (CA-35) sunk July 30, 1945
USS Minneapolis (CA-36)  scrapped July 1960
USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37)  scrapped 1959
USS San Francisco (CA-38)  scrapped May 1961
USS Quincy (CA-39) sunk August 9, 1942
USS Wichita (CA-45) scrapped 1959
USS Santa Fe (CL-60)
USS Mobile (CL-63)
USS Baltimore (CA-68)  scrapped 1972
USS Canberra (CA-70, CAG-2)  scrapped 1980

Light Cruiser (CL)
USS Raleigh (CL-7) December 7, 1941 heavily damaged but repaired
USS Detroit (CL-8)  scrapped February 1946
USS Concord (CL-10)  scrapped 1947
USS Marblehead (CL-12)  scrapped February 27, 1946
USS Houston (CL-30)  reclassified as a heavy cruiser on July 1, 1931
USS Nashville (CL-43, Capitán Prat CL-03, Chacabuco)  scrapped 1985
USS Phoenix (CL-46)  sold to Argentine Navy Diecisiete de Octubre (C-4) / ARA General Belgrano sunk 2 May 1982 Falklands War
USS Boise (CL-47)  sold to Argentine Navy Nueve de Julio (C-5) scrapped 1983
USS Honolulu (CL-48)  sunk January 29, 1943 Battle Of Rennell Island
USS St. Louis (CL-49)  sunk August 24, 1980
USS Helena (CL-50)  sunk July 5-6, 1943
USS Atlanta (CL-51)  sunk November 12-13, 1942
USS San Diego (CL-53)  scrapped December 1960
USS Montpelier (CL-57)  scrapped 1960
USS Denver (CL-58)  scrapped 1960
USS Little Rock (CL-92/CLG-4/CG-4)  donated to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park as a memorial open for tours
USS Atlanta (CL-104)  sunk October 1, 1970 as target
USS Juneau (CL-199)  scrapped April 29, 1960

Aircraft Carrier (CV)
USS Langley (CV-1, AV-3) Scuttled February 27, 1942
USS Lexington (CV-2)  sunk May 8, 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea
USS Saratoga CV-3  sunk July 25, 1946 by Test Baker at Bikini Atoll
USS Ranger CV-4  scrapped 1947
USS Yorktown CV-5 sunk June 7, 1942
USS Enterprise CV-6
USS Wasp (CV-7)  sunk September 15, 1942 *
USS Hornet CV-8) *
USS Essex (CV-9, CVA-9 / CVS-9)  scrapped 1975
USS Yorktown (CV-10, CVA-10, CVS-10)  displayed at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant, SC.
USS Intrepid (CV-11, CVA-11, CVS-11)  displayed at Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum in New York City, NY.
USS Hornet (CV-12)  displayed at as USS Hornet Museum at NAS Alameda in Alameda, CA.
USS Franklin (CV-13)  scrapped 1966.
USS Ticonderoga (CV-14, CVA-14, CVS-14)  scrapped 1974
USS Randolph CV-15  scrapped 1975
USS Lexington CV-16  displayed USS Lexington Museum on the Bay at Corpus Christi, TX
USS Bunker Hill (CV-17, CVA-17 / CVS-17 / AVT-9)  scrapped 1973
USS Wasp CV-18 (CVA-18 / CVS-18)  scrapped 1973
USS Hancock CV-19 scrapped 1976
USS Bennington CV-20 (CVA-20 / CVS-20) scrapped 1994
USS Boxer CV-21  scrapped 1971
USS Independence CV-22 (CVL-22)  scuttled 1951
USS Princeton CV-23 (CVL-23)  sunk October 24, 1944 *
USS Belleau Wood CV-24 (CVL-24)
  transfered to the French Navy then returned 1960, scrapped 1960
USS Cowpens CV-25 (CVL-25, AVT-1)  scrapped 1960
USS Monterey CV-26 (CVL-26)  scrapped May 1971
USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31  scrapped 1992
USS Leyte CV-32 (CVA-32, CVS-32, AVT-10)
 scrapped 1970
USS Shangri-La (CV-38)  scrapped August 9, 1988
USS Midway (CV-41, CVB-41, CVA-41)  displayed at USS Midway Museum in San Diego
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42)  scrapped 1978

