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Thanks to your petition signatures and efforts... On October 29th, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2010. It establishes a rule that no war, theater or service is to have precedence over others.

Keith Phillips of Project Homecoming add: "I believe we can turn this first step into momentum on the biggest issues. In a reply to Senator Feinstein's inquiry, Secretary of Defense Gates told her there were over 772 World War II cases, each representing 1 to 5 remains currently unaddressed. Roughly 100 more such cases are added each year. The Defense Department believes there are a further 24,000 MIA’s potentially recoverable. The law, our consciences and our shared sense of gratitude demand a systematic effort to bring them home. I have a growing sense it is no longer impossible that we will make that effort."

Now, the Secretary of Defense is tasked with “implementing a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated and fully resourced program to account for the Missing from WWII through today, and to triple recovery rates to 200 per year by 2015." This compares to roughly 70 per year now.


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