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Prisoners of War (POW)
POWPartial list of Allied prisoners from World War II Pacific and the Korean War.
Japanese Prisoner of War Camps (POW Camps)
Cabanatuan POW Camp  Cabanatuan on Luzon in the Philippines.
Camp O'Donnell (Capas POW Camp, (Capas National Shrine)  located in Tarlac Province on Luzon in the Philippines.
Changi POW Camp (Selarang Barracks)  in Changi at the eastern Singapore Island.
Ofuna POW Camp (Yokosuka Kaigun Keibitai Ueki Bunkentai)  is located north of Yokohama, Japan
Omori POW Camp  located on an island off Tokyo in Tokyo Bay.

Allied Prisoner of War Camps (POW Camps)
Cowra POW Camp  located near Cowra in New South Wales (NSW) in Australia.
Featherston POW Camp  located at Featherston on the North island of New Zealand.

Rabaul Allied prisoners that survived captivity
1st Lt Jose Holguin navigator B-17E "Naughty But Nice" 41-2440 crashed June 26, 1943
1st Lt James A. McMurria pilot B-24D 41-24101 ditched January 20, 1943 captured, survived
Captain John Joseph Murphy  Australian Army, captured, survived
2nd Lt. Lt. Alphonse D. Quinones "Al" pilot P-38H 42-66911 bailed out November 7, 1943 captured, survived
SSgt Escoe E. Palmer engineer B-24J Liberator piloted by Haire crashed March 5, 1944 captured, survived
AOM2C John B. Kepchia pilot TBF Avenger 23987 crashed May 21, 1944 captured, survived
Joseph G. Nason "Big Joe" pilot of SBD 03359 bailed out October 23, 1943 captured, survived
Australian Army Captain John J. Murphy survived

Other prisoners held captive on New Britain
FSgt Ronald C. Warren pilot F4U Corsair NZ5402 crashed June 21, 1945, POW
SSgt William H. Brooks, U.S. Army, captured in the Philippines in 1942 sent to Rabaul as a radio operator
Moszek "Mike/Murray" Zanger  pilot of F4U 14417 December 5, 1944, POW Tobera Airfield June-July 45, killed or executed

Six prisoners executed Rabaul at October 8, 1942
On October 8, 1942, a group of six POWs including Captain Harl Pease, Jr. and Sgt Chester M. Czechowski of B-17E 41-2429 plus 2nd Lt Harold L. Massie and 2nd Lt Arthur C. King from B-26 "Imogene VII" 40-1474 were taken from the POW Camp, presumably to labor at one of the airfields. Later that afternoon, some of their clothing was returned to the prison camp, and it was inferred that they had all been executed. Their remains have never been found. Their disappearance was reported by Father O'Connell, a missionary interned at Rabaul.

Rabaul prisoners transferred to Japan
Cpl Sanger E. Reed engineer B-26 40-1400 POW April 18, 1942 transfered to Japan, survived
SSgt Theron K. Lutz radio B-26 40-1400 POW April 18, 1942 transfered to Japan, survived
Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington pilot F4U 17915 POW January 3, 1944 transfered to Japan, survived
Plus five others

Rabaul prisoners died of disease, neglect in captivity
AOM2C Richard Lanigan gunner TBF Avenger 23987 died July 29, 1945 of Malaria
Ensign Donald D. Atkiss pilot TBF Avenger 23987 died July 30, 1945 of Malaria
Ensign James A. Warren pilot F6F Hellcat 25801 died neglect and starvation during June 1944

F/O Ross Bryan O'Loughlin navigator Beaufort A9-262

Rabaul prisoners executed at Tunnel Hill (Tunnel Hill Massacre)
31 Allied aviator POWs were executed at Tunnel Hill near Rabaul on March 3/4, 1944.
Also known as "Tunnel Hill Incident" or "Tunnel Hill Massacre".

Rabaul prisoners executed at Talili Bay (Talili Bay Massacre)
Following heavy Allied bombing of Rabaul, a group of Allied prisoners were executed at Talili Bay on March 15, 1944.
Also known as "Talili Bay Incident" or Talili Bay Massacre". Some of their remains were found postwar and exhumed.

Rabaul prisoners executed Matupi Island
List of prisoners executed at Matupi Island

Prisoners detained at Samah Navy Headquarters on Hainan Island
1st Lt. James McGuire, O-674314 (POW, survived) pilot B-25J 44-29350 ditched March 30, 1945
2nd Lt. Eugene L. Harviell, O-702422 (POW, died August 10, 1945) navigator-bombardier B-25J 44-29350 ditched March 30, 1945
Captain Merritt E. Lawlis, O-432168 (POW, survived) navigator-bombardier B-25J "Pensive" 43-27888 ditched April 3, 1945
SSgt Charles L. Suey, 16150762 (POW, died May 13, 1945) engineer-gunner B-25J "Pensive" 43-27888 ditched April 3, 1945
SSgt SSgt Benjamin T. Muller, 18090388 (POW, survived) radio-gunner B-25J "Pensive" 43-27888 ditched April 3, 1945

Prisoners executed at Amron
On August 31, 1943 five aviators who were taken prisoner and interrogated previously were blind folded and led down from Amron by the Japanese Army Kempei Tai (Military Police) at Amron.

Wewak POW Camp (Kreer)
The camp consisted of a perimeter barbed wire fence with bamboo cages and huts for prisoners. None survived.

Chi Chi Jima
Eight American POWs were executed and some eaten. During 1947, a war crimes trial prosecuted by USMC Colonel Presley M. Rixey tried those responsible for these crimes, but received little press in the States.

Fukuoka POW Camp
Seventeen Allied prisoners were executed, and afterwards buried (later exhumed to be cremated). On August 15, 1945 after Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender of Japan the remaining sixteen American prisoners held at this location by the Kempeitai were taken to a nearby field at Aburayama where they were stripped naked and hacked to death with swords, then their bodies cremated afterwards.

F/O Donald Alexander Dowie co-pilot Hudson A16-19

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