Escort Carrier (CVE)
USS Long Island (CVE-1)  scrapped 1977
USS Copahee (CVE-12)  scrapped 1961
USS Nassau (CVE-16)  scrapped 1961
USS Barnes (CVE-20)  scrapped 1959
USS Block Island (CVE-21)  sunk by three torpedoes from U-549
USS Breton (CVE-23)  scrapped 1972
USS Sangamon (CVE-26)  converted from oiler AO-28 during February 1942
USS Suwannee (CVE-27)  scrapped June 1962
USS Chenango (CVE-28)
USS Baffins CVE-35 (AVG-35, ACV-35, HMS Ameer)
USS Winjah (CVE-54) / HMS HMS Reaper (D82)  scrapped 1967
USS Liscome Bay (CVE-56)  sunk November 24, 1943 *
USS Anzio (CVE-57)
USS Manila Bay CVE-61  scrapped 1959
USS Natoma Bay (CVE–62)
USS St. Lo (CVE-63 / AVG-63 / ACV-63)  sunk October 25, 1944 by kamikaze attack
USS White Plains (CVE-66)
USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68  scrapped 1946
USS Tulagi (CVE-72)
USS Kadashan Bay (CVE-76)
USS Ommaney Bay CVE-79  sunk January 4, 1945
USS Sargent Bay (CVE-83)  scrapped 1959
USS Gambier Bay CVE-93  sunk October 25, 1944 *
USS Kwajalein CVE-98  scrapped 1961
USS Block Island (CVE-106)  scrapped 1960
USS Gilbert Islands CVE-107  scrapped 1979

Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL)
USS Independence CVL-22 (CV-22)  scuttled 1951
USS Princeton CVL-23  sunk October 24, 1944 *
USS Belleau Wood CVL-24  transfered to the French Navy then returned 1960, scrapped 1960
USS Cowpens CVL-25 (CV-25, AVT-1)  scrapped 1960
USS Monterey CVL-26 (CV-26)  scrapped May 1971
USS Langley CVL-27  scrapped 1964
USS Cabot CVL-28  scrapped 2002
USS Bataan CVL-29 (ATV-4)  scrapped 1961
USS San Jacinto CV-30 (AVT-5)  scrapped 1971

