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American Missions Against Little Kiska Island
June 8, 1942 - August 17, 1943

July 8, 1942
(11th AF) A B-24 flies two photo missions over the south shore of Kiska and over Little Kiska.

September 25, 1942
(11th AF) two B-24s and a B-17, escorted by fifteen P-39s, pound Little Kiska and Kiska, including a radar installations on Little Kiska.

September 30, 1942
(11th AF) Nine B-24s bomb Kiska and Attu, two turn back. Eight fighters intercept over Kiska and Little Kiska but inflict no losses.

October 30, 1942
(11th AF) Weather and reconnaissance flight over Attuand Kiska. Over Kiska, the weather aircraft draws AA fire from Little Kiska; no other missions as all combat aircraft arealerted for a possible naval target.

November 5, 1942
(11th AF) Weather reconnaissance is flown over Kiska and Little Kiska.

December 17, 1942
(11th AF) P-38s and B-24s also fly offshore patrol between Vega Point and Little Kiska.

December 30, 1942
(11th AF) one B-25 is shot down off Little Kiska. A Navy PBY picks up survivors, but fails to return to base.

February 13, 1943
(11th AF) Four P-38s and one B-25 fly a patrol mission over Amchitka and Little Kiska

March 30, 1943
(11th AF) Four P-38's bomb Little Kiska.

April 11, 1943
(11th AF) Some P-40s and P-38s strafe Little Kiska.

April 12, 1943
(11th AF) Fighters strafe Little Kiska

April 14, 1943
(11th AF) Fighters strafe facilities on Little Kiska

April 15, 1943
(11th AF) Fighters and bombers hit targets including Little Kiska

May 6, 1943
(11th AF) P-40's blast strafe Little Kiska.

May 13, 1943
(11th AF) Eight P-40's dispatched to Kiska in tow waves cannot see the target and instead bomb Little Kiska installations.

May 27, 1943
(11th AF) Six P-40's fly an attack and reconnaissance mission to Kiska, concentrating on Little Kiska

June 4, 1943
(11th AF) 14 P-40's and P-38's bomb North Head, Main Camp and Little Kiska

June 10, 1943
(11th AF) 7 B-24's, 8 B-25's, 12 P-40's, and 2 F-5A's fly weather reconnaissance, attack, and photo missions to Kiska Island and Little Kiska.

June 26, 1943
(11th AF) Sixteen bombers and 28 fighters fly 7 attack, weather reconnaissance and photo missions to Kiska and Little Kiska, starting fires. Intense machine gun fire damages four P-38's.

June 28, 1943
(11th AF) 6 B-25's bomb Gertrude Cove, Little Kiska and the southern Main Camp area through holes in the overcast.

July 22, 1943
(11th AF) 26 B-25's, 17 B-24's, 13 P-40's, and 20 P-38's hit North Head, Main Camp, and the submarine base at Kiska, as well as coastal defenses and AA guns at both Kiska and Little Kiska, starting numerous fires.

July 24, 1943
(11th AF) Fighters strafe AA guns on Little Kiska

July 25, 1943
(11th AF) 40 P-40's fly 7 attack missions [2 by Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots] against Kiska, bombing and strafing North Head AA batteries, the runway, Main Camp, and Little Kiska.

July 26, 1943
(11th AF) 32 B-24's, 38 P-4O's, and 24 P-38's fly 13 attack raids, bombing and scoring hits on numerous Kiska and Little Kiska.

July 27. 1943
(11th AF) Twelve bombers and twenty fighters hit targets including Little Kiska

August 2, 1943
(11th AF) Eight B-24's, nine B-25's, and eight P-38's hit targets including coast guns on Little Kiska.

August 4, 1943
(11th AF) Bombers hit targets including Little Kiska. Fighters strafe Little Kiska.

August 10, 1943
(11th AF) Fighters strafe buildings on Little Kiska

August 13, 1943
(11th AF) B-25's bomb targets on Little Kiska.

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