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Precision Aerospace / Precision Airmotive
Owner - Murray Griffith (deceased)
Postal address: P.O. Box 90, Glenrowan, VIC 3675  Australia
Facility address: Wangaratta Airport, Greta Road, Wangaratta,VIC
Admission $5.00 (adults), closed to the public, see below

Precision Aerospace is a restoration and parts manufacturing company for warbirds founded in 1997. The company moved from Melbourne to Wangaratta to occupy the hanger formally used by Air World. Inside, they have an active restoration shop and aircraft on display, known as "Pacific Aircraft Museum". Precision is a sub-contractor for Fighter Factory / Gerald Yagen on a number of restorations. The company does not have an official website at present. Also known as Precision Aerospace Productions (PAP).

During the 2000's until 2006, Precision Aerospace had the "Pacific Aircraft Museum" open to the public on a donation basis. The museum was closed to the publc. After the owner Murray Griffith passed away, the company was renamed Precision Airmotive.

P-40N "Little Jeanne" Serial Number 42-105915
Restored to flying condition, stored at Precision from 2002 - 2007 sold to a buyer in France

Ki-61 Tony Manufacture Number 299
Displayed at Precision, reportedly, under restoration for PNG Museum

A-20G "Big Nig" Serial Number 43-9436
Salvaged by the RAAF, acquired by Murray Griffith displayed & stored at Precision

CA-16 Wirraway Serial Number A20-704

CA-6 Wackett Serial Number A3-22
Formally Air World collection, displayed at Precision until 2004, moved to RAAF Musuem Point Cook

Vultee Vengence Mark IIA Serial Number A27-247
Center section displayed at Precision

Precision Aerospace
Aircraft under restoration or being used in restorations.

P-40E Kittyhawk Serial Number A29-53

P-40N Warhawk Serial Number 42-104986
Tail section only original, rest of aircraft new built. First flight March 6, 2016

P-40M Kittyhawk A29-366
Under restoration and offered for sale

P-40M Kittyhawk Serial Number A29-310
Under restoration

P-39F Airacobra Serial Number 41-7215
Recovered from Cape York. Under restoration to flying condition

Ki-61 Tony Manufacture Number 640
Arrived 2004, under restoration to be returned to PNG Museum

Ki-61 Tony Manufacture Number 299
Arrived 2004, under restoration from the PNG Museum

F4U-1D Corsair Bureau Number 82640
Under restoration at Precision Aerospace, owned by Gerald Yagen

FG-1A Corsair Bureau Number 87833
Recovered from Lake Washington, owned by Gerald Yagen

OS2U Kingfisher
Under restoration for Gerald Yagen

P-40E Warhawk Serial Number 41-35984
Recovered from Russia by Gerald Yagen under restoration as Cresswel's Darwin aircraf

Outdoor Storage Area
Outside the main restoration and display hanger, there are several aircraft wrecks in storage.

P-38G "Dumbo!" Serial Number 42-12847 Number 37
Salvaged by Robert Greinert in 2002, move to Precision 2004, owner Gerald Yagen

P-38H "Japanese Sandman II" Serial Number 42-66905
Tail booms salvaged by Robert Greinert in 2000, move to Precision 2004, owner Gerald Yagen

Other aircraft reportedly displayed or stored at Precision:

P-40N-1 Kittyhawk

Spitfire Mark V
Recovered from a swamp. No other information.

P-40N-5 Kittyhawk
No information. Fuselage being worked on.

CA-12 Boomerang
Ex RAAF Under restoration

L-5B Serial Number 42-99639
Displayed at the museum with the wings removed, in storage

Freighter Mk.31 VH-ADL
Ex Pakistan Air Force S4438

Mirage 3O(F) A3-42/42
Ex RAAF 77 Squadron

CA-25 Winjeel A85-402/02 VH-BFX

CA-25 Winjeel A85-442/42 VH-NTN

Lockheed 12A VH-AB
Under restoration

DH84 I (A34-30)  VH-AON

DH89B Vampire (NZ524)  VH-BGP ex RNZAF 
Ex SAAF Under restoration

Classic Wings, Issue 61, 2007 notes:
"CLOSURE OF PUBLIC ACCESS: For several years, it was possible for members of the public to visit the workshop and view the active restoration work along with some of the as yet unrestored machines suitably displayed in dioramas etc. This was well managed by a team of volunteers however whilst this program did provide some positive benefits, it was decided after some deliberation that the interruption to work flow caused by the visitors wanting to speak with restoration staff took too high a toll on productivity. Additionally, erroneous and misleading information started appearing on some of the less reliable websites so the policy of easy access was terminated and the doors were reluctantly closed to visitors in 2006."

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