Destroyer (DD), Destroyer Escort (DE), Destroyer Minesweeper (DMS), Light Minelayer (DM), High Speed Minesweeper (DMS), High Speed Transport (APD), Auxiliary Seaplane Tender (AVD) and Miscellaneous Auxiliary (AG)
USS Manley (DD-74, AG-28, APD-1)  sold for scrap November 26, 1946
USS Little (DD-79, APD-4)  sunk September 5, 1942 at 3:40am by gunfire from Japanese destroyers
USS Gregory (DD-82, APD-3)  sunk September 5, 1942 by gunfire from Japanese destroyers
USS Rathburne (DD-113, APD-25)  sold for scrap November 1946
USS Little (DD-79, APD-4) sunk September 5, 1942
USS Gregory (DD-82, APD-3)  sunk September 5, 1942 at 1:40am by gunfire from Japanese destroyers
USS McKean (DD-90, APD-5)  sunk November 17, 1943
USS Talbot (DD-114, APD-7)  scrapped January 30, 1946
USS Waters (DD-115, APD-8)  scrapped May 10, 1946
USS Breese (DD-122, DM-18)  scrapped May 16, 1946
USS Gamble (DD-123, DM-15)  scuttled July 16, 1945 outside Apra Harbor off Guam
USS Ward (No. 139, DD-139, APD-16)  sunk December 7, 1944 Battle of Ormoc Bay
USS Ramsay (DD-124, DM-16, AG-98)  scrapped November 21, 1946
USS Elliot (DD-146, DMS-4, AG-104)  scrapped January 29, 1946
USS Crosby (No. 164, DD-164, APD-17)
USS Thomason (DE-203)  scrapped June 30, 1969
USS Liddle (DE-206, APD-60)  sold for scrap 1967
USS Southard (DD-207, DMS-10)
USS Kephart (DE-207, APD-61) transfered to the Republic of Korea Navy as Kyong Puk PF-82 scrapped 1985
USS Hovey (DD-208, DMS-11) sunk January 7, 1945 by kamikaze
USS Long (DD-209)  sunk January 6, 1945 by kamikaze
USS Barker (DD-213)  scrapped November 30, 1945
USS Tracy (DD-214, DM-19)  scrapped May 16, 1946
USS John D. Edwards (DD-216)  scrapped November 30, 1945
USS Parrott (DD-218)  scrapped April 5, 1947
USS Edsall (DD-219)  sunk March 1, 1942
USS Bulmer (DD-222)  scrapped February 19, 1947
USS Stewart (DD-224) scuttled March 2, 1942 repaired by the Japanese as Patrol Boat No. 102
USS Pope (DD-225)  sunk March 1, 1942 *
USS Peary (DD-226)  sunk February 19, 1942
USS Pillsbury (DD-227)  sunk March 2, 1942 by Japanese cruisers Atago and Takao
USS Brooks (DD-232 / APD-10) scrapped January 30, 1946
USS McFarland (DD-237 / AVD-14)  sold for scrap October 29, 1946
USS Ballard (DD-267, AVD-10)  scrapped May 23, 1946
USS Putnmam (DD-287)  scrapped January 17, 1931
USS Worden (DD-288)  scrapped January 17, 1931
USS Dale (DD-290, SS Masaya) sunk March 28, 1943
USS Osborne (DD-295, SS Matagalpa)  burned June 26, 1942, scuttled September 6, 1947
USS Zane DD-337 (DMS-14/AG-109)  scrapped 1947
USS Trever (DD-339, DMS-16, AG-110)  scrapped 1946
USS Perry (DD-340, DMS-17)  sunk September 14, 1944 *
USS William B. Preston (DD-344, AVP-20, AVD-7)  scrapped November 6, 1946
USS Preble (DD-345, DM-20, AG-99)  scrapped 1946
USS Macdonough (DD-351)  scrapped 1946
USS Worden (DD-352)  grounded January 12, 1943
USS Monaghan (DD-354)
USS Aylwin (DD-355)
USS Selfridge (DD-357)  scrapped December 20, 1946
USS Phelps (DD-360)  scrapped August 1947
USS Mahan (DD-364)  sunk December 7, 1944 during Battle of Ormoc Bay
USS Drayton (DD-366)  scrapped December 1946
USS Lamson (DD-367)  sunk July 1, 1946 during test "Able" atomic bomb
USS Reid (DD-369)
USS Case (DD-370)
USS Conyngham (DD-371)
USS Cassin (DD-372)  December 7, 1941 destroyed, parts salvaged
USS Shaw (DD-373)  December 7, 1941 heavy damage, scrapped July 1946
USS Downes (DD-375)  December 7, 1941 destroyed, parts salvaged and recomissioned, scrapped November 18, 1947
USS Cushing (DD-376)  sunk November 13, 1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
USS Perkins (DD-377) sunk November 29, 1942 after collision with MV Duntroon
USS Smith (DD-378)
USS Preston (DD-379) sunk November 14, 1942 by gunfire during the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
USS Gridley (DD-380)  sold for scrap August 20, 1947
USS Craven (DD-382)  sold for scrap October 2, 1947
USS Bagley (DD-386)  scrapped September 8, 1947
USS Blue (DD-387) sunk August 22, 1942 *
USS Helm (DD-388)  December 7, 1941 light damage
USS Mugford (DD-389) sunk March 22, 1948 off Kwajalein
USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390)
USS Henley (DD-391) sunk October 3, 1943
USS Patterson (DD-392)
USS Jarvis (DD-393) sunk August 9, 1942
USS Ellet (DD-398)
USS McCall (DD-400)
USS Maury (DD-401)
USS Edmonds (DE-406) scrapped September 20, 1973
USS Sterett (DD-407)  scrapped August 10, 1947
USS Sims (DD-409) sunk May 7, 1942
USS Hughes (DD-410)  sunk October 16, 1948 off Kwajalein
USS Anderson (DD-411) sunk July 1, 1946 Bikini Atoll
USS Hammann (DD-412) sunk June 6, 1942 by I-168 during the Battle of Midway
USS Mustin (DD-413)  scuttled April 18, 1948 by gunfire off Kwajalein
USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413)  sunk October 25, 1944
USS Walke (DD-416) sunk November 15, 1942 by gunfire and a torpedo during the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
USS Kearny (DD-432)  scrapped October 6, 1972
USS Gwin (DD-433)  damaged July 13, 1943 scuttled
USS Meredith (DD-434)  sunk October 15, 1942 by carrier planes from Shokaku and Zuikaku.
USS Monssen (DD-436) sunk November 13, 1942 during the first phase of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
USS Fletcher (DD-445)  scrapped 1972
USS Radford (DD-446)  scrapped 1970
USS Jenkins (DD-447)
USS Nicholas (DD-449)
USS O'Bannon (DD-450)  scrapped June 6, 1970
USS Chevalier (DD-451)
USS Ellyson (DD-454/DMS-19)  scrapped 1970
USS Laffey (DD-459) sunk November 13, 1942 during the first phase of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
USS Woodworth (DD-460)
USS Saufley (DD-465) sunk February 20, 1968
USS Strong (DD-467) sunk July 5, 1943
USS De Haven (DD-469) sunk February 1, 1943
USS Bache (DD-470)
USS Bennett (DD-473)
USS Emmons (DD-475, DMS-22) sunk April 6, 1945
USS Hutchins (DD-476)
USS Pringle (DD-477)  sunk April 1, 1945 *
USS Aaron Ward (DD-483)  sunk April 7, 1943 by Japanese aircraft
USS Buchanan (DD-484)  transfered to Turkey as TCG Gelibolu (D-346) scrapped 1976
USS Duncan (DD-485) sunk October 12, 1942
USS Stanly (DD-478)  scrapped 1972
USS Lansdowne (DD-486 TCG Gaziantep D 344)  transfered to Turkey as Gaziantep scrapped 1973
USS Lardner (DD-487)  transfered to Turkey as TCG Gemlik D 347 sunk November 21, 1982 as a target
USS McCalla (DD-488)  transferred to Turkey as TCG Giresun D 345 scrapped 1973
USS Farenholt (DD-491)  scrapped November 1972
USS Philip (DD-498, DDE-498) sunk February 2, 1972
USS Renshaw (DD-499)  scrapped October 1970
USS Ringgold (DD-500)  transfered to West Germany as Zerstörer 2 then transfered to Greece as Kimon scrapped 1993
USS Conway (DD-507) sunk as target June 26, 1970
USS Anthony (DD-515) sunk as target May 16, 1979
USS Wadsworth (DD-516) scrapped 1991
USS Brownson (DD-518) sunk December 26, 1943
USS Daly (DD-519)
USS Abner Read (DD-526)
USS John J. Powers (DE-528)  scrapped February 1946
USS Bush (DD-529) sunk April 6, 1945
USS Hazelwood (DD-531)
USS Heermann (DD-532)
USS Hoel (DD-533)
USS Lewis (DE-535)
USS John D. Henley (DD-553)
USS Johnston (DD-557)  sunk October 25, 1944
USS Prichett (DD-561) / Geniere (D 555)  transferred to Italy 1970 scrapped 1975
USS Aulick (DD-569)
USS Burns (DD-588)
USS Barton (DD-599) sunk November 13, 1942 during Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.
USS Meade (DD-602) sunk February 1973 as a target
USS Frazier (DD-607)  scrapped October 6, 1972
USS Kalk (DD-611)  sunk March 1969 as target
USS Jeffers (DD-621 / DMS-27)  scrapped 1973
USS England (DE-635)  sold for scrap November 26, 1946
USS Sigourney (DD-643)  scrapped July 31, 1975
USS Kidd (DD-661)
USS Gatling (DD-671)
USS Underhill (DE-682)  sunk July 24, 1945 by Kaiten
USS Cooper (DD-695)  sunk December 3, 1944
USS George (DE-697)
USS Raby (DE-698)
USS Walke (DD-723) scrapped 1975
USS O'Brien (DD-725)  sunk July 13, 1972 as a target off California
USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733) sunk April 12, 1945 by Ohka (Baka) off Okinawa
USS USS Samuel N. Moore (DD-747) transfered to Taiwan 1969 sunk as a target May 1995
USS Shea (DD-750 / DM-30 / MMD-30)  scrapped 1974
USS Strong (DD-758 / DE-758) / Rio Grande do Norte (D-37)  sunk 1997 off Durban while under tow from Brazil to India for scrapping
USS Slater DE-766 (Aetos D01)  displayed at the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum in Albany, NY
USS Ebert (DE-768)  sunk July 2002 as target
USS Aaron Ward (DD-773 / DM-34)  scrapped 1946
USS Hugh W. Hadley (DD-774) scrapped 1947
USS Stormes (DD-780)  sold to Iran 1972 renamed Palang (DDG-9 / D 62) non-operation since 1994 fate unknown
USS Henderson (DD-785)  sold to Pakistan 1980 renamed PNS Tughril (D167) renamed Nazim decommissioned 2001 fate unknown
USS Seaman (DD-791)  scrapped 1961
USS Cassin Young (DD-793)  displayed at Boston National Historical Park
USS Preston (DD-795)  sold to Turkey renamed İçel (D 344) scrapped 1981
USS Monssen (DD-798)  scrapped 1963
USS Colhoun (DD-801)  damaged April 6, 1945 by kamikaze aircraft and returned to United States
USS Little (DD-803)  sunk May 3, 1945 by kamikaze off Okinawa
USS Basilone (DD-824)  sunk on April 9, 1982
USS Joseph P. Kennedy (DD-850)  displayed at Battleship Cove
USS Orleck (DD-886) / Yücetepe (D 345)  transfered to Turkey then returned to the United States today USS Orleck Naval Museum
USS O'Hare (DD-889)  transfered to Spain as Méndez Núñez D-63 scrapped 1992
USS Meredith DD-890  transfered to Turkey as TCG Savaştepe (D 348)
USS Van Voorhis (DE-1028)  scrapped 1973
USS Jesse L. Brown (DE-1089) / Damiyat F961  sold to Egypt Damiyat F961

FP-Type Freight and Cargo (FS)
FS-172  ran aground and sank July 1946 near Cape Croisilles on New Guinea
FS-177  sunk July 17, 1972

Unidentified Landing Craft
Unidentified Landing Craft  sunk off Kwajalein
Concrete Barge  sunk off Kwajalein

Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) / LCI(L) / LCI(M)
USS LCI(L)-24 / USS LCI(G)-24  sold December 13, 1946 and likely broken up afterwards
USS LCI(L)-327
  scuttled October 30, 1947 in Kwajalein Atoll
USS LCI(L)-328 
USS LCI(L)-329  scuttled March 16, 1948 in Kwajalein Atoll
USS LCI(L)-330 (Siasconset)  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LCI(L)-334 
USS LCI(L)-335 
USS LCI(L)-339  damaged September 4, 1943 and sunk into Huon Gulf
USS LCI(L)-336 
USS LCI(L)-600  sunk January 12, 1945 by Kaiten with the loss of three crew
USS LCI(M)-807 / USS LCI(G)-807 / USS LCI(L)-807  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped

Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM)
LCM(3) P-56  displayed at Battleship Cove
LCM(3)  sunk off Gavutu Island

Landing Craft Tank (LCT)
USS LCT(5)-68  scrapped January 2, 1946
USS LCT(5)-181  stricken January 8, 1946 ultimate fate unknown, likely scrapped.

Landing Ship Medium (LSM)
USS LSM-201  sold for scrap on November 10, 1946 and scrapped afterwards
USS LSM(R)-195  sunk on May 3, 1945 off Okinawa

Landing Ship Tank (LST)
USS LST-18  landed at Tanahmerah on April 24, 1944
USS LST-169  scrapped circa 1947
USS LST-245  scrapped circa 1948
USS LST-325  museum ship in Evansville, Indiana
USS LST-340 (USS Spark, IX-196)  damaged June 16, 1943 repaired
USS LST-342  sunk July 18, 1943, bow beached at Florida Island
USS LST-353  sunk May 21, 1944 West Lock in Pearl Harbor
USS LST-393  museum ship in Muskegon, Michigan.
USS LST-454  scrapped 1947
USS LST-452  sold 1947 ultimate fate unknown
USS LST-456 (Q043, USNS T-LST-456, MV Karkas, MV Bshair)  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-480  sunk May 20, 1944 due to an ammunition explosion in West Lock
USS LST-510  still in use today as a passenger and auto ferry operating between Connecticut and New York.
USS LST-577  sunk February 10, 1945 by a torpedo fired by RO-50
USS LST-711  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-807  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-821 / USS Harnett County / RVNS My Tho / BRP Sierra Madre  ran aground 1999 Second Thomas Shoal
USS LST-927  scrapped December 9, 1947
USS LST-974  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-1110 (USS San Bernardion County, RPS Chung Chiang)  scrapped 1993

Liberty Ship (EC2-S-C1)

Motor Gunboat (PGM)
USS PGM-7  sunk July 18, 1944

Patrol Gunboat (PG) / Motor Torpedo Boat Tender (AGP)
USS Charleston (PG-51)
USS Niagara (AGP-1, PG-52, CMc-2)  sunk May 23, 1942
USS Jamestown (PG-55, AGP-3, Savarona, Alder)  sold December 16, 1946 ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS Hilo (PG-58 / AGP-2)  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS Oyster Bay (AGP-6, AVP-28)  transfered to Itay

Motor Torpedo Boat (PT-Boat)
List of U.S. Navy PT Boats that served in the Pacific War

Seaplane Tender (AV, AVP, AVD)
USS Curtiss AV-4  scrapped February 1972
USS Swan (AVP-7, AM-34)  scrapped 1946
USS Tangier (AV-8)  scrapped 1974
USS Pocomoke (AV-9)
USS Casco (AVP-12 / USCGC Casco (WAVP-370, WHEC-370)  sunk as target May 15, 1969 in the North Atlantic
USS Gillis (DD-260, AVD-12)
USS Mackinac (AVP-13 / USCGC Mackinac WAVP-371, WHEC‑371)  sunk July 23, 1968 as a target off Virginia
USS Chincoteague (AVP-24)
USS Coos Bay (AVP-25)
USS Half Moon (AVP-26)
USS William B. Preston (DD-344 / AVP-20 / AVD-7)
USS Ballard (DD-267 / AVD-10)

USS Lanikai  sunk 1947 during typhoon

Subchaster (PC, SC)
USS PC-487 (Larchmont)  transfered to Venezuela ultimate fate unknown.
USS SC-699  transfered to the Philippines 1947 ultimate fate unknown.
USS SC-750
USS SC-772

Transport & Ocean Liner (SS, USAT, USS)
SS Masaya (Formerly USS Dale DD-290)  sunk March 28, 1943
SS Matagalpa (Formally USS Osborne DD-295)  Burned June 26, 1942, scuttled September 6, 1947
USAT Liberty  sunk January 11, 1942
SS President Coolidge  sunk October 26, 1942 accidental collision with a mine
SS President Grant  grounded February 26, 1944
USS President Taylor (Granite State, President Polk)  Grounded February 14, 1942
SS Stanvac Manila  sunk May 24, 1943

Victory Ship (VC2-S-AP2, VC2-S-AP3)
SS American Victory  displayed at Tampa, Florida at SS American Victory Ship Mariners Memorial Museum
SS Lane Victory  docked San Pedro operated by US Merchant Marine Veterans of WWII
SS Red Oak Victory  displayed at the Rosie the Riveter / World War II Home Front National Historical Park
SS Simmons Victory / USS Liberty (AG-168, AGTR-5)  served in the Pacific and Korea damaged Arab-Israeli Six-Day War scrapped 1973

Fuel Barge Non Self-Propelled (YON)
USS Erskine M. Phelps (YON-147)  sunk April 7, 1943 later raised and salvaged

District Patrol Craft
USS YP-284  sunk October 25, 1942 by gunfire from Japanese destroyers

Unclassified Miscellaneous Vessel (IX)
USS Olympia (IX-40)  displayed Philadelphia, PA
Etamin IX-173 (USS Etamin AK-93)  scrapped 1948
USS Ocelot (IX-110)  sold for scrap 1948
USS Armadillo (IX-111)
USS Abarenda (IX-131)
USS Spark (IX-196)  formally USS LST-340
IX-522  section D of USS AFBD-2 at NAVSEA Inactive Ships On-Site Maintenance Office at Pearl Harbor.
IX-524  section F of USS AFBD-2 towed to Pacific Missile Range Facility at Kekaha, Hawaii
IX-535  section H of USS AFBD-2 towed to Pacific Missile Range Facility at Kekaha, Hawaii

Yacht (PY)
USS Isabel (PY-10)  scrapped March 1946

U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)
USCGC Acushnet (USS Shackle ASR-9)  transfersed to the USCG in June 29, 1946
USCGC Taney (WPG-37)  museum ship as part of the Historic Ships in Baltimore Harbor, Maryland
USCGC Casco (WAVP-370, WHEC-370, USS Casco AVP-12)  sunk May 15, 1969 as target in the North Atlantic Ocean
USCGC Mackinac (WAVP-371, WHEC‑371, USS Mackinac AVP-13)  sunk July 23, 1968 sunk as a target off Virginia
USCGC Chincoteague (WAVP-375, WHEC-375 USS Chincoteague AVP-24, RPS Andres Bonifacto (PF-7)  transfered to the Philippines.